Boxer 950HD Mini Skid-Steer Specs, Price, Review Overview

The Boxer Mini Skid-Steer 950HD is introduced as the most efficient and powerful mini-skid steer currently available.

The machine comes with an operating system with hydrostatics with improved ergonomics and amenities like hip and thigh paddings, cup holders, and a 12-volt power source.

The Boxer Mini 950HD Skid-Steer has the most high-end hinge pins which allow it to dump its contents over the 6′ (1.8-meter) sidewall; an industry-leading diesel engine of 48 horsepower Advanced electronic display with on-board diagnostic capabilities; several modes that allow the user to customize the machine to suit the needs of the user and also two joystick operating modes. Boxer 950HD Mini Skid-Steer Overview

Here is the Boxer Mini Skid-Steer 950HD complete information including Price Technical specifications, key features, review, video, and images.

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Boxer 950HD Mini Skid-Steer Price

Boxer 950HD Mini Skid

Price: $33,600 USD

Boxer 950HD Mini Skid-Steer Key Features

  • 48-HP (36kW) Tier 4 Final Isuzu diesel engine
  • 2734 lbs. (1238 kg) tip capacity
  • 957 lbs. (434 kg) operation capacity (35% tip load)
  • Maintenance-friendly, remote-mounted engine oil and fuel filters, fuse blocks, and relays make servicing the 950HD simple.
  • Easy-to-use, push-button, dual-pressure relief blocks release residual machine pressure to make hydraulic attachment connections quick and easy.
  • Universal compact utility loader mounting plate and quick-attach system to quickly and easily switch between any standard attachment
  • Spring-cushioned operator platform provides improved ergonomics and attachment visibility, resulting in improved operator comfort and reduced fatigue.
  • Rubber tracks provide excellent tractive effort with minimal ground disturbance.

Boxer 950HD Specs

Type Isuzu
Emission Level Tier 4 Final
HP/kW 48 HP 36 kW
Fuel Type Diesel
Fuel Capacity 15 Gallons 57 Litres
Hydraulic Capacity 12.2 Gallons 46.2 Litres
System Flow (Total) 25.6 GPM 97 L/min
Hydraulic Flow Aux (Hi/Lo) 15/3.5 GPM 57/13 L/min
Hydraulic Flow (Drive) 7.1 GPM 27 L/min
System Pressure 3000 PSI 20684 kPa
Engine Warranty 3 years/3,600 hours; 5-year major component coverage
Product Warranty 1 year/1,000 hours
Track Gauge 35.5 in 902 mm
Track Width 9 in 230 mm
Weight (No Attachment) 3470 lbs 1572 kg
Length (w/Bucket) 120 in 3048 mm
Length (w/out Bucket) 97.1 in 2466 mm
Width (Overall) 44 in 1118 mm
Height (Overall) 53.6 in 1361 mm
Height (Fully Raised) 101.5 in 2578 mm
Operating Capacity (35%) 957 lbs 434 kg
Tip Capacity 2734 lbs 1238 kg
Hinge Pin Height (Fully Raised) 95.5 in 2426 mm
Dump Height 77.25 in 1962 mm
Dump Angle 34 Degrees 34 Degrees
Reach 34 in 864 mm
Ground Clearance 5.75 in 146 mm
Ground Pressure 4.3 PSI 29.6 kPa
Ground Speed 4.5 MPH 7.2 km/h

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