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Boxer 320 Mini-Skid Steer Price, Specs, Reviews, Attachments, Lift Capacity, Features

The Boxer 320 Mini Skid Steer is a compact and versatile machine that packs a powerful punch in a small package. Designed to tackle a wide range of tasks, this mini skid steer is perfect for both residential and commercial projects.

With its compact size and maneuverability, the Boxer 320 can navigate through tight spaces and confined areas with ease. Equipped with a robust engine and a variety of attachments, it offers exceptional performance and productivity.

Whether you need to dig, lift, grade, or transport materials, the Boxer 320 Mini Skid Steer is a reliable and efficient solution that delivers impressive results.

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Boxer 320 Mini-Skid Steer Price

Boxer 320 Mini-Skid Steer Price

Boxer 320 Mini-Skid Steer Price: $18,200 USD

Boxer 320 Specs

Type Kohler
Cooling System Air-Cooled
Horsepower 20.5 HP 15.3 kW
Fuel Type Gasoline Petrol
Fuel Capacity 4.5 Gallons 17.0 Litres
Hydraulic Capacity 16 Gallons 60.6 Litres
Hydraulic Flow (Combined) 11 GPM 41.1 LPM
Hydraulic Flow (Aux) 8.0 GPM 30 LPM
Hydraulic Flow (Drive) 3.0 GPM 11.4 LPM
System Pressure 3000 PSI 20684 kPa
Engine Warranty 3 years
Product Warranty 1 year
Track Gauge 27.5 in 699 mm
Track Width 7 in 180 mm
Weight (No Attachment) 1740 lbs 789 kg
Length (No Attachment) 68 in 1727 mm
Length (w/Bucket) 93 in 2362 mm
Width (Overall) 34.5 in 876 mm
Height (Boom Lowered) 49 in 1245 mm
Height (Boom Raised) 92 in 2337 mm
Hinge Pin Height (Fully Raised) 70 in 1778 mm
Dump Height 54 in 1372 mm
Dump Angle 34 ° 34 °
Reach 28 in 711 mm
Tip Capacity 1250 lbs 567 kg
Operating Capacity,
35% of tip load.
438 lbs 199 kg
Ground Clearance 5 in 127 mm
Ground Speed (Max) 3.4 mph 5.5 km/h
Ground Pressure 3.9 PSI 26.9 kPa

Boxer 320 Mini-Skid Steer Key Features

  • 20.5-HP (15.3 kW) Kohler Gas Engine
  • 1,250 lbs. (567 kg) tip capacity
  • 438 lbs. (199 kg) operation capacity (35% tip load)
  • 34.5” (87.6 cm) wide to fit through a standard gate
  • Two-pump, 3,000 psi (207 bar) hydraulic operating system develops optimum hydraulic flow to run The machine’s auxiliary and propulsion systems, providing enough power to handle full-size attachments
  • Dedicated oil cooler to better manage hydraulic heat generation
  • A stand-on platform for operator safety and comfort
  • Well-balanced and stable
  • Excellent ground speed
  • Skid-steer style controls
  • Universal compact utility loader mounting plate and quick-attach system to quickly and easily switch between any standard attachment

Boxer 320 Mini-Skid Steer Overview

The gas-powered Boxer 320 Mini-Skid Steer, which Is a component of the 300 Series, offers The power for which Boxer is currently renowned, but in a smaller size, allowing you To save costs and increase the effectiveness of your job site. It is made to work with all types of attachments.

Its small size makes managing all of the attachments simple. The Boxer 320 reduces manual labor. The Boxer 320 Mini-Skid Steer is perfect for The rental market due to its compact size and simplicity of usage.

The Boxer 320 Mini-Skid Steer is a little yet powerful machine That can do a range of jobs. Additionally, it may cram itself into the little area.

Boxer 320 Mini-Skid Steer Horsepower

Boxer 320 Mini-Skid Steer Horsepower- 25hp

Boxer 320 Mini-Skid Steer Weight

Operational Weight-3836.1 lbs (1,740 kg)

Boxer 320 Mini-Skid Steer Attachments

Brush Cutter Stump Grinder
Sweeper Forks
Grapple Auger
Trencher Bucket

Boxer 320 Mini-Skid Steer Review

Designed to handle a full complement of attachments, the 320 helps minimize hand labor. Because of its reduced size and ease of operation, the Boxer 320 Mini-Skid Steer is ideal.

Full review YouTube video check here.

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Boxer 320 FAQ

What is the Boxer 320 Mini-Skid Steer?

The Boxer 320 Mini-Skid Steer is a compact and versatile machine used for various tasks such as landscaping, construction, and material handling. It combines power, maneuverability, and a range of attachments to efficiently complete projects.

What are the key features of the Boxer 320 Mini-Skid Steer?

The Boxer 320 features a small footprint, tight turning radius, powerful engine, durable construction, and a quick-attach system for easy attachment changes. It also offers excellent stability and control.

What is the lifting capacity of the Boxer 320?

The Boxer 320 has a lifting capacity of up to 500 pounds (227 kilograms), depending on the configuration and attachment being used. This allows it to handle various loads and materials.

Can I operate the Boxer 320 on uneven terrain?

Yes, the Boxer 320 is designed to operate on various terrains, including uneven surfaces. Its compact size and robust construction enable it to navigate challenging environments with ease.

What attachments are compatible with the Boxer 320 Mini-Skid Steer?

The Boxer 320 is compatible with a wide range of attachments, including buckets, trenchers, augers, grapples, forks, sweepers, stump grinders, and brush cutters. These attachments enhance its versatility and enable it to perform different tasks.

How do I change attachments on the Boxer 320?

The Boxer 320 features a quick-attach system that allows for easy and efficient attachment changes. Simply release the locking mechanism, remove the current attachment, and connect the desired attachment.

Is the Boxer 320 easy to transport?

Yes, the Boxer 320 is designed to be easily transported. It can fit on trailers and in the back of trucks, making it convenient to move between job sites.

What is the fuel capacity of the Boxer 320?

The fuel capacity of the Boxer 320 is typically around 4 gallons (15 liters). This provides ample operating time before refueling is required.

Can I operate the Boxer 320 in tight spaces?

Yes, the Boxer 320 is highly maneuverable and excels in tight spaces. Its compact size and tight turning radius allow it to navigate through narrow pathways and confined areas with ease.

Is the Boxer 320 operator-friendly?

Yes, the Boxer 320 is designed with the operator in mind. It features intuitive controls, comfortable seating, and excellent visibility, ensuring a user-friendly experience.

Can I use the Boxer 320 for snow removal?

Yes, the Boxer 320 can be equipped with a snow removal attachment such as a snow blade or snow blower, allowing it to effectively clear snow from driveways, sidewalks, and other areas.

What maintenance is required for the Boxer 320?

Regular maintenance tasks for the Boxer 320 include engine oil changes, filter replacements, greasing of moving parts, and overall inspection of the machine. Following the manufacturer’s guidelines is essential for optimal performance and longevity.

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