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About CaseIH 7240

The Magnum 7200 series includes the 2WD/4WD row-crop tractor CaseIH 7240. From 1994 to 1996, this tractor was made by CaseIH in Racine, Wisconsin, in the United States.

The Case IH 7240 is equipped with an 8.3 L (504.5 cu·in) six-cylinder turbo diesel and a full power shift with hydrodynamic wet disc clutch transmission with 18 forward and 4 torpedo tubes (24 forward and 6 reverse with creeper).

The CDC engine was in the row-crop tractor Case-IH 7240. It has an 8.3 L, 8,267 cm2, 504.5 Cuin, six-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine with a cylinder bore of 4.49 inches and a piston stroke of 5.31 inches.

The ratio of compression is 16.5:1. At 2,200 rpm, this engine put out 197.7 PS (145.4 kW; 195.0 HP) of power.

The CaseIH 7240 has power steering, discrepancy hydraulic wet disc brakes, an air-conditioned cab, and a fuel tank that holds 359.6 liters (95 US gal; 79.1 Imp. gal).

CaseIH 7240 Price

CaseIH 7240 Specs

CaseIH 7240 Original price was $94,500 in 1996

CaseIH 7240 Horsepower

CaseIH 7240 Horsepower: 195 hp 145.4 kW

CaseIH 7240 Oil capacity

CaseIH 7240 Oil Capacity: 22 Qts 20.8 L

CaseIH 7240 Years Made

CaseIH 7240 Years Made: 1994 – 1996

CaseIH 7240 Weight

CaseIH 7240 Weight: 16480 lbs

CaseIH 7240 Serial Number

Location: The serial number plate is on the dash console inside the tractor cab, near the floor.
1994 JJA0050001
1995 JJA0056459
1996 JJA0064978

CaseIH 7240 Specifications

Make CaseIH
Model 7240
Company Country United States
Production years From 1994  Until 1996
Tractor type Row Crop tractor
Fuel diesel
Total build

Engine size 504.5 ci or 8.3 L
Number of cylinders 6 cylinders
Power RPM 2200 (rpm)
Engine torque
Engine torque RPM
Fuel type diesel
Fuel injection system mechanical injection
Fuel tank capacity 95 gal or 359.6 L
Compression ratio 16.5:1
Bore stroke 4.488×5.315 inches or (114 x 135 mm)
Oil tank capacity 22 qts or 20.8 L
Coolant tank capacity 31 qts or 29.3 L

Transmission type creeper
Transmission gears 24 forward and 6 reverse
Clutch system hydraulic wet disc

Hydraulic system closed center pressure flow compensated
Number of valves 2 to 4
Pump flow rate 25 GPM or 94.6 lpm
Hydraulic tank capacity 45.5 gal or 172.2 L
Hydraulic pressure 2300 psi or 158.6 bar
Hydraulic max flow 29 GPM or 109.8 lpm

PTO claimed power 195 hp or 145.4 kW
PTO real power 196.62 hp or 146.6 kW
PTO clutch system electro-hydraulic wet disc
Rear PTO system independent
Rear PTO RPM 1000 (rpm)
Front PTO system
PTO fuel consumption 11.8 gal/hour or 44.7 l/hour

AG front tires 14L-16.1
AG rear tires 20.8R-42
Weight 15825 lbs or 7178 kg
Wheelbase 118.3 inches [300 cm]
Ground clearance
Front tread size 60 to 88 inches

Number of batteries 2
Battery voltage 12 V
Battery cold cranking Amps 950
Electric ground force negative
Electric charging system alternator
Electric charging Volts 12 V
Electric charging Amps 110 amps
Engine starter volts 12 V

Wheel drive 4×2 2WD
Steering system power
Braking system differential hydraulic wet disc
Cabin type Cab standard with air-conditioning
Differential lock electric rear

Drawbar real power 167.00 hp or 124.5 kW
Drawbar fuel consumption 11.8 gal/hour or 44.7 l/hour
Max drawbar pull 17456 lbs or 7918 kg

Hitch control system electronic lower-link draft sensing
Rear hitch III
Rear hitch lift 12760 lbs or 5787 kg

CaseIH 7240 Review 

The Case IH 7240 Magnum is a highly versatile and potent tractor, ideally suited for a broad spectrum of agricultural tasks. It is driven by a robust Cummins 8.3L engine, generating an impressive 240 horsepower.

The 7240 Magnum comes with various transmission options, including a powershift transmission and a continuously variable transmission (CVT), providing flexibility to meet the diverse needs of agricultural applications.

For a full review, please check this YouTube video.

CaseIH 7240 Attachments

  • Not Available

CaseIH 7240 Problems

7240 Magnum problems. Poor engine performance. How should I fix an issue?

Dirty/clogged muffler. Change or clean the muffler. The fuel supply pump and the common rail relief valve on the engine control are broken. Excessive engine load.

Can someone say me what is the reason that engine runs irregularly?

Check the vacuum and the compression. If the electric fuel pump isn’t working, change the fuse.

Case 7240 tractor issue. Transmission shifts hard. What could it be?

Improper switch linkage adaptation – Adjust linkage.

I have the same model. Recently I noticed the steering wheel works hard. Tell me what’s malfunction?

Low amount of hydraulic oil in the tank. The toe-in is wrong. The front wheels aren’t lined up right—replace the tie-rod. Leak in hydraulic connections. A mistake needs to be fixed. The power steering pump was broken. Put the new pump in place. The power steering is broken. Put in the new steering power.

Case IH 7240 motor damages. The motor starts hard regularly. How can I fix this defect?

Restricted Fuel Lines. Air leaks on intake hoses. The exhaust pipe is backed up. Slow to get going. Injectors that are dirty or broken. Filter clogged. Closed fuel shut-off valve. Turn on the fuel valve.

The steering doesn’t function on our tractor. What is the problem?

Air is a part of the hydraulic system. We suggest that you let the air out of the system. Not enough oil in the tank. Add more oil. The hydraulic cylinder for steering no longer works Look over and fix it.

Please help. Engine overheating occurs. How to fix the problem?

Low level of coolant. Fill the radiator to the right level and look for leaks or loose connections in the radiator, the coolant recovery tank, and the hoses.

The core or side screens of the radiator are dirty. Clean the radiator as needed. Too much load: Lower the load or slow down. The fan belt is damaged. Adapt to what you need.

Please explain to me why diesel engine have white exhaust smoke?

If white smoke comes out of the exhaust pipe, you need to replace the piston rings as soon as possible. Engine runs when it’s cold? Let it warm up and check the thermostat.


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CaseIH 7240 – FAQs

What kind of engine does a Case IH 7240 have?

The Case IH 7240 has an 8.3 L (504.5 cu in) six-cylinder diesel engine and a total power shift with a hydrodynamic wet disc clutch gearbox with 18 forward and 4 torpedo tubes (24 forward and 6 reverse with creeper). The CDC engine was in the row-crop tractor Case-IH 7240.

How much does a 1996 Case IH 7240 cost?

The price of USD $2,408.00 includes the buyer’s premium. 1996 Case IH 7240 Mfwd lawnmower, cab, duals, two remotes, PTO, 3 pt, 216 hp, Stop by our Fargo location and take a look at this nice 7240. 510.3 hours on the clock. We handle shipping and financing on our own. Call us for more information.

What are the features of the CaseIH 7240 combine?

Coming soon! CaseIH 7240 combine, 520R42 duals, stretchy fabrics options, 4-wheel drive, Deluxe cab, folding and elongated unload auger, power-folding bin extensions, auto guidance, pr… See More Details.

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