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Caterpillar 3126 Engine Specs

Here in this article you will learn about the Caterpillar 3126 Specs, Performance, Cylinder Heads, Cam Specs & More, Let’s discuss the Caterpillar 3126 Specs, Valvetrain+, performance, and Reviews.

Caterpillar’s 3126 medium-duty diesel engine is a perfect fit for their loaders, dump trucks, excavators, and other large- and medium-sized Cat equipment.

In the late 1990s, the HEUI (hydraulic electronic unit injection) fuel system was incorporated into the 3126 engine, resulting in the “B” series 3126, the second generation.

Caterpillar 3126 Engine Specs

Cylindrical Design

The 3126 Cat follows the inline cylinder format used by Cat and Cummins in several of their diesel engines.

Torque is more important than horsepower for machines that need much low-end power, and inline motors typically produce more torque.

In addition, the engine’s performance was improved to virtually the level of entry-level heavy-duty Cat engines thanks to introducing a revolutionary three-valve system that altered how air moved through the cylinders.

Engine Size

This 7.2 liter electronically regulated in-line diesel generates 300 hp @ 2,200 rpm. For RVs, ambulances, and fire trucks, Caterpillar also manufactures a high-output variant of the engine with 330 horsepower.

Unique Engine Components

The oil pump and air compressor on the 3126 are powered by gears rather than by separate electric motors, and the crankshaft may be reground to further cut down on maintenance and repair expenses.

The engine has steel connecting rods, two thermostats, and a separate water pump for maximum efficiency.

The machine’s RPMs can also be controlled electronically via an electronic governor system.

Histroy Caterpillar 3126 Engine

The Caterpillar 3126, a turbocharged diesel engine, was introduced to the market in 1997. Initially released in 1991, this model has superseded the Caterpillar 3116 engine.

In 2003, the 3126 was replaced by the C7 engine. They are used by many vehicles, including dump trucks, long-distance trucks, ambulances, buses, recreational vehicles, boats, cranes, and fire engines.

Caterpillar released an enhanced model, the 3126B, in 1998 and another, the 3126E, in 2002;

however, these revisions did not alter the engine’s physical architecture but rather the engine electronics.

The horsepower of a Caterpillar 3126 could be anything from 170 to 330. Another significant modification is the 3126 Cat engine’s new 3-valve system, drastically improving cylinder airflow.

The outcome was an increase in this engine’s performance in the light-duty to the medium-duty range.

Although the 3126 engine’s oil capacity used to be 22 quarts, it has since been modified to hold only 19 quarts.

The CAT 3126 engine features noise- and pollution-reducing HEUI (Heating Emissions User Interface) technology.

Compared to its predecessor, the CAT 3126B, the CAT 3126E represents a significant upgrade in terms of reliability and performance.

It utilizes cutting-edge technology to reduce pollutants from combustion processes to meet the stringent pollution standards in effect since 2004.

Repeated infusions at varying metered rates are made possible by the HEUI injector on the CAT C7. It is more long-lasting and has better fuel management and electrical sensors.

Caterpillar 3126 Engine Review

The Caterpillar 3126 engine is a sturdy and dependable choice for a wide range of applications. However, it does have a tendency for head gasket failures, and the cost of rebuilding it can be relatively high. If you prioritize fuel efficiency, there are more favorable options to consider.

Full review YouTube video check here.

Caterpillar 3126 Engine Specs FAQ

What size is a 3126 Cat engine?

The Caterpillar 3126 was the company’s first electronic mid-range diesel engine, and it had a turbocharged 7.2-liter inline six-cylinder design.

Is the Cat 3126 engine a good engine?

Most mechanics agree that the CAT 3126 is one of the most dependable diesel engines, provided it is well-maintained. However, it was unfairly maligned because of problems with its parent engine, the CAT 3116 diesel.

Is a CAT 3126 Rebuildable?

Depending on what needs replacing, they can be rebuilt. For instance, if a turbo fin is sucked into the engine, it’s time to get a new machine.

The same applies to a broken brick, etc. Instead of replacing the entire engine, replacing the injectors, top half, or bearings may only be necessary.

What kind of oil does a CAT 3126 take?

For Caterpillar’s 3116 and 3126 Marine Diesel Engines, which include mechanical unit injection and a closed crankcase ventilation system, Cat Special Application Engine Oil is the only oil recommended.

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