EICHER PRO 1110 On Road Price in India, Specification & Features 2023

Eicher Pro 1110 Truck Price in India, Mileage, Specification, Overview

Eicher Pro 1110 Truck price in india specs

Hey, Guys!! Are you looking for an article in which you find the EICHER PRO 1110 Truck Price In India, Technical specifications, Key features, and Mileage? Then let me tell you you are at the right place cause here in this article, of mine, I will tell you everything you need to know about the EICHER PRO 1110 truck, ok my friends, no more talks, let’s start it.

Eicher Pro 1110 Price in India

Eicher Pro 1110 Original Price Rs. 11.3 Lakh 

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Eicher Pro 1110 Truck Key Features

  • Best-in-class fuel efficiency
  • High-rated payload/ 8 ton@ G FSD
  • Fast pick-up and acceleration
  • Superior cabin comfort
  • Low maintenance and superior uptime
  • High resale value

Eicher Pro 1110 Truck Applications

  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • FMCG
  • White Goods
  • Fish
  • Cement
  • Industrial Components
  • Beverages
  • Parcel & Courier

Eicher Pro 1110 Benefits

  • Superior cabin comfort
  • Low maintenance & superior uptime
  • High resale value
  • High rated payload
  • Fast pick-up and acceleration
  • Best-in-class fuel efficiency

Eicher Pro 1110 Specifications

Model Pro1110 G CBC 17FT BS4NG NGB PRM Pro1110 G HSD 17FT BS4NG PS NGB
GVW (Kgs) 11990
WHEELBASE (mm) 3800 4300 4300 5050 5050
CARGO BODY LENGTH 5252 mm /17.2ft 5805 mm / 19ft 6100 mm / 20ft 6776 mm / 22ft 7357 mm / 24ft
CABIN & CHASSIS Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
HIGH SIDE DECK Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
CARGO BODY WIDTH 2125 mm / 7ft 2284 mm / 7.5ft
ENGINE E494 4 Cyl 4V CRS engine with Volvo Group EMS 3.0
MAX POWER OUTPUT 101kw (~135HP @ 2600 rpm)
MAX TORQUE OUTPUT 450 Nm @ 1200-1800 rpm
GEAR TYPE 6 Speed (6Forward, 1 Reverse) with hybrid GSL
CLUTCH DIA (mm) 330
STEERING Manual & Power Steering options are available
BATTERY 12V-100 Ah
FUEL TANK CAPACITY (litres) 190 395
BRAKES (SERVICE) Dual Circuit, full air S cam, with APDA unit
BRAKES (EXHAUST) Pneumatically Actuated
SUSPENSION (FRONT & REAR) Semi- Elliptical Laminated Leafs (with Shock absorber)
TYRES 8.25X20-16PR (Radial Tyres optional)
CABIN 2m wide aerodynamic cabin with Pegasus Styling and Utility Features
WARRANTY (STD.) 2 years unlimited km on vehicle
4 years unlimited kms on engine and gearbox
WARRANTY (OPT. ) 1 year unlimited km on engine and gearbox (extended warranty for 5th year)
MRP (excluding VAT) 1,137,779 1,167,159

Eicher Pro 1110 Review

The Eicher Pro 1110 is a well-liked option for those seeking a dependable and fuel-efficient truck in the 11-tonne category. It is driven by a 3.8-litre VEDX3 engine, which delivers 110 horsepower and 350 Nm of torque. This engine is paired with a 5-speed manual transmission, contributing to its efficiency and performance.

Full review YouTube video check here.

About Eicher

Eicher Motors Limited is an Indian multinational automotive company that manufactures motorcycles and commercial vehicles.

The company is headquartered in New Delhi and has a diversified business interest in design and development, manufacturing, and local and international marketing of trucks, buses, motorcycles, automotive gears, and components.

Eicher is the parent company of Royal Enfield, a manufacturer of middleweight motorcycles. In addition to motorcycles, Eicher has a joint venture with Sweden’s AB Volvo – Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicles Limited (VECV) – which is driving the modernization of commercial transportation in India.

Eicher has invested in the potential growth areas of management consultancy services, customized engineering solutions, and renewable energy.

The company operates in India and over 60 countries around the world with modern development facilities in Chennai, Pithampur, and Vadodara.

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Eicher Pro 1110 Truck Price in India FAQ

How much is Eicher 1110?

Eicher Pro 1110 Price Rs. 11.3 Lakh

What is Eicher Pro 1110 Truck?

Eicher Pro 1110 Truck is a cargo truck manufactured by Eicher Motors Limited. It is designed for carrying agricultural goods, FMCG, small machine parts, and general cargo.

What is the engine capacity of Eicher Pro 1110 Truck?

Eicher Pro 1110 Truck is powered by a 4-cylinder engine with a displacement of 3298 cc.

What is the maximum power and torque of Eicher Pro 1110 Truck?

Eicher Pro 1110 Truck produces a maximum power of 135 HP and a torque of 490 Nm.

What is the transmission system of Eicher Pro 1110 Truck?

Eicher Pro 1110 Truck is equipped with a 7-speed manual transmission system (7F+1R).

What is the fuel efficiency of Eicher Pro 1110 Truck?

Eicher Pro 1110 Truck has an efficient fuel consumption that varies based on load and driving conditions, yet remains cost-effective overall.

What is the payload capacity of Eicher Pro 1110 Truck?

Eicher Pro 1110 Truck has a payload capacity of up to 5 tonnes.

What is the price of Eicher Pro 1110 Truck?

The price of Eicher Pro 1110 Truck varies depending on the location and the dealer. Customers can contact their nearest Eicher Motors dealer for more information.

What are the safety features of Eicher Pro 1110 Truck?

Eicher Pro 1110 Truck comes with safety features such as power steering, seat belts, and a collapsible steering column.

What is the warranty period for Eicher Pro 1110 Truck?

Eicher Pro 1110 Truck comes with a warranty period of 2 years or 2,00,000 km, whichever comes first.