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Electric Tractor

What is an Electric Tractor?

A tractor that is electric one that runs on an electrical motor rather than traditional diesel engines. The electric tractor is powered by batteries that are charged with electricity generated by the grid or from renewable sources like solar panels.

Electric Tractor Price

Solectrac E25 Price

Solectrac E25 is a small electric tractor, specifically designed for small-scale farms, centers for horses, equestrians, and much more. The cost of the Solectrac E25 is dependent on the dealer’s location, where it is located, and model year. Here are some examples of the costs you can see through the search:

  • $29900 for the Solectrac E25 tractor from Brim Tractor
  • For a model in 2022 costing $29.249 Solectrac E25G Gear with attachments
  • It is not mentioned on the tractor Solectrac E25 which is accessible on TractorHouse.com
  • At $34,515 you could get a 2022 Solectrac E25 Loader Tractor available for auction on Specialty sales for RVs
  • $34,980 on a 2022 N25 Tractor purchased from Specialty RV Sales
  • for a 2022 Solectrac E25 electric tractor that is located in Colusa, California

It is essential to note that the prices mentioned may not cover additional charges like shipping costs or taxes. It is recommended to contact the dealer in your area for an exact estimate of the price.

Kubota Electric Tractor Price

Kubota has a selection of electric tractors and prices vary based on the type of tractor, region, and the dealer. Here are some search results that may be of interest:

  • Kubota has launched 3 new versions of its L60LE compact tractors. The beginning price for the tractors in this model is $23,474.
  • Alibaba.com provides a variety of electric minitractors made by Kubota however, the price isn’t available.
  • Kubota has announced the release of the LXe-261, an electrically powered compact tractor that will be available for rental in the spring of 2023. The price isn’t listed in the results of a search.
  • Kubota LX electric tractor Kubota LX electronic tractor offers the cost of maintenance and fuel. Furthermore, it will run for up to four hours on a single charge, and then be recharged in a matter of minutes. Its price is not included in the results of a search.
  • The first electronic Kubota tractor known as the LXe 261, was introduced in 2023. However, its cost is not mentioned in the results for searches.
  • YouTube has a video that YouTube showcases the 2023 Kubota Electric LXe-261 battery-operated Compact Tractor. However, the price isn’t listed.

It is suggested to speak with the local dealer to get an exact price estimate.

John Deere Electric Tractor Price

Model Price Range (in INR)
E Series 7.00 Lakh – 18.80 Lakh
5075E-4WD, 75 HP 14.80 Lakh – 15.90 Lakh
3036E, 35 HP 8.45 Lakh – 9.21 Lakh
5210 E 4WD, 50 HP Not listed

Solectrac Electric Tractor Price

Here is a table summarizing the Solectrac electric tractor prices found in the search results:

Model Price Range (in USD)
E25 Tractor $29,900
E25 Loader Tractor $34,515 – $24,980
Utility Tractor Not listed
eFarmer Model Not listed
E25 Compact Electric Tractor $39,130

Electric Tractor Price Uk

Based on the results of the search Here is the data about electric tractor prices within the UK:


  • The e25G Electric Tractor, Front Loader, and e25 Backhoe are available for purchase at prices starting at $26,324, and 10 percent cash back as a substitute for financing
  • The e70N Electric Tractor is ideal for commercial and vineyard farms as well as vineyards is available.
  • A new customer you refer to purchase a Solectrac Electric Tractor can earn up to $500.


  • Atwood provides battery-powered garden tractors however, the exact costs aren’t mentioned in the results.


  • It is the Farmtrac F25G tractor an electric zero-emission, all-electric and energy-efficient tractor that is now available for purchase in the UK. Its price is not listed in the results of a search However, it is described as being compact and quieter.
    It is crucial to remember that the exact prices for electric tractor models in the UK will vary based on factors like models, dealers, and other features. To get the most current and accurate price information, it’s advised to contact the relevant manufacturer or local dealer directly.

Small Electric Tractor

Small electric tractors provide an easy and effective solution to various yard and paddock chores. Here’s a brief overview of small electric tractors, based on the results of searches:

Electric Tractor Price.

Farmtrac FT25G Electric Tractor:

  • The all-electric compact tractor manufactured by Farmtrac is specifically designed to handle smaller tasks in the paddock or yard effortlessly and efficiently.
  • It’s an electric, zero-emission, and energy-efficient tractor, which makes it a green choice.
  • The exact price of the Farmtrac FT25G Electric Tractor is not available. Farmtrac F25G electric Tractor isn’t mentioned in the results of a search however it is available to purchase.

John Deere Electric Compact Tractor:

  • John Deere offers an electric compact tractor that is based on 1R Series. 1R Series.
  • This mower has high power take-off (PTO) capability, which allows it to mow more than 10,000 m2 of lawn on just one charge lasting 4.5 hours.
  • It is a high-performance product with low maintenance costs and emission-free operation. This makes it ideal for applications that require low levels of noise and eco-friendly operation are needed.

Kubota LXe-261 Electric Compact Tractor:

  • Kubota has announced the release of the LXe-261 electric compact tractor.
  • The exact details of this tractor, like the features and prices are not listed in the results of the search.

It is suggested to contact the manufacturer and local dealer for specific details on the mini electric tractors as well as their costs.

Best Electric Tractor

Based on the results of a search Here is some details about the top electric tractor:


  • Solectrac is the most renowned electric tractor maker in the United States.
  • The company provides a variety of electric tractors, such as the Compact Electric Tractor and the the e25 Electric Tractor equipped with a Backhoe, and the e70N Electric Tractor.
  • Solectrac’s electric tractor is versatile efficient, energy efficient, and green.
  • The price of each model isn’t listed on the results page However, they are available to purchase.

2. Monarch Tractor:

  • Monarch Tractor is the maker of the world’s first electric tractor with a driver option.
  • The electric tractors of the company are created to help make economically sustainable agriculture.
  • Monarch Tractor’s electric tractor is completely electric and driverless and data-driven.
  • The exact price for Monarch Tractor’s electric tractor isn’t listed in the results of the search However, they are readily available to purchase.

3. Farmtrac FT25G Electric Tractor:

  • It is the Farmtrac F25G electric Tractor is a fully electric tractor that is compact enough to tackle smaller paddock or yard tasks efficiently and with ease.
  • The tractor is energy efficient, eco-friendly, and readily accessible for purchase within the UK.
  • The price of Farmtrac FT25G Electric Tractor is not available. Farmtrac the FT25G Electrical
  • The tractor isn’t mentioned in the results of the search however, the product is advertised as an affordable alternative for tasks that are smaller.

Electric Tractor Manufacturers

Here are some of the electric tractor companies based on the results of the search:

Monarch Tractor:

  • Monarch Tractor is the maker of the first electric tractor with a driver option.
  • The electric tractors of the company are specifically designed to help make economically sustainable agriculture.
  • Monarch Tractor’s electric tractors come completely electric and driver-dependent and driven by data.
  • The exact price for Monarch Tractor’s electric tractor is not included in the results for search results however they are available to purchase.


  • Solectrac is the most renowned electric tractor maker in the United States.
  • The company has a selection of electric tractors. These include the Compact Electric Tractor and the the e25 Electric Tractor equipped with Backhoe and the e70N Electric Tractor.
  • Solectrac’s electric tractor is versatile efficient, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly.
  • The exact price for each model isn’t listed in the results of the search however, they are readily available to purchase.


  • Farmtrac provides its customers the FT25G Electric Tractor which is an all-electric emission-free and energy-efficient tractor available located in the UK.
  • The price of Farmtrac FT25G Electric Tractor is not available. Farmtrac F25G electric Tractor isn’t listed in the results of a search however, it is referred to as an economical solution for smaller jobs.


  • Fendt is a German company that makes electric tractor models.

The details of Fendt’s electric tractors such as their specifications and costs, are not included in the results of a search.


  • Ideanomics is a company based in the United States which specializes in electric vehicles for utility purposes.
  • The company has set up what it claims to be the largest assembly plant for electric tractors located in North America, with the capability to manufacture 4100 electric tractors per year.
  • The vehicles used in the plant come from Solectrac which was acquired by Ideanomics.

It is crucial to remember that this isn’t an all-inclusive list of electric tractor producers, and there could be other companies that aren’t listed in the results.

Electric Farm Tractors

Electric farm tractors represent an innovative technology that is making waves in the field of agriculture. They are made to be more sustainable and efficient than diesel tractors and have a wide range of benefits for farmers. Here are a few key elements that were found in the search results:

  • The advantages of electric tractors do not emit any emissions and are far quieter than diesel-powered tractors.
  • This is an important benefit to farmers who operate in areas with high traffic or near wildlife habitats. They also cut out the costs of fuel, oil, and DEF, and they can be charged with renewable energy sources, such as wind or solar energy.
  • Top electric tractor producers: Solectrac and Monarch Tractor are two of the top electric tractor makers in the United States.
  • Solectrac provides a flexible, 4WD utility vehicle, which is perfect for golf courses, hobby farms horse riding centers, sports fields, and municipalities. Monarch Tractor offers a fully electric, driver-operated tractor that is engineered to make the most of sustainable farming and is economically efficient
  • Electric tractor challenges One of the most difficult issues for electric tractors is the power capacity of batteries in comparison to the energy needed by normal farming. 
  • But, technology is rapidly evolving and batteries that have higher capacity and quicker charges are in the process of being designed.

Monarch Electric Tractor

Monarch Tractor Monarch Tractor is the world’s first fully electric, driver-free tractor. It was created to ensure sustainable farming is economically more efficient. Here are a few important points concerning Monarch Electric Tractor: Monarch Electric Tractor:


The Monarch Tractor is 100% electric and has driver-optional features. It’s equipped with the latest technology like computer-controlled systems and a full sensor suite that provides immediate alerts. 

The tractor is equipped with double the torque and a streamlined weight distribution system, which gives peace of mind and stability while operating.


Monarch Tractor is the company that is responsible for the development and manufacturing of Monarch Electric Tractor. Monarch Tractor is a company with a mission dedicated to improving farming practices and creating the use of clean, efficient, and economically feasible solutions for farmers.


Monarch Tractor has joined forces with Foxconn, a Taiwanese contractor manufacturer to assist in the manufacturing of the Monarch Electric Tractor. 

Foxconn has started to roll out the first MKV all-electric tractor at their Lordstown manufacturing facility located in the Midwest. The goal of this partnership is to increase the manufacturing of electrical tractors and increase their availability on the market.

Benefits Monarch Electric Tractor Benefits

 Monarch Electric Tractor offers several advantages for farmers. It’s emission-free and runs quietly, reducing noise and environmental impact. It also reduces the requirement to use oil, fuel, and DEF, which results in reductions for the farmers. Furthermore, using electric tractors could contribute to improving sustainability and efficiency in agriculture.

John Deere electric compact tractor

Here are some details about this John Deere electronic compact tractor.

  • A John Deere electric compact tractor was a prototype vehicle first demonstrated during the 2022 Equip Expo.
  • It is powered by an electric motor that is 40 kilowatts and can reach a top speed of 25 miles per hour.
  • The 1RE can run for approximately 4 hours on just one charge. it is rechargeable in just 2 hours.
  • The tractor comes with a variety of characteristics that allow it to be ideal for use in suburban and urban zones, including its silent operation and emission-free.
  • The 1RE is currently in the development stage and it’s not certain when it will be available to purchase.

Here are a few positives of using the John Deere 1RE electric compact tractors:

  • It’s quiet and emission-free It is ideal to be used in urban and suburban areas.
  • It is able to run for a long period on a single charge therefore it is suitable for longer periods of time without having to recharge.
  • It’s easy to use and maintain, which makes it an excellent choice for small businesses as well as homeowners.

Here are some drawbacks of this John Deere 1RE electric compact tractor:

  • It’s currently in the development stage, therefore it’s unclear what time it’ll be made available to purchase.
  • It’s more expensive than gasoline-powered tractors.
  • The battery’s lifespan may not last longer than some users would prefer.

Electric Tractor Reviews

Here’s a comparison of the Solectrac e25, John Deere e100, and Mahindra eSupro electric tractors:

Solectrac e25
Pros: Zero emissions, low noise, reduced maintenance costs, regenerative braking system, variety of attachments available.

Cons: Higher upfront cost than diesel tractors, limited range, longer charging times than refueling times.

John Deere e100
Pros: Zero emissions, low noise, reduced maintenance costs, fast charging system, suitable for larger farms and commercial applications.

Cons: Very high upfront cost, limited range, longer charging times than refueling times.

Mahindra eSupro
Pros: Affordable price, zero emissions, low noise, easy to use.

Cons: Limited range, longer charging times than refueling times, not as powerful as some other electric tractors.

Full review YouTube video check here.

Electric Tractor Price: Factors and Considerations

Determining Electric Tractor Price

The cost for an electric tractor may be influenced by a number of variables:

Brand and Manufacturer

Established brands that have a good reputation for reliability and quality could offer electric tractors at a higher cost. But, they could also have better customer support along with longer-lasting warranties.

Power and Performance

The performance and horsepower abilities of an electric tractor could affect its cost. The models that are designed to perform work that requires a lot of power might be more costly.

Battery Capacity

The capacity and size in the capacity of the battery can significantly influence the price of the tractor. Tractors equipped with bigger battery packs that are able to handle longer-running operations could be at a higher price.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Before deciding to purchase an electric tractor for their farm, the farmers should complete a cost-benefit study. Things to take into consideration are:

Fuel Savings

Electric tractors, generally have lower operating costs because of the lower cost of electricity. The calculation of potential savings in fuel over time will aid in determining the long-term economic advantages.


Electric tractors are now an innovation in the agriculture industry with numerous advantages over diesel-powered tractors.

Their positive effect for the planet, their cost-saving opportunities, and technological advancements make them a desirable choice for the modern farmer. As the battery technology improves and battery manufacturers develop they can anticipate a more sustainable and greener future of agriculture.

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Electric Tractor Price FAQs

What factors influence the price of an electric tractor?

The price of an electric tractor is influenced by several factors, including battery technology, power and performance, brand reputation, and additional features. Advanced battery technology and higher horsepower usually lead to higher prices, while established brands with a good reputation may charge a premium for their products. Electric tractors equipped with advanced features like GPS-guided precision farming and automated systems may also be priced higher.

Are electric tractors more expensive than traditional diesel tractors?

Yes, electric tractors generally have a higher upfront cost compared to traditional diesel tractors. However, they offer long-term cost savings due to lower operating and maintenance expenses, as they don’t require diesel fuel and have fewer moving parts.

Do electric tractors require less maintenance than diesel tractors?

Yes, electric tractors require less maintenance than diesel tractors because they have fewer moving parts and don’t rely on complex diesel engines. This leads to reduced downtime and lower repair costs for farmers.

Can electric tractors handle heavy-duty tasks on the farm?

Yes, modern electric tractors are designed to handle a wide range of farming tasks, including heavy-duty applications. With advancements in battery and motor technology, electric tractors can match or exceed the power of diesel tractors.

Do electric tractors have a limited range due to battery capacity?

While electric tractors do have a limited range based on their battery capacity, this range has significantly improved with advancements in battery technology. Many electric tractors offer enough range to cover a full day’s work on the farm.

What is the average lifespan of an electric tractor battery?

The average lifespan of an electric tractor battery ranges from 5 to 10 years, depending on factors such as usage patterns, maintenance, and battery type. Regular maintenance and proper charging practices can extend the battery’s life.

Are there any government incentives for purchasing electric tractors?

Yes, many governments and local authorities offer incentives, grants, or tax credits to encourage the adoption of eco-friendly farming practices, including electric tractors. These incentives can help offset the higher initial cost of electric tractors.

How long does it take to charge an electric tractor?

The charging time for an electric tractor depends on the battery capacity and the charging infrastructure. In some cases, fast-charging technology can recharge the battery to a significant level in just a few hours.

What are the environmental benefits of using an electric tractor?

Electric tractors produce zero tailpipe emissions, helping to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. By switching to electric tractors, farmers can contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable environment.

Are there any challenges in adopting electric tractors?

One of the main challenges in adopting electric tractors is the availability of charging infrastructure in rural areas. Farmers need access to reliable and efficient charging stations to support the use of electric tractors.

Are electric tractors suitable for all types of farms?

Electric tractors are suitable for a wide range of farms, including small, medium, and large-scale operations. However, farmers should assess their specific needs and tasks to determine the right model and power capacity for their farm.

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