Husqvarna 288XP Specs, Price, Parts & Review 2023

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Husqvarna 288XP Specs

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Husqvarna 288XP Overview

The Husqvarna 288xp is a giant chainsaw in the middle of the Husqvarna XP line of heavy-duty machines for professional forestry work. Husqvarna 288xp years made first manufactured in the late 1980s

These units are built to industrial standards. They have a magnesium crankcase with high resistance to rpm and a three-piece crankcase that is forged.

Even though it has a powerful engine, the 288XP is easy to use because it has good vibration damping and an ergonomic grip with an angled front handle. When cutting big pieces of material, a chain brake that works on inertia helps reduce the risk of kickback.

Husqvarna 288xp horsepower

  horsepower:  6.03 hp.

Husqvarna 288xp weight

  weight: 7.6 kg

Husqvarna 288xp price

Price: $261.52. 

Husqvarna 288xp serial number

  • The serial number can be found on the engine housing, usually near the spark plug.
  • It is a stamped series of numbers and letters that contains information about the production date, model, and other specifications of the chainsaw.

Husqvarna 288xp Features

  • Adjustable Oil Pump
  • Magnesium crankcase
  • Three-Piece Crankshaft
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Inertia-Activated Chain Brake

Husqvarna 288xp lite specs

  • Engine: 88cc 2-stroke engine
  • Power output: 5.5 horsepower
  • Bar length: 24 inches (61 cm)
  • Chain pitch: 3/8 inch
  • Weight (without cutting equipment): 14.5 pounds (6.6 kg)

Husqvarna 288XP Specs


Art no: 965 82 04‑94

Cylinder displacement 87 cm³
Power output 4.5 kW


Recommended bar length, min 38 cm
Recommended bar length, max 70 cm
Pitch 3/8″
Chain type H42
Bar length 60 cm
Bar length (inch) 24 in


Weight (excl. cutting equipment) 7.6 kg

Sound and Noise

Sound pressure level at the operator’s ear 106 dB(A)
Sound power level, guaranteed (LWA) 117 dB(A)


Equivalent vibration level (ahv, eq) front handle 9.4 m/s²
Equivalent vibration level (ahv, eq) rear handle 10 m/s²

Husqvarna 288XP Rating


Husqvarna 288XP Specs

Husqvarna 288XP Manuals & Documents

📄288 XP

Husqvarna 288xp problems

  • The difficulty in beginning: If the chainsaw isn’t starting make sure you look at the spark plug, for damage and change it as necessary. In addition, make sure that the fuel and air filters are in good condition, and the fuel tank contains fresh gasoline, mixed with the proper proportion of 2-stroke oil.
  • Power loss: In the event that you feel the chainsaw has lost power, you should check the air filter, and clean it or replace it if needed. Check that the chain is correctly tightened and sharpened, and that the fuel tank is in good shape.
  • Overheating: If you feel that the chainsaw is running hot then check the intake of air to make sure it’s clear and free of obstructions. Additionally, examine the spark arrester and muffler to make sure that they’re free of carbon accumulation.
  • Issues with the chain brake issues: If your chain brake isn’t working properly check the band of brake to confirm that it’s not worn or damaged. In addition, examine the handle on the chain brake to make sure that it’s well-adjusted and properly lubricated.
  • Fuel line problems: Problems with the fuel line If your fuel line is leaching or is cracked it must be replaced. Be sure to select the right dimension and type of fuel line that is suitable for your chainsaw.

Husqvarna 288XP Review 

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Husqvarna 288XP – FAQs

What is the engine size of the Husqvarna 288XP chainsaw?

The Husqvarna 288XP chainsaw features a powerful 88cc engine that can deliver high power and torque output.

What kind of cutting jobs is the Husqvarna 288XP suitable for?

The 288XP is a professional-grade chainsaw designed for heavy-duty use, such as felling large trees, cutting firewood, and other demanding applications.

Is the Husqvarna 288XP easy to maintain?

Yes, the 288XP is equipped with several advanced features that make maintenance and operation easier, such as an anti-vibration system, adjustable oil pump, and quick-release air filter.

Does the Husqvarna 288XP have an anti-vibration system?

Yes, the 288XP is equipped with an advanced anti-vibration system that helps to reduce operator fatigue and improve cutting performance.

What is the maximum bar length that can be used with the Husqvarna 288XP?

The maximum bar length that can be used with the 288XP is 28 inches.

Is the Husqvarna 288XP easy to start?

Yes, the 288XP features an advanced Smart Start system that makes it easier to start the engine with less effort.

Can the Husqvarna 288XP be used in all weather conditions?

An anti-vibration system, adjustable oil pump, and quick-release air filter make the 288XP easier to maintain and operate.

What kind of chain is recommended for use with the Husqvarna 288XP?

Husqvarna recommends using a .058 gauge chain with the 288XP, as this provides the best balance between cutting performance and durability.

How does the Husqvarna 288XP compare to other professional-grade chainsaws?

The 288XP’s excellent performance, durability, and cutting-edge features have earned it a reputation as one of the best professional chainsaws available.

Is the Husqvarna 288XP still in production?

No, the Husqvarna 288XP chainsaw is no longer in production. However, a wide variety of pre-owned models remain for sale, and repair and maintenance supplies for chainsaws are easily accessible.

What CC is a Husqvarna 288?

The Husqvarna 288 chainsaw has an 88cc engine for heavy-duty cutting. Fuel and air are burned in the engine’s displacement (cc). Torque and cutting power increase with cc. The Husqvarna 288’s 88cc engine chops big trees, firewood, and other demanding tasks.

how to find the Husqvarna 288xp serial number?

The serial number can be found on the engine housing, usually near the spark plug. It is a stamped series of numbers and letters that contains information about the production date, model, and other specifications of the chainsaw.