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Iveco Daily 4x4

Iveco Daily 4×4 Overview

The Daily line, Which debuted in 1978, Was a Heavy-duty Version of the Fiat Ducato line featuring rear-wheel Drive in place Of front-wheel drive And a Ladder frame Resembling that of a truck.

Vans with varying wheelbases and Heights, cab/chassis configurations (including crew cabs), and single- and dual-tired rear-axle options are all part of the Daily lineup, just as they are with The Ducato family of vehicles.

The fourth-generation Daily has rear- or four-wheel drive. Most 4x4s go to miners, cities, fire departments, and recreational vehicle owners, whereas delivery and pick-up companies buy 4x2s.

Iveco daily 4×4 price

Given how Well-constructed they are, it is Not a surprise that Daily 4x4s are expensive. At The time of writing, the All-Road chassis cab Begins at £67,100, but the Off-Road chassis cab begins At £66,810.

The vans Are more expensive Since the 3,500kg GVW isn’t available therefore they Start at £73,715 and £71,835 for the 5,500kg GVW, Respectively.

Iveco Daily 4×4 Weight

Iveco daily 4*4 weight is Around 2.765 tonne

Iveco Daily 4×4 Interior Features

  • Noise-killing
  • Climate control
  • Air-suspended seat for the driver
  • Controls made with ergonomics in mind
  • Lots of places to put things.
  • A stereo that has Bluetooth
  • The buttons and gear controls are easier to use than on older models.
  • Program for electronic stability
  • Emissions control system

Iveco Daily 4×4 Specs




ENGINE IVECO FIC 3.0 liter Turbo Diesel 170 hp/125 kW IVECO FIC 3.0 liter Turbo Diesel 170 hp/125 kW
TRANSMISSION 6-speed overdrive manual 6-speed overdrive manual
WHEELBASE 3.40 m 3.40 m
PAYLOAD CAPACITY Up to 2800 Kg Up to 2510 Kg
TOWING CAPACITY Up to 3500 Kg Up to 3500 Kg
GVM Up to 5.5 tonnes Up to 5.5 tonnes

Iveco Daily 4×4 History

In the mid-1990s, several of the first 4×4 vans and cab/chassis variants of the second-generation Daily found their way to Australia. I recall checking out a Daily 75PC 4×4 Britz campervan and being impressed by its off-road prowess.

I realised why Britz dropped the brand soon after: final drive ratios more suited to pushing a mini-snowplow blade around European ski resorts resulted in extraordinarily high engine rpm at highway speeds, and the majority of these rentals blew up.

Some of them are still lingering on the planet. Midway through 2018 a former Britz campervan was Spotted driving down the Pacific Highway, And a cab/chassis is still in use by the city administration in Nukurr, Arnhem Land.

Iveco Daily 4×4 Review

The Iveco Daily 4×4 is a versatile and capable four-wheel drive light commercial vehicle that is well-suited for a variety of applications, including off-road driving, construction, and emergency services.

Full review YouTube video check here.

Iveco Daily 4×4 Problems

Diagnostic issues in the bush are common with the Daily, as they are with all high-tech 4x4s. Sadly, Iveco Country dealers are focused On Large vehicles And have little knowledge of how The Daily Operates.

The Daily engine needs clean gasoline, just like all common-rail diesel engines do, and dirty fuel may be quite problematic. Also, beginning of 2017, the engine must comply with Euro 6 requirements by having a complete complement of exhaust after-treatment tools, such as AdBlue for the SCR system.

Numerous owners have reported braking issues, including red-hot front discs and cool back drums. Load proportioning valves on rear axles were usually misconfigured. To fix this, the 2017 model includes ESP9 braking.


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Iveco Daily 4×4 FAQ

Do they still make Iveco Daily 4×4?

With three distinct wheelbase options and a substantial gross vehicle mass (GVM) of 7000kg, the 2023 IVECO Daily 4×4 will be offered in single-cab or dual-cab configurations. The model maintains a three-leaf parabolic spring design for the rear suspension, which highlights the bike’s robust workhorse and payload qualities.

What engine is in Iveco Daily 4×4?

Iveco daily 4*4 has an Iveco 3.0 liter HPT engine

Where are Iveco Daily 4×4 made?

Iveco daily 4*4 made in Italy

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