John Deere 318 Mini Tractor Price, Specs, Review & Features 2023

John Deere 318 Mini Tractor Price, Specs, Review & Features

If You’re Seeking information on the Features, Price, Weight, and specs of the John Deere 318 mini tractor, You’ve Arrived at the appropriate location. Our team has Verified this information through discussions with other John Deere representatives and Colleagues.


John Deere 318 Mini-Many times, we get confused in deciding “which is the all-time best lawn and best garden tractor? But, from now, no need to bother more about it.

This post can helps you out with this dilemma.

When it comes to the all-time best lawn tractor and best-suited garden tractor, the exclusive product from John Deere, the model, John Deere 318 tractor ranks the #1st on this list. And, is almost the first preference of people to buy. Since it is loaded with an exclusive feature that makes it best amongst the bunch of others tractors.

For your comforts, you may ask a gardener or any lawnmower. So, that you can confirm it…

So, let us talk about John Deere 318 tractor in detail like John Deere 318 tractor price, specification, key features, reviews from experts, rating, and everything you should know about this new John Deere 318 tractor.

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 John Deere 318 Tractor: Key Features

Engine Details:


Check engine details of John Deere 318 tractor.

  • Engine Make: Yanmar
  • Engine model: 4TNV98C
  • Net power: 60 HP
  • Gross power: 63 HP

Performance Details:

Check performance details of John Deere 318 tractor.

  • Rated operating load (lbs): 1950 lbs
  • Load with optional counterweight: 2100 lbs
  • Tipping load (std): 3900 lbs
  • Height of bucket pin: 120.2 inches
  • Dump height at bucket discharge: 95.7 inches
  • Dump reach @ max-height: 30.7 inches
  • Max dump angle @ full height: 43 °
  • Bucket rollback at ground level: 33 °
  • Bucket breakout: 6000 lbs
  • Arm lifting force: 3500 lbs
  • Max travel speed: 6.9 m/h
  • Tire size: 10 x 16.5

John Deere 318: Weight and Dimensions Details

Check weight and dimension details of John Deere 318 tractor.

  • Overall Weight: 7000 lbs
  • Overall length w/bucket: 132 Inches
  • Width over tires: 63 Inches
  • Height to top of ROPS: 78 Inches
  • Ground clearance: 8.5 Inches
  • The rear angle of departure: 26 °
  • Wheelbase: 44.3 Inches

 Hydraulics And Capacity

Check hydraulics details and capacity of John Deere 318 tractor.

  • Standard pump flow: 18 GPM
  • Optional pump flow: 25 GPM
  • Hydraulic pressure: 3250 psi
  • Fuel tank Capacity: 20 gals (75 LTR)

John Deere 318 Tractor: Specification and Details

After the completion of the John Deere 300 series, they had prepared the mind to launch a new and specific tractor model from the previous John Deere 300 series.

The new model of John Deere, John Deere 318  is manufactured with all-time new features and design to make it foremost on the list of the best garden tractor.

However, you may think that why it is superior to the others like the 140 and 300 series. So, here is full information about John Deere 318 tractor, which can help you to understand why it is the best-suited lawn and garden tractor than others.

So what are the features of the John Deere 318 tractor that make it revolutionary?

#1stly, it is loaded or made with an Onan engine having two cylinders. The facility of two cylinders are air-cooled and are made from cast iron. This helps in avoiding the overheating problem to take place with it in case of use of this for long hours.

Whereas the Onan engine is made with a larger horsepower range. The HP range for John Deere 318 tractor is 18 HP. Which is good enough for moving and working on the gardening application.

The facility of having its own air cooler with it helps in working more time than others and there is no need to give a rest while working. As like the others have to do.


It is also loaded with an Open Frame configuration system opposite to the closed system. To make it different from the previous products. Also, it is also designed with annunciator lights in the dash panel.

But, smart drivers always think first about their safety and security with any tractor while operating it. Do not worry much about your safety and security with this new model. The John Deere 318 tractor is also manufactured with the facility with an electromagnetic clutch @ the front and rear of the PTO (power take-off) part.

For the sake of driver comfort and protection, the fender deck of this new tractor is redesigned. So, there is more squared-off look availability.

It is manufactured with an HST hydrostatic power steering. Which helps in improving driver comfort. This also gives relief from the backache problem and other body pains that occur due to it. Wow, how amazing it is!!!

It also requires less energy and effort to handle this new and latest launch, John Deere 318 tractor. Which directly saves energy.

It is best known for smooth working with a high HP engine range. Which is not only beneficial for smooth working. And, also for long durability and strength.

Durability is also another point, which needs to talk about it. It is manufactured by its developer John Deere in such a way that it can last for a long time. And, you can also operate John Deere 318 tractor for more than overused hours.


It is also capable of working on any kind of soil conditions and situation. It can work on a flat lawn with any kind of weather, along with in a hilly environment. But, it works its best under frequent snowfall conditions.

The reason behind it is “John Deere 318 tractor comes with snow blowers”. Which is best suited for working under snowfall conditions. It is easy to wipe out the frowns on the forehead to clean up the snow. Just, attach the available snowplow (the blower) to the John Deere 318 tractor and everything is going to be good. You can also operate it in your backyards to get rid of snow. And, it may be enjoyable riding for you with a lot of fun.

John Deere 318 Tractor Price in USA, Canada


John Deere 318 tractor price in USA and Canada starts with $ 10,000 (USD) onwards.

If you are planning to buy John Deere 318 tractor with only a single cylinder, then the cost for it will be less than buying John Deere 318 tractor with two cylinders with it.

The reason behind the higher price of the John Deere 318 tractor is the available facility and features. The facility, and quality makes it costlier than others.

 John Deere 318 Overview

Through 1986, John Deere used an 18HP Onan B43G 2-cylinder, air-cooled gas engine. From 1987 on, the B43G was replaced by Onan’s P218 18HP 2-cylinder, air-cooled gas engine.

The 318 also featured a shaft-driven hydrostatic Sundstrand 90 transmission. Mower deck sizes were 38”, 46”, and 50”.

john deere 318 engine

Onan B43G, gasoline,2-cylinder 4-valve, air-cooled horizontal shaft opposed twin

 John Deere 318 Tractor Reviews in USA & Canada

It is normal that peoples always look for reviews before buying any products. Since it helps us to know whether “it is suitable for us to buy to not?”

I had gone through some tractors experts. And, make the following merits and demerits of John Deere 318 tractor.

  • We know that John Deere is the name of trust in the USA. Which he received because of, producing the most trusted products in the market.
  • It comes with both kinds of equipment, garden equipment, and agricultural equipment. So, it can work in the agricultural field and works in gardens and lawns.
  • John Deere 318 tractor prices in USA AND CANADA are so that anyone with low investment can buy it. One can also go with the finance to have one.

john deere 318 attachments

54” wide blade 46” single-stage snowblower
47” dual-stage snowblower 48” shaft-driven tiller
30” hydraulic tiller, with optional extension to 42” Model 44 loader
Several bagger systems, ranging from a standard two-bag, 6.5 bushels to an impressively large, 13-bushel collection system.

John Deere 318 Mini Problems

Problem: The tractor fails to start or has difficulty starting.

Solution: Check the battery for proper charge and clean the terminals. Verify that the fuel reaches the engine and that the spark plug is functioning correctly. If the issue persists, consult a qualified technician for further diagnosis.

Problem: The tractor’s engine overheats during operation.

Solution: Inspect the radiator for debris or blockages and clean it if necessary. Ensure the cooling fan is operating correctly. Check the coolant levels and circulation. If the problem persists, have the cooling system inspected by a professional.

Problem: Transmission slipping, grinding, or difficulty shifting gears.

Solution: Check the transmission fluid levels and condition. If the fluid is low or contaminated, drain and refill with the correct fluid. Inspect the clutch and linkage for damage or wear.

Problem: Problems with the tractor’s hydraulic system, such as slow or unresponsive hydraulics.

Solution: Check the hydraulic fluid levels and ensure there are no leaks. Inspect the hydraulic filters and replace them if needed. If the problem continues, have a qualified technician inspect the hydraulic system for any malfunctioning components.

Problem: Electrical issues, such as faulty lights or intermittent electrical connections.

Solution: Inspect the wiring harness for loose or damaged connections. Check the fuses and replace any blown fuses. Ensure the battery connections are clean and secure. If the problem persists, consult an electrician or authorized John Deere service center.

Problem: Difficulty in steering or loss of steering control.

Solution: Check the power steering fluid levels and top up if needed. Inspect the steering linkage for damage or wear. Ensure the steering components are properly lubricated.

Problem: Problems with fuel delivery, such as poor fuel efficiency or engine sputtering.

Solution: Check the fuel lines and filters for clogs or blockages. Ensure the fuel pump is functioning correctly. If necessary, clean or replace the fuel injectors. If the issue persists, consult a qualified technician.

Problem: Belts slipping or failing to operate properly.

Solution: Check the condition and tension of the belts. Adjust or replace them as necessary. Ensure proper alignment of the pulleys. If the issue persists, consult a technician for further inspection and potential belt replacement.

 Conclusion on John Deere 318 tractor

So, this is all about John Deere 318 tractor’s price, specification, key features, review, and all informative details about it.

Now, you are conscious of the amazing and exclusive John Deere 318 tractor. 

Hope that your dilemma about which garden tractor to buy has been solved. However, ask your precious question, and tells you unsolved query regarding the John Deere 318 tractor by commenting in the below comment box.

See You SOON with another such good and informative stuff!!!

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John Deere 318 Mini Tractor FAQ

What year did they make John Deere 318?

The John Deere 318 price was $5,099 in (1983 ) and $5,650 in (1989 ).

How old is a John Deere 318?

The John Deere 318 was manufactured from 1983 to 1992

How many HP is a John Deere 318?

The John Deere 318 has an Onan B43G engine with 3.25×2.62 inches 83 x 67 mm Bore/Stroke and 18 hp 13.4 kW Power (gross).

How many hours does a John Deere 318 last?

The John Deere 318 can go almost 2000 hours but sometimes it depends on the maintenance

What engine does my John Deere 318 have?

Onan 18 horsepower two-cylinder air-cooled engine used in John Deere 318

Does a John Deere 318 have power steering?

Yes, John Deere 318 has power steering.

How big is a John Deere 318?

John Deere 318 Wheelbase is 46 inches 116 cm, Length is 68.5 inches 173 cm, Width is 44 inches 111 cm and Height is 44 inches 111 cm.

What does a John Deere 318 weigh?

John Deere 318 Operating Capacity: 883 kg (1,945 lb.) and Operating Weight: 2970 kg (6,542 lb.)

Is the 318 Mini tractor a compact model?

Yes, the John Deere 318 Mini is a compact tractor, designed for versatility in various applications.

Can I use attachments with the 318 Mini tractor?

Yes, the John Deere 318 Mini tractor is compatible with various attachments such as loaders, mowers, and tillers.

What is the maximum lifting capacity of the 318 Mini tractor?

The maximum lifting capacity of the John Deere 318 Mini tractor varies depending on the specific loader attachment used.

Does the 318 Mini tractor have a hydrostatic transmission?

Yes, the John Deere 318 Mini tractor features a hydrostatic transmission, providing smooth and easy speed control.

Can I perform landscaping tasks with the 318 Mini tractor?

Yes, the John Deere 318 Mini tractor is suitable for landscaping tasks such as mowing, tilling, and light hauling with the right attachments.

What is the fuel tank capacity of the 318 Mini tractor?

The fuel tank capacity of the John Deere 318 Mini tractor is approximately 4 to 6 gallons (15 to 23 liters), depending on the specific model.