John Deere 425 Specs, Price & Review 2022 ❤️

A 2WD lawn and garden tractor from the 400 series of John Deere lawn tractors is the 425. It is equipped with a hydrostatic gearbox and a V-twin 90° liquid-cooled 4-stroke Kawasaki FD620D (617 cc, 37.7) horizontal PTO-shaft engine.

From 1992 to 2001, the John Deere 425 garden tractor was produced in Horicon, Wisconsin, in the United States.

The horizontal PTO shaft Kawasaki FD620D-AS02 V-twin 90° liquid-cooled four-stroke engine powered the John Deere 425 tractor.

The FD620D has a mechanical governor, cast iron cylinder liners, a dual barrel carburetor, an electromagnetic in-line fuel pump, a full transistor ignition system with set timing, a dual-stage air cleaner, and an overhead valve (OHV) engine.

76.0 mm (2.99 in) and 68.0 mm (2.68 in) are the corresponding sizes of the bore and stroke. 9.0:1 compression ratio rating At 3,500 rpm, the Kawasaki FD620D-AS02 generates a maximum of 20 HP (14.9 kW).

The Tuff Torq K91 hydrostatic transmission (infinite forward and backward gears), power steering (four-wheel steering was an option), and wet disc brakes are all included with the John Deere 425 lawn tractor.

The operator station of this tractor was open. The JD 425 also has a 6.5-gallon (24.6 L) fuel tank, independent front and rear PTO shafts with hydraulic clutches, and an electric starter.

John Deere 425 Overview

Because of how much the John Deere 425 resembles its predecessor, the John Deere 420, it has received a lot of respect. Both have 20-horsepower engines that are in good condition.

The same 20-horsepower engines are in both tractors. The Onan team spent 8 years (1983–1991) creating and manufacturing the John Deere 420, whereas the Kawasaki team spent 9 years (1992–2001) making the John Deere 425.

The 425 now has a tonne of features that make mowing more efficient and simple.

John Deere 425 Price

John Deere 425 Original Price: $2,960 USD (2001)

John Deere 425 Serial Number

1993 010001
1994 020001
1995 030001
1996 040001
1997 050001
1998 060001
1999 070001
2000 080001
2001 090001

John Deere 425 Specification

John Deere 425 Engine

Engine Kawasaki FD620D
V-twin OHV
Displacement 617 cc
37.7 ci
Bore/Stroke 2.992×2.68 inches
76 x 68 mm
Power 20 hp
14.9 kW
Fuel system carburetor
Air cleaner paper element
with pre-cleaner
Compression 9:1
Rated RPM 3550
Idle RPM 1450-3550
Starter electric
Starter volts 12
Starter power 1.1 hp
0.8 kW
Coolant capacity 3 qts
2.8 L
Sparkplug gap 0.030 inches
0.762 mm

John Deere 425 Transmission

Transmission Tuff Torq K91
Type shaft-driven
Gears infinite forward
and reverse

John Deere 425 Dimensions

2WS Wheelbase 50.4 inches 128 cm
AWS Wheelbase 49.4 inches 125 cm
Length 75 inches 190 cm
Width 47 inches 119 cm
Height 45.9 inches 116 cm
2WS Weight 805 lbs 365 kg
AWS Weight 900 lbs 408 kg
Lawn/turf Front Tire 16×7.50-8
Lawn/turf rear Tire 23×10.50-12

John Deere 425 Hydraulics

Type Gorotor
Pressure 1000 psi
69.0 bar
Valves 2
Pump flow 4.65 gpm
17.6 lpm

John Deere 425 Electrical

Ground negative
Charging system alternator
Charging amps 20
Battery CCA 340
Battery volts 12

John Deere 425 Power Take-off (PTO)

Rear PTO independent 
Clutch electric
Rear RPM 540 (1.375)
Mid PTO independent
Clutch electric
Mid RPM 2000

John Deere 425 Review

History of John Deere 425 Lawn & Garden Tractor

The JD 425 was created between 1992 and 2001. These liquid-cooled garden conquerors have always been prepared for anything that comes their way from there.

They are well known for having the power to handle a variety of accessories and gardening activities.

They also accept various kinds of attachments, such as front-end loaders, snowblowers, and plows. Many gardeners love them for this feature.

John Deere 425 Attachments

  • John Deere 60-inch mower deck
  • John Deere 54-inch mower deck
  • John Deere 48-inch mower deck
  • John Deere 44-inch mower deck
  • John Deere blade
  • John Deere snowblower
  • John Deere snowblower

Summing It Up

That concludes my account of using the John Deere 425 lawn and garden tractor, gentlemen. However, if you have any additional questions about my review, kindly continue the conversation in the discussion box. Cheers!

John Deere 425 FAQ

What years did they make John Deere 425?

The high-quality 400 series of garden tractors, which also featured the 445 and 455 John Deere models, were made at John Deere’s Wisconsin factory from 1992 to 2001.

How long will a John Deere 425 last?

Overall, the John Deere 425 may not be as well known as the previous 420, but it offers a large selection of attachments and expert engineering.

The 425 is a lawn tractor that may last for a very long time.

How much does a John Deere 425 weight?

John deere 425 2WS Wheelbase is 50.4 inches 128 cm and Weight is 805 to 900 pounds

What engine is in a 425 John Deere?

John deere 425 has Kawasaki FD620D