John Deere 6250 R Tractor Price, Specs, Review & Features 2022

John Deere 6250 R: Price, Specs, Review, Features, Engine, Manual, Backhoe Attachments

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Today, we are going to talk about the new release and latest launched John Deere 6250 R.

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John Deere 6250R Quick Facts



Learn the list of all key features of 6250 R John Deere:

  • The facility of Command Center Display
  • Powertech PVS, PSS Stage 4 Engine availability
  • Big Cab For comfortable view and smooth driving for long hours of work
  • TLS Triple Link Suspension Plus facility
  • Rear-mounted selective control valves (SCVs)
  • Options for Light, which provides maximum visibility era in each and every direction.
  • The facility of the Optional Command PRO joystick for 6250R Tractors provides a unique driving strategy along with exceptional reconfigurable controls.
  •  Infinitely variable transmission
  • AutoPower (IVT) transmissions

John Deere 6250 R Price in USA (USD)


288,671 USD

The price of 6250R John Deere is 288,671 USD.

John Deere 6250 R Specification


Engine Details

Engine Type John Deere 6.8L 6-cyl turbocharged
No. of cylinders 6
cooling system liquid-cooled cooling system
Emissions Stage IV
Emission control Diesel particulate filter (DPF), Diesel oxidation catalyst, and a selective catalytic reduction
Rated RPM 2,100 RPM
Operating RPM 1600 to 2100 rated RPM
Torque 861 lb-ft (1167.5 Nm)
Torque RPM 1600 RPM
Starter Electric type starter
Starter volts 12 v Battery
Coolant capacity 30.6 QTS (29.0 Ltr)
Fuel Capacity 124.2 gal (470.1 Ltr)


Transmission Auto Power
Transmission Type Infinitely variable transmission (IVT) facility
Gears Infinite forward and reverse

John Deere 6250R Power

Gross Engine Power 250 HP (186.4 kW)
Net Engine Power 239 HP (178.2 kW)
Max Engine Power 290 HP (216.3 kW)

Drive System

Chassis 4 x 4 MFWD, 4 WD
Differential lock Electro-hydraulic front and rear lock system
Steering Power Steering
Trailer brake Hydraulic Trailer brake
Tractor Cab For a Comfortable View Cab with active hydraulic suspension and air-conditioning and Auto Trac is loaded

Hydraulic System

Type Closed and centred pressure-flow compensated hydraulic system
Valves up to 6
Pump flow 42.3 GPM (160.1 ltr per min)

PTO (Power Take Off)

Rear PTO Type Independent PTO
Clutch Electro-hydraulic wet disc clutch available
Front PTO Independent PTO
Clutch Electro-hydraulic wet disc clutch available
Front RPM 1,000 RPM
Engine RPM (PTO @ Working) 1000 @ 1969

3 – Point Hitch 

Rear Type IIIN
Rear lift (at 24″/610 mm) 15432 lbs (6999 kg)
Front Hitch IIIN
Front lift 9700 lbs (4399 kg)

Dimensions & Tires

Wheelbase 114.2 inches (290 cm)
Weight (shipping) 20503 lbs (9300 kg)
Weight (max capacity) 33069 lbs (15000 kg)
Length 204.3 inches (518 cm)
Width 100.4 inches (255 cm)
Height with cab 128 inches (325 cm)
Front axle Triple Link Suspension

John Deere 6250R attachments – John Deere 683R MSL Loader

6250 R Loader type John Deere 683R MSL
Height (to pin) 178 inches (452 cm)
Clearance @ dumped bucket 137 inches (347 cm)
Dump reach 48 inches 9121 cm)
Dump angle 56 Degree
Clearance @ level bucket 167 inches (424 cm)
Reach @ ground 114 inches 9289 cm)
Breakout force @ pin 7573 lbs (3435 kg)
Breakout force @ 800 mm 6649 lbs (3015 kg)
Breakout force (bucket) 9747 lbs (4421 kg)
Lift to full height @ pin 5560 lbs (2522 kg)
Lift to full height @ 800 mm 5595 lbs (2537 kg)
Lift to 1.5 m @ pin 6704 lbs (3040 kg)
Lift to 1.5 m @ 800mm 6327 lbs (2869 kg)

John Deere 6250R Key Specification


The 6250 R has exceptional power, with power up to 300 hp with a very low tractor weight and price. Which is not possible with any other brand’s model. Basically, it is a combination of lots of the latest technology, which makes it superior to the others. The list includes on-road driveability and higher pulling power.

Basically, they are impressive for working on a number of farm fields application with a single piece. It is also loaded with the new and latest technology, the John Deere Command PRO joystick. Which is helpful in super ergonomics and effortless control.

6250 R Engine Details and Work Efficiency

It is an Engine responsive tractor means the D.P.F. (diesel particulate filter) traps particles. And, it also improves the transient response, to enhance the throttle responsiveness and hence better work efficiency.


It is also featured with EGR (Cooled exhaust gas recirculation) which manages incoming fresh air and lowers the combustion temperatures. It results in low NOx output from the engine and increases fuel efficiency or DEF economy.

The simple and customisable interface increases the confidence of the operator. And, reliability also aids the optimal operating experience along with maximized uptime.

The aspirated (air-to-air) engines provide a power bulge to deliver excellent torque in demanding applications.

The Generation 4 Command Center produces the basic driver interface for 6R, 7R, 8R, and 8RT Tractors. It also presents an excellent and user-savvy operating experience for the operator.


It is also loaded with and modern and featured cab. The cab is also featured automotive and stylish instrument panels as the base equipment.

The max. permissible wet of 15 tons allows a payload of 5.7 tonnes. Which is best for transporting heavier loads through it.


The John Deere 6250 R is loaded with

  • Stage IV 6.8-litre PowerTech PSS engine has dual turbochargers.
  • D.P.F. (diesel particulate filter) and SCR technology.
  • Upgraded AutoPowr transmission to provide 100 % mechanical power.
  • New Command PRO joystick which allows us to keep full control of the tractor with variable speeds.

And, the upgraded Auto Power transmission gives 100 % mechanical power. Which avails heavy draft operations @ 3.5 km/hr, light draft work @ 11 km/hr, heavy transport @ 22.5 km/hr, and light transport duties @ 47.2 km/hr.

6250 R Max. & Min Speed

The significant feature of it is that once running at its top speed on road, the RPM drops itself. To maintain the speed of 50 km/hr at a 1630 RPM. However, in fuel-saving mode, the on-road top speed is 40 km/hr with a 1300 RPM.

The new Command PRO joystick allows us to keep full control of the tractor with variable speeds with just a simple push and pull of the lever. The creeper control function of it helps in attaining the lowest speeds, ranging from 0 to 2 km/hr.

PTO of 6250R

It is also loaded with 11 programmable buttons including buttons for the hitch, SCVs, PTO, AutoTrac controls, pedals, joysticks, etc. to operate them all simultaneously.

The exclusive feature of this tractor is one can operate the tractor along with ISOBUS functions at the same instant time. Which fulfills the need for an external ISOBUS joystick.


It is loaded with a flow and pressure-compensated hydraulic system. And, the two 6Rs deliver a max flow of fuel at 160 lit/min @ 1500 RPM.

The lifting capacity of 6250 R for the rear hitch is 10.4 tonnes. Whereas, it is 5 tonnes @ the front hitch.

6250R Reviews from Experts

As per John Deere, HCS Plus means a hydro-pneumatic cab suspension system increases the driver comfort. Whereas the triple link, new self-levelling TLS Plus front axle suspension is made to improve and increase the traction. Which helps in saving providing about 10% more power while working.

The system is so made that it adjusts sensitivity rate, suspension rate automatically And, the hitch sensing system compensates for power hop in the case of heavy draft conditions.


John Deere also says that it also requires less arm movement while operating with a need for less steering effort. Since it is loaded with a variable-ratio steering system. And, it can be activated, or deactivated from the 6250 R control penal.

So, this is all about the new and powerful model of John Deere 6 series, 6250 R. And, hope that this is an enjoyable tractor journey guide for you.

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