John Deere USA Tractors Price List 2024

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John Deere & Company was founded in 1837 and Headquartered in Moline, IllinoisUnited States, John Deere has delivered products and services to support those linked to the farm. Its main product includes Agriculture, Construction, Forestry, Consumer & Commercial Equipment, Diesel engines, and Automobiles. John Deere reaches out across the world with offices, factories, and other facilities in a number of 30 countries.

John Deere Tractors Price List in The USA

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John Deere USA Tractors Price List 2024


9RX Series Track Tractors

John Deere 9470RX Tractor


9470RX Tractor

  • $554,549 USD
John Deere 9520RX Tractor


9520RX Tractor

  •  $523,359 USD
John Deere 9570RX Tractor


9570RX Tractor

  •  $549,072 USD
John Deere 9620RX Tractor


9620RX Tractor

  • $574,786 USD
John Deere 9470RX Scraper Special Tractor


9470RX Scraper Special Tractor

  • NA
John Deere 9520RX Scraper Special Tractor
9520RX Scraper Special Tractor
  • NA
John Deere 9570RX Scraper Special Tractor
9570RX Scraper Special Tractor
  • NA

9RT Series Tractors 

John Deere 9470RT Tractor
9470RT Tractor
  • $424,246 USD
John Deere 9520RT tractor
9520RT Tractor
  • $449,571 USD
John Deere 9570RT Tractor
9570RT Tractor
  • $474,895 USD
John Deere 9470RT Scraper Special Tractor
9470RT Scraper Special Tractor
  • $480,895 USD
John Deere 9520RT Scraper Special Tractor
9520RT Scraper Special Tractor
  • $490,895 USD
John Deere 9570RT Scraper Special Tractor
9570RT Scraper Special Tractor
  •  $511,008 USD

9R Series Tractors 

John Deere 9370R Tractor


9370R Tractor

  • $303,495 USD
John Deere 9420R Tractor


9420R Tractor

  • $361,000 USD
John Deere 9470R Tractor 


9470R Tractor

  • $369,964 USD
John Deere 9520R Tractor


9520R Tractor

  • $408,523 USD
John Deere 9570R Tractor 


9570R Tractor

  • $457,182 USD
John Deere 9620R Tractor 


9620R Tractor

  • $459,175 USD

John Deere High Crop Specialty tractors 

John Deere 5100MH High Crop Tractor 


5100MH Tractor

  • $62,771
John Deere 6155RH High Crop Tractor 


6155RH Tractor

  • $65,770

John Deere Low Profile Specialty tractor 

John Deere 5100ML Low Profile Tractor 


5100ML Tractor

  • $53,936
John Deere 5115ML Low Profile Tractor 


5115ML Tractor

  • $59,000
John Deere 6110M Low Profile Tractor 


6110M Tractor

  • NA
John Deere 6120M Low Profile Tractors


6120M Tractor

  • NA
John Deere 6130M Low Profile Tractors


6130M Tractor

  • NA

5EN Series Specialty Narrow Tractors 

 John Deere 5083EN Tractor


5083EN Tractor

  • $38,661
  John Deere 5093EN Narrow Speciality Tractor


5093EN Tractor

  • $43,632
John Deere 5101EN Narrow Speciality Tractor


5101EN Tractor

  • $43,381

John Deere Specialty Narrow Tractors 

John Deere 5075GV Speciality Tractor


5075GV Tractor

  • NA
John Deere 5090GV Tractor


5090GV Tractor

  • €39,800
John Deere 5075GN Speciality Tractor


5075GN Tractor

  • NA
John Deere 5090GN Speciality Tractor


5090GN Tractor

  • NA
John Deere 5100GN Speciality Tractor


5100GN Tractor

  • NA

6D Series Utility Tractors 

John Deere 6105D Utility Tractor


6105D Tractor

  • $47,396 USD ( ROPS 2WD )
  • $62,966 USD ( Cab 4WD )
John Deere 6115D Utility Tractor


6115D Tractor

  • $58,286 USD
John Deere 6130D Utility Tractor


6130D Tractor

  • $74,900 USD
John Deere 6140D Utility Tractor


6140D Tractor

  • $93,722 USD

John Deere 2 Family Compact Utility Tractors 

John Deere 2025R Compact Utility Tractor 1


2025R Tractor

  • $16,398* USD
John Deere 2032R Compact Utility Tractor


2032R Tractor

  • $20,886* USD

John Deere 4 Family 44 To 66 hp Compact Utility Tractors 

John Deere 4044M Compact Utility Tractor


4044M Tractor

  • $35,500 USD
John Deere 4052M Compact Utility Tractor


4052M Tractor

  • $31,328 USD
John Deere 4066M Compact Utility Tractor


4066M Tractor

  • $43,249 USD
John Deere 4044R Compact Utility Tractor


4044R Tractor

  • $41,995 USD
John Deere 4052R Compact Utility Tractor


4052R Tractor

  • $45,900 USD
John Deere 4066R Compact Utility Tractor


4066R Tractor

  • $63,313 USD
John Deere 4105 Compact Utility Tractor Overview


4105 Compact Utility Tractor

  • $23,634.

1 Family Sub-compact utility tractors 

John Deere 1023E Sub-Compact Utility Tractor price in india


1023E Sub-compact utility tractors 

  •  $11,748.00* USD.
  John Deere 1025R Sub-Compact Utility Tractor


1025R Sub-compact utility tractors 

  • $16,499.00. USD.

John Deere 3E series  & 3R Series Compact Utility Tractors

  John Deere 3025E Compact Utility Tractor


3025E Tractor

  • $17,324.00* USD
John Deere 3032E Compact Utility Tractor


3032E Tractor

  • $18,953* USD
John Deere 3038E Compact Utility Tractor


3038E Tractor

  • $20,669* USD
John Deere 3033R Compact Utility Tractor


3033R Tractor

  • $36,000 USD
  John Deere 3039R Compact Utility Tractor


3039R Tractor

  • $43,200 USD
  John Deere 3046R Compact Utility Tractor


3046R Tractor

  • $50,200 USD

John Deere 2R Series Compact Utility tractor 

  John Deere 2032R Compact Utility Tractor specs


2032R Compact Utility tractor 

  • $22,096.00* USD
  John Deere 2038R Compact Utility Tractor


John Deere 2038R Compact Utility tractor 

  • $23,958.00* USD

  7R Series Row Crop Tractors

John Deere 7210R Row Crop Tractors


7210R Tractor

  • $205,938 USD
John Deere 7230R Row Crop Tractors


7230R Tractor

  • $223,189 USD
John Deere 7250R Row Crop Tractors


7250R Tractor

  • $239,975 USD
John Deere 7270R Row Crop Tractors


7270R Tractor

  • $239,078 USD
John Deere 7290R Row Crop Tractors


7290R Tractor

  • $259,798 USD
John Deere 7310R Row Crop Tractors


7310R Tractor

  • $247,025 USD

John Deere 6M Series Row Crop Tractors

John Deere 6145M Utility Tractor


6145M Tractor

  • $132,872 USD
John Deere 6155M Row Crop Tractors


6155M Tractor

  • $128,847 USD
John Deere 6175M Row Crop Tractors


6175M Tractor

  • $141,224 USD
John Deere 6195M Row Crop Tractors


6195M Tractor

  • $150,326 USD

    John Deere 6R Series Utility Tractors

John Deere 6110R Utility Tractor


6110R Tractor

  • $112,000.00 USD
John Deere 6120R Utility Tractor


6120R Tractor

  • $122,312.00 USD
John Deere 6130R Utility Tractor


6130R Tractor

  • $132,000.00 USD
John Deere 6145R Utility Tractor


6145R Tractor

  • $173,500 USD
John Deere 6155R Utility Tractor


6155R Tractor

  • $157,300 USD
John Deere 6175R Utility Tractor


6175R Tractor

  • $152,526 USD
John Deere 6195R Utility Tractor


6195R Tractor

  • $155,500 USD
John Deere 6215R Utility Tractor


6215R Tractor

  • $171,900 USD

5E Series Utility Tractors

John Deere 5045E Utility Tractor


5045E Tractor

  • $29,900.00 USD
John Deere 5055E Utility Tractor


5055E Tractor

  • $38,400 USD
John Deere 5065E Utility Tractor


5065E Tractor

  • $21,689 USD
John Deere 5075E Utility Tractor


5075E Tractor

  • $24,310 USD
  John Deere 5085E Utility Tractor


5085E Tractor

  • $50,500 USD
  John Deere 5100E Utility Tractor


5100E Tractor

  • $46,110 (ROPS )
  • $55,048 (Cab )

  John Deere 5M Series Utility Tractors

  John Deere 5057M Utility Tractor


5057M Tractor

  • $73,000.00 USD
  John Deere 5085M Utility Tractor


5085M Tractor

  • $65,214.00 USD
 John Deere 5100ML Low Profile Tractor


5100M Tractor

  • $73,000.00 USD
  John Deere 5115M Utility Tractor


5115M Tractor

  • $88,000.00 USD

6M Series utility tractors

 John Deere 6110M Utility Tractor


John Deere 6110M Tractor

  • $73,000.00 USD
  John Deere 6120M Utility Tractor


6120M Tractor

 $103,347.00 USD
 John Deere 6130M Utility Tractor


John Deere 6130M Tractor

 $104,950 USD

 New 6E Series 105-135 Engine horsepower utility tractors

John Deere 6105E Utility Tractor


John Deere 6105E Tractor

  • $61,900.
John Deere 6120E Utility Tractor


6120E Tractor

  • $79,000.
John Deere 6135E Utility Tractor


6135E Tractor

  • $88,776.

About John Deere Company

The well-known American company John Deere manufactures machinery for agriculture, construction, and forestry.

The business was established in 1837 by a blacksmith and inventor John Deere, who created the first effective steel plow for tilling land.

John Deere is a well-known brand on a global scale now for manufacturing durable equipment including tractors, combines, sprayers, and more.

Why Farmers Love John Deere Tractors?

The longevity of John Deere tractors is a major factor in their appeal. These machines are made to last because to their robust frames and durable parts that can resist regular operation. A John Deere tractor is suitable for any size farm, whether it little hobby farm or an extensive enterprise.

John Deere Tractors Models With Hp

Model Engine Type Horsepower
4044M Naturally Aspirated Diesel 43.1 HP
4052M Turbocharged Diesel 51.5 HP
4052M Heavy Duty Turbocharged Diesel 51.5 HP
4066M Heavy Duty Turbocharged Diesel 65.9 HP

John Deere USA Tractors Customer Service

Residential, Golf, and Turf

1-800-537-8233 or

Email Us



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John Deere Tractors Price List in The USA FAQ

What HP is a John Deere 5045?

The HP of the john deere 5045 is 45 hp and its Engine Rated RPM is 2100 RPM plus it has Coolant Cooled with an overflow reservoir cooling system

What horsepower is an 820 John Deere tractor?

John Deere tractor 820 horsepower is 32 hp 23.9 kW and 31 hp 23.1 kW its PTO (claimed)

What year is a John Deere 5310?

John Deere 5310 model was introduced in 2000 and discontinued in 2005 Superseded by John Deere 5310

How can I find the current price list for John Deere tractors in the USA?

The current US John Deere tractor pricing list is available on the company’s website, through local dealers, and at internet merchants.

Do John Deere tractors come with a warranty?

The answer is that John Deere tractors have warranties. Depending on the make and model of the tractor, the warranty’s duration and scope may change.

Can I finance a John Deere tractor purchase?

Yes, John Deere offers financing options for tractor purchases. These options may include low or zero-percent interest rates, flexible payment terms, and other incentives.

What factors affect the price of John Deere tractors?

The features, location, and dealership all have an impact on the cost of John Deere tractors.

Are John Deere tractors expensive?

Depending on the model and features, John Deere tractors can be inexpensive or expensive.

Can I negotiate the price of a John Deere tractor?

A John Deere tractor’s price may be negotiable, but it depends on the dealership and the buyer’s specific situation.

What country is John Deere?

Deere & Company, doing business under the name John Deere, is an American company that manufactures agricultural equipment, heavy equipment, forest machines, diesel engines, and drivetrains (axles and transmissions, gearboxes, etc.)) utilized in heavy equipment and lawn maintenance equipment.

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