John Deere X758 Problems – How To Fix?

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John Deere X758 Problems

John Deere X758 Problems – How To Fix?

Here some of the problems and their solutions are briefly understood as follows.

John Deere X758 Problems Solutions
Engine Starting Problems Change starter, fix other issues.
Rough Running Engine Fix or replace the carburetor and check for other errors.
Engine Overheating Design issue. Change the oil, and remove the excess load.
Electrical System Problems Fixing faulty electrical wiring.
Mechanical Problems Maintenance of proper user manual. Inspect the alignment of parts.

Above we have briefly understood some of the problems and their solutions, now let’s look at them in detail.

(1) Problem – 1: Rough Running Engine

The roughing engine on the John Deere X758 is a problem that comes up quite often. When starting, the roughing or stalling is easy to see. It seems like the engine isn’t getting enough power.

Misfiring is also a common sign of an engine running too rough. It could even lead to an accident.

How To Fix?

If your riding mower’s engine runs rough or doesn’t start, it could be because the carburetor is clogged. If the carburetor is clogged, you should rebuild it or get a new one.

Check the flywheel key if you hit a rock or stump and the engine is running rough. If the key to the flywheel is broken, the timing of the ignition will be off.

Check the spark plug for any fuel, oil, or carbon deposits. If the spark plug is dirty, you should change it.

Wrong fuel is what makes an engine run poorly. If the gas in the tank is more than 6 months old, you should drain it and put in new gas. Use a fuel stabilizer to keep the gas fresh.

Low cylinder compression is also a cause of the problem. If the compression in the cylinders is low, check and adjust the engine’s valve lash.

Also, check the idling speed and, if necessary, set it upright. A dirty air filter should also be changed.

(2) Problem – 2: Engine Starting Problems

Starting problems with the John Deere X758 engine are one of the most common problems. The engine could also stop running. The engine runs for a while but then stops. This happens over and over again.

This is one of the most annoying things about the John Deere X758. Many things can cause starting problems or make it hard to start. Most of the time, it’s because the starter is broken.

One reason could be that the fuel is old or dirt and debris in the fuel system. The problem could also be a clogged gas filter.

A fuel injection pump that breaks could also be a sign. To sum up, if there is a problem with how the fuel gets to the engine, it may also be hard to start.

How To Fix?

First, look at the opener. Replace it and any other parts that are broken.

Fuel that has gone bad should be drained and replaced with fresh, good gas. Garbage and grime should be cleaned out of the fuel system. If the fuel filter is clogged, it needs to be changed.

If the brake pedal isn’t down, push it down. Check the fuel injection pump and fix it if it needs it. Check how much fuel the fuel transfer pump is putting out. Check and make changes to the valve clearance.

If you find that the fuel lines are blocked, remove whatever is in the way. Ensure the fuel lines have fresh fuel, not old or wrong fuel.

If an electrical connection is broken, the wiring should be checked and, if necessary, replaced.

(3) Problem – 3:  Mechanical Problems

The John Deere X758 mower may have a lot of mechanical problems. First, the discharge chute was clogged.

It can happen if you use or kill too much. Another problem is that the belt slips. Also, the mower is known for having a lot of vibrations.

How To Fix?

Use the suggested speed to fix the clogged discharge chute. Don’t move around too quickly. If the grass is too tall, use a lower cutting height. Mow grass that is not wet.

When the engine speed is low, open the throttle wide. If the airflow is blocked, set a higher RPM. If the cutting height is too low, you can change it.

If the belt was put on wrong, it should be back on the right. The pulley needs to be cleaned if there is dirt in the sheaves.

You should get a new belt if yours is too loose. If the belt tension isn’t correct, it needs to be changed.

If the mower is jammed or stuck in the pulleys, clean the pulleys and the deck to stop the vibrations. Change out any pulleys or belts that are worn with new ones.

Check and fix any pulleys or belts that aren’t in the right place. Also, the blades need to be balanced if they aren’t already.

(4) Problem – 4: Electrical System Problems

There may be some electrical problems that show up as engine problems. For example, a blown a fuse could keep the engine from starting. The battery might not be able to take charge.

If a new battery is empty, it may not charge even if the charger is connected. You may notice that there is no power to charge the battery even if the outlet works correctly.

Again, the mower’s lights and other electric parts might not work.

How To Fix?

If you check and see that the main fuse has blown, you will need to replace it. The contacts on a corroded battery need to be cleaned. If the battery’s voltage is low, charge it (when the battery is accepting the charge).

If not, replace the wiring if any of the wires are broken. If one of the battery cells fails, you must change it. If the battery terminals and cables are dirty, clean them or get a new cable.

If the light plug is not attached, connect it again. If the lamp doesn’t work, replace it. Check for broken wiring and fix it.

(5) Problem – 5: Stalling Problems

Your John Deere lawn mower starts and stops, or maybe it runs well, but when you turn it off, it won’t start up again.

This is another problem that both small tractors and garden tractors often have. Most of the time, the problem can be traced back to the timing of the fuel injection pump.

If the fuel pump doesn’t deliver fuel to the engine at the right time, the engine could start to stall.

When the fuel injection pump gets clogged, this kind of problem can happen. Check the fuel filters when you want to see if dirt and other things are building up.

The coolant is another reason why your x758 engine won’t start. When it’s too cold, the engine can’t heat up right, so it won’t run for very long.

You can fix this by waiting a few minutes before using the mower.

John Deere x758 problems: are they a deal-breaker?

It depends. The x758 tractor is a great small machine. It’s comfortable, durable, and doesn’t take up much space.

We talked about problems that affect most, if not all, tractors, whether they are lawnmowers, small utility machines, or even multi-purpose vehicles.

The real problem is that the price of these models has gone up since they came out, so the x758 might not be as good of a deal as it used to be.

It’s still a good machine if you want something smaller and don’t need a big truck.

This John Deere model is suitable for people who mainly need a mower and won’t use the other features as much.

Engine Overheating

The X754 gets terrible reviews on the Deere website because it gets too hot. This is because the deck discharge is too close to where the air comes in. User reviews say the screen gets blocked, making the engine get too hot.

But this isn’t the only reason the Yanmar diesel engine gets too hot. More reasons, like too much weight, bad engine oil, and internal bearings, get in the way.

How To Fix?

Too much load on the engine should be lessened. Then, clean and wash any dirty parts. This is especially important if cooling fins or an air inlet are blocked.

Check to see if the oil level is too high or too low. Check how much oil is in the engine. If the engine oil isn’t perfect, change it.

Check how much space there is between the internal bearings. Also, if the fast idle is too fast, you can change it. But the mower is mainly made so that it gets too hot.

Taking out the removable screen between the radiator and the oil cooler and opening the engine cover is another not-so-great fix. You can now lightly for a whole day without getting too hot.

What do the Majority of the Users Feel About?

Some people like the tractor, but many others don’t. They seem unhappy that the “only diesel-powered garden tractor” is so simple for such a high price.

It loses power when there is tall grass (6 inches) or even a couple of inches of snow. Then you have to move the mower slowly.

People say the four-wheel drive is excellent and stable when it’s snowing. But when it’s below 20 degrees, keeping the cab warm is challenging because the windshield freezes.

Getting the auto-connect mower in the right place is a pain. It’s deafening. There are also some design problems.

Some problems I had with my 2019 John Deere x758

John deere x758 vs Kubota

John Deere X758 vs Kubota: If you need a new lawn tractor, you might decide between the John Deere X758 and the Kubota. Both are good options, but you should be aware of some critical differences between them.

The John Deere X758 is a little more expensive than the Kubota, but it has a few extra features that may be worth the extra money.

It has a powered steering system that makes it easier to move around, and its engine is more significant than the Kubota’s.

On the other hand, the Kubota is a bit smaller and lighter than the John Deere, making it easier to move around in tight spaces.

It also costs a little less than the other one. So, which is the best option for you? It depends on your needs and how much money you have.

The John Deere X758 may be a better choice if you need a tractor that is easy to move and has a strong engine. The Kubota might be a better choice if you want a less expensive tractor that can still get the job done.

John Deere X758 FAQs


(1) Is the John Deere X758 worth it?

The 2011 John Deere X758 lawn and garden tractor. John Deere, Select Series tractors, include it. The X758 is a four-wheel-steering tractor.

Hydrostatic gearbox and 22 horsepower diesel engine. X758s have 48-inch decks and three-point hitches. It comes in two- and four-wheel drive.

Residential lawn tractor John Deere X758. It’s a versatile tractor. The X758 is a four-wheel-steering tractor.

This mechanism provides tight tractor maneuverability. The 22-horsepower diesel engine powers the X758 tractor. Hydrostatic transmissions transmit power to wheels smoothly and efficiently.

The X758’s 48-inch deck is ideal for mowing. High-quality materials make the deck clean-cutting. The X758 has a three-point hitch for attaching implements.

Two-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive X758 models are offered. Hilly or uneven terrain suits the four-wheel drive type.

(2) How much does a John Deere X758 weigh?

2014 launched the John Deere X758 lawn and garden tractor. The X700 Signature Series lawn tractor is premium. Standard and mulching X758 models are available.

A 23-horsepower Yanmar diesel engine powers the 48′′ deck standard model. The mulching model has a 54′′ deck and a 25-horsepower Yanmar diesel engine. Hydrostatic four-wheel drive powers the X758. It tops 5.5 mph.

John Deere X758 weighs 1,620 lbs. The 48′′ deck weighs 420 lbs and the tractor 1,200 lbs. 460 lbs.

(3) What engine is in John Deere x590?

The John Deere x590 has a Yanmar diesel engine with three cylinders. This engine is cooled by liquid and has a power output of 24.5 horsepower. It has a capacity of 9.5 gallons and a displacement of 1.3 L.

The EPA and CARB both agree with this engine.

(4) What engine is in a John Deere X758?

The diesel engine in the John Deere X758 is a Yanmar 4TNV98C-NS03, which has four cylinders, is turbocharged, and is liquid-cooled. At 2600 rpm, this engine makes 60 hp (45 kW).


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➡ There are problems with the engine, transmission, and electrical system, among other things. The author also says that John Deere has been slow to respond to these problems and that the company has not issued a recall for the tractor.

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