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Kubota M7040 Tractor Price, Specs, Review, Attachments, Overview

This is the new M-Series Kubota M7040 Tractor. It comes with a high-performance and affordability blend to bring you a line of tractors that can tackle just about anything you throw at it.kubota m7040 price

Kubota has recreated one of its most strong and most affordable models with a totally redesigned cab and hood, powerful front loaders, new direct-injection engines, and a host of ergonomic improvements.

The Kubota M7040 Tractor is perfect for baling and cutting as well as cattle, dairy, and many more applications. Take one for a test drive and you’ll be convinced.

Kubota M7040 Tractor Specs Overview

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Kubota M7040 Tractor Price

Kubota M7040 Tractor price

Kubota M7040 Original Price: $25,106 USD.

Kubota M7040 For Sale Browse a wide selection of new and used Kubota M7040 tractors for sale

2012 Kubota M7040: This tractor has 4,000 hours on it and is listed for $25,000. It has a 67 horsepower engine, 4WD, and a ROPS cab

2013 Kubota M7040: This tractor has 2,000 hours on it and is listed for $28,000. It has a 67 horsepower engine, 4WD, and a cab with a roll over protection system.\

2014 Kubota M7040: This tractor has 1,500 hours on it and is listed for $30,000. It has a 67 horsepower engine, 4WD, and a cab with a roll over protection system and air conditioning.

When choosing a Kubota M7040 tractor for sale, it is important to consider the following factors:

  • Year: The year of the tractor will affect its price and condition.
  • Hours: The number of hours on the tractor is a good indicator of its wear and tear.
  • Features: Consider the features that are important to you, such as 4WD, a cab, or air conditioning.
  • Price: Kubota M7040 tractors can range in price from $20,000 to $40,000.

Kubota M7040 key facts

  • Type (Make: KUBOTA): ECDIS, Direct-injected
  • engine oil capacity: 8.5 qts(8.0 L)
  • Horsepower: 70HP
  • Fuel tank capacity: 18.5 gal. /  70 liter
  • Operating Weight: 4806lbs /  2180kg
  • Hydraulic pump capacity: 11 GPM
  • Wheelbase: 80.7in. / 2050mm
  • Tire Size: front 9.5-24 rear 16.9-30

Kubota M7040 Tractor Key Features

Kubota M7040 Tractor features


  • The Kubota M7040 tractor has a new V3307-DI engine.
  • Number of 4 cylinders
  • Engine net power is 67HP, PTO power is 62HP, and Displacement is 3331CC.
  • The V3307 engine has been specially designed for low noise and vibration, and that reduces the operator’s stress and fatigue.
  • Noise is reduced through a ladder frame crankshaft support, which provides the engine with a stiffer structure and thus lower noise.
  • Vibration is lowered through the application of compact built-in balancers.

Transmission System

  • The Kubota M7040 tractor has an F12 and R12 transmission system.
  • That is synchronized for speeds of the main shift and high-low range supply tractor with 12 forward and 12 reverse speeds, including creep speeds.
  • Tailor this F12/R12 transmission to your requirements by choosing from a hydraulic or synchronized shuttle transmission.
  • Multi-plate wet disc and its break type is a Mechanical wet disc.

Hydraulic System

  • The Kubota M7040 tractor has a more powerful and smooth hydraulic system.
  • This tractor gives you power, durability, and longevity.
  • Its lifting capacity is 24in. Behind the lift, the point is 1500kg.
  • 3point hitch gives fast and simple attachment of rear-mounted implements

Kubota M7040 Tractor Specifications

Kubota M7040 Tractor Specs


Type (Make: KUBOTA) ECDIS, Direct-injected
Rated engine RPM ROPS/CAB 2600
No. of cylinders/Aspiration 4 / Turbocharged
Engine net power* 71HP / 52.9 KW
No. of cylinders/Aspiration 71HP / 53.0 KW
PTO power 64HP / 47.7 KW
Total displacement 203 / 3331
Fuel tank capacity ROPS/CAB 18.5 gal. /  70 liter
Alternator ROPS/CAB 45 Amp on the ROPS model, 60 Amp on the CAB model, 80 Amp: OPT


No. of Speeds F12 / R12
Main gear shift Fully synchronized
Hydraulic-shuttle Standard
Main clutch type Multiple wet discs
Brake type Hydraulic wet disc
Differential lock (Front / Rear) Standard
4WD clutch type Electronic hydraulic on the go
Four-wheel brakes Standard


Type Hydraulic Independent PTO with brake, wet disc.
PTO Speed 540


Pump capacity (3-P hitch) 11.0gpm,  41.6 L/min.
Control system Position, Draft (top link sensing), and Mixed control
3 Point Hitch Turnbuckle type
Category 1,2(Link ends)
Lift capacity at 24in. behind lift point 1500kg, 3307lbs
No. of remote valves 1 (2nd and 3rd valve optional)


Front 8.0-16
Rear 12.4-24


Wheelbase 80.7in. / 2050mm
Weight 4806lbs /  2180kg
Overall length 136in / 3450mm
Overall height 89.0in. / 2260mm
Overall width 48.0in  /  1220mm
Tread Width  front 40.6in. / 11030mm
Tread Width  rear 34.4-54.5in(900-1385)mm
Turning radius 11.5ft. / 3.5m
Crop Clearance (front axle) 14.6in.  /  370mm

Kubota M7040 Tractor Front Loader Specifications


Tractor Applications M7040
Boom Cylinder Fulcrum Power position
Maximum Lift Height (Pivot Pin) 2977mm
Clearance w/Attachment Dump 2172mm
Reach @ Maximum Height 811mm
Maximum Dump Angle 60degrees
Reach w/Attachment on Ground 1947mm
Maximum Rollback Angle 43degrees
Digging Depth (When Bucket is Level) 111mm
Overall Height in carrying Position 1573mm
Material Bucket Width / Capacity (Heaped) 0.55
Lift Capacity (Pivot Pin) 1150kg
Raising Time to Full Height w/out Load *1) 4.7second
Lowering time w/out Load (power down) *1) 3.5second
Attachment Rollback Time 3.0second
Attachment Dumping Time 2.7second

Kubota M7040 Problems

  • The tractor does not start
  • The tractor won’t change into gear
  • The tractor won’t respond to throttle changes
  • The cab heater not working
  • The engine is too loud

Kubota M7040 Attachments

  • Front-end Loader: A front-end loader attachment allows you to lift and transport materials, such as soil, gravel, or feed. It increases the tractor’s versatility and efficiency in loading and unloading tasks.
  • Backhoe: The addition of a backhoe attachment enables the Kubota M7040 to perform digging, trenching, and excavation tasks. It is particularly useful in construction, landscaping, and utility work.
  • Mower Deck: A mower deck attachment allows you to mow grass and maintain lawns and fields.
  • Box Blade: A box blade attachment is used for leveling, grading, and backfilling soil. It is commonly employed in landscaping, driveway maintenance, and other earthmoving projects.
  • Rotary Tiller: A rotary tiller attachment is used for breaking up soil, preparing seedbeds, and mixing in organic matter. It is ideal for gardening, landscaping, and agricultural applications.
  • Post Hole Digger: With a post hole digger attachment, you can easily and efficiently dig holes for setting fence posts, planting trees, or installing signs. It saves time and effort compared to manual digging.
  • Pallet Forks: Pallet forks are useful for lifting and transporting palletized materials, such as bags, crates, or pallets of goods. They are commonly used in warehouses, construction sites, and agricultural settings.
  • Snow Blower: A snow blower attachment allows you to clear snow from driveways, sidewalks, and other areas. It is particularly useful in regions with heavy snowfall during winter.
  • Grapple Bucket: A grapple bucket attachment is ideal for handling loose materials, debris, logs, or brush. It provides increased control and efficiency in material handling tasks.

Kubota m7040 fuel filter

To locate and replace the Kubota m7040 oil filter you can follow these general steps:

  • Park the tractor on level ground and engage the parking brake for safety.
  • Locate the fuel filter assembly. The M7040, it is typically positioned somewhere along the fuel line, between the fuel tank and the engine.
  • Before removing the fuel filter, it’s a good idea to relieve the fuel system pressure.
  • Place a container or a rag beneath the fuel filter to catch any spilled fuel.
  • Carefully loosen the clamps or fittings securing the fuel lines to the filter. Use a wrench or pliers as necessary.
  • Once the clamps or fittings are loosened, gently pull the fuel lines away from the filter. Be cautious as fuel may still be present in the lines.
  • With the fuel lines disconnected, you can now remove the old fuel filter from its mounting bracket.
  • Take note of the filter’s orientation before removal.
  • Install the new fuel filter into the mounting bracket, ensuring it is properly aligned. Again, pay attention to the correct orientation.
  • Reconnect the fuel lines to the filter, making sure they are securely attached. Tighten the clamps or fittings to prevent fuel leaks.
  • Turn the fuel shutoff valve back to the “on” position if you previously closed it.
  • Start the engine and check for any signs of fuel leaks around the filter area.
    Finally, monitor the tractor’s performance and fuel system for any issues after the filter replacement.

kubota m7040 parts

There are many different Kubota M7040 parts available, including:

  • Engine parts: These include the engine block, cylinder head, pistons, and other internal components.
  • Transmission parts: These include the transmission case, gears, and shafts.
  • Hydraulic parts: These include the hydraulic pump, cylinders, and valves.
  • Electrical parts: These include the starter, alternator, and lights.
  • Cab parts: These include the seat, steering wheel, and dashboard.
  • Other parts: These include tires, wheels, and attachments.

Kubota M7040 Parts diagram

kubota m7040 parts diagram

Kubota M7040 Overview

Its best features like 4 cylinder diesel engine, 71HP, 3331CC, and engine rates are 2600rpm, F12 / R12 gearbox system, and 1500kg Lift capacity at 24in. behind lift point and Hydraulic Independent PTO with brake, wet disc.

It has a fuel tank capacity is 70liter. It has a fuel filter that is filtering the fuel and cleans the fuel and then after providing fuel to the fuel-related parts of the tractor.

This is a large and strong tire that is less slippage on the field because it is providing better grip and traction on the ground.

It has a new stylish designed Cab that provides the driver with more comfortable and larger space and that is also reducing the outside noise that’s good for the driver and you are working in peace.

Its curved upper windshield increases upward visibility and makes it better handy when raising the front loader.

This is  AC based tractor,  its air is circulated throughout the windshield to prevent icing, frosting, and fogging.

The Cab rounded glass provides the operator with more visibility and more space. Its pantograph-style front wiper increases the operator’s visibility on rainy days.

The easy-step tilt steering wheel of the Cab gets out of the way when the driver is dismounting the tractor.

Kubota M7040 Review

The Kubota M7040 is a compact utility tractor ideally suited for a range of tasks, including mowing, baling, loading, and tillage. It’s driven by a 70-horsepower Kubota V3307-DI diesel engine, acclaimed for its fuel efficiency and dependable performance.

The M7040 boasts a comfortable and roomy cab with a full-length flat floor and air conditioning. Its well-arranged and user-friendly controls, along with excellent cab visibility, contribute to an efficient and convenient operation.

Full review of YouTube video


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Kubota M7040 FAQs

How much can a Kubota M7040 lift?

The Kubota M7040 lift capacity is 1500kg

How many quarts of oil does a Kubota M7040 hold?

The Kubota M7040 does hold 8.5 qts of oil

How much does a Kubota m7040 Weight?

The Kubota M7040 weight is 4675 to 5470 pounds

What is the maximum travel speed of the Bobcat 843?

The maximum travel speed of the Bobcat 843 is typically around 7 to 8 miles per hour (mph), depending on the model and terrain conditions.

How wide is the Bobcat 843?

 The width of the Bobcat 843 varies depending on the specific model, but it is typically around 5 to 6 feet

What type of tires does the Bobcat 843 use?

The Bobcat 843 can be equipped with either solid rubber tires or pneumatic (air-filled) tires, depending on the specific application and terrain.

Can the Bobcat 843 be operated by hand controls?

Yes, the Bobcat 843 can be operated using hand controls.
The operator uses control levers or joysticks to manipulate the machine’s functions.

What is the rated hydraulic flow of the Bobcat 843?

The rated hydraulic flow of the Bobcat 843 typically ranges from around 16 to 20 gallons per minute (GPM), depending on the model.

Can the Bobcat 843 use high-flow hydraulic attachments?

No, the Bobcat 843 does not have a high-flow hydraulic system, so it is not compatible with high-flow hydraulic attachments.

What is the turning radius of the Bobcat 843?

The turning radius of the Bobcat 843 varies depending on the model and steering configuration, but it is generally around 6 to 7 feet.

Can I transport the Bobcat 843 on a trailer?

Yes, the Bobcat 843 can be transported on a suitable trailer.
Ensure that the trailer is rated to handle the weight of

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