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Kubota M7060 Problems

Kubota M7060 Problems And Their Solutions

Here is a list of Kubota M7060 Problems and how to fix them. Which are as follows.

(1) Breakdown Of The Steering

(2) The steering Wheel Rotates Without Resistance

(3) Transmission Shifts Hard In Reverse

(4) Tractor not starting

(5) The Motor Can Not Rotate

(6) Insufficient Engine Power

(7) The engine Runs But Then Stops

(8) Diesel overheats regularly

(1) Problem 1: Breakdown Of The Steering

Among the steering problems users might have with their Kubota M7060 tractor is that the steering might break. This happens when some leaks let air into the hydraulic system.


To fix the problem, you need to get the air out of the hydraulic system of your Kubota tractor. The air was made in the system for moving water.

If there isn’t enough oil in the tank, you’ll have to fill it up. And if the hydraulic cylinder has been broken, you’ll have to replace it to fix the problem.

(2) Problem 2: The steering Wheel Rotates Without Resistance

When you are driving, it can be a big problem if the steering wheels don’t go where you want them to. It could also cause things to go wrong. Most of the time, this is caused by low oil indicators and broken hydraulic cylinders.


Most of the time, this Kubota M7060 steering problem can be fixed by replenishing the oil indicator and replacing this same hydraulic cylinder.

(3) Problem 3: Transmission Shifts Hard In Reverse

If the clutch on your Kubota M7060 feels harder to use than usual, the problem is in the transmitting shift. The transmission may shift hard when you attempt to go back into the past.

Most of the time, this happens when you can’t control your clutch. So, the chucks are broken, or the links need to be tight.


Unless you attempted to figure out what is wrong and try it, that would help. You will have to substitute or fix the gearbox if the issue is a lousy grip. You will have to fix the wires if there is a loose connection.

(4) Problem 4: Tractor not starting

Familiar and easy-to-fix problems include tractors that won’t start. Mainly because they need so much gas, but if that’s not the problem, this could be a dead energy storage system, bad wiring, or freezing temperatures.


First, check the wire connections to see what’s wrong. Fixing the loose or broken wire connections would fix the problem. But if this isn’t the problem, you should verify the fuel.

Water might be mixed in with the fuel, or the fuel might be too heavy for the cold weather. If that is the problem, giving it time to warm up would fix it.

(5) Problem 5: The Motor Can Not Rotate

If your motor doesn’t turn, it means that your motor isn’t working right. This could be because of how the fuel was used, or the injection pump was broken.


To fix problems with the motor on your Kubota tractor, you may need to verify the fuel injector. If it is full of dirt, you may have to fix it or get a new one, depending on how bad it is.

The wrong way the fuel is refilled is another cause of this problem. Before putting more fuel in your tractor, you must always check the manual and stick to the schedule.

(6) Problem 6: Insufficient Engine Power

If you feel that your Kubota M7060 tractor needs to give you more power, it’s unlikely because this tractor is known for giving out 70 horsepower. The tractor moves very slowly or stutters when there isn’t enough power.


Verify the compression and the nozzle to fix this problem. This problem is caused by low compression and a lack of atomization in the nozzle. So, if this happens, you will have to start taking your tractor in for service.

(7) Problem 7: The engine Runs But Then Stops

Many people who use tractors say that the tiller starts when they turn the key but suddenly stops after a while. It could be right in the midst of them working on their lawn. Most of the time, this happens whenever the air purifier or even the fuel filter is clogged.


If you find debris in your air filter, fuel filter, or both, you should clean people so the engine can run smoothly. But if the filters are broken beyond repair, you will have to buy new ones.

(8) Problem 8: Diesel overheats regularly

Many things could cause the diesel in your tractor to get too hot, and a broken cooling system is one of them. It isn’t good again for the tractor and the area around it.

Also, this problem could be caused by engines that are too full, gears that aren’t lined up right, and belt tension that is too tight or too tight.


If you wish to stop your tractor from overheating, you’ll need to slow it down while it’s working. This will make the engine work less, which will cool it down. You should adjust the ramping and belt tension to get the most out of your Kubota M7060.

Kubota m7060 problems: are they a deal-breaker?

The Kubota m7060 tractor is a robust machine made to do some pretty hard and laborious work.

There are many things that could go wrong with this machine, but if you want a machine that works harder and is more powerful, you have to take care of it and keep it in good shape no matter what model you buy.

Because of this, this is an excellent thing to buy, as long as the user can keep up with it. Make sure you read the article carefully and think about what it says.

If any people seem like too much trouble, you should keep looking for a model with a more manageable maintenance plan.

Kubota m7060 fuel problems

If you own a Kubota M7060, you may have had trouble with the fuel. Here are the facts about the problem and how to solve it. The Kubota M7060 tractor is a popular model, but some shareholders have had trouble with the fuel.

The most common problem with tractors is that the fuel filter can get clogged, which makes the engine run poorly or stop. If your Kubota M7060 is giving you trouble with fuel, you should first verify the fuel filter. You can either clean it or get a new one if it gets clogged.

You might also need to let the air out of the gas lines. If you’ve checked the fuel injector and let the air out of the fuel lines and you’re still having problems with the fuel, it could be the fuel injectors. The fuel injectors can be cleaned or changed by a mechanic.

If your Kubota M7060 has trouble with fuel, feel free to take it to a repairer. You could get your tiller to run like new again if you figure out what’s wrong and fix it.

Air in the hydraulic system

Suppose you’re having trouble with the steering system; if the wheel feels too loose or is hard to turn, you may need to check it out. Most of the time, this is because air got into the hydraulic pump thru a leaky or broken connection.

This keeps the hydraulics from just being capable of controlling the machine with the force they need.

You will need to get the air out of the hydraulic system, ensure there is enough hydraulic fluid, and check again to ensure the cylinder is not broken. Check all the connections for leaks and fix or replace any that aren’t good.

Verify the hydraulic pump, too, though. If this is also not working well and causing the level of hydraulic fluid to drop too low, it will also hurt how well the machine works. You may also need to find a new hydraulic pump if the old one can’t be fixed.

The Clutch is tough and shifts hard in reverse

If the clutch feels more difficult than usual, especially when trying to go backward, there may be a problem with the shift. Most of the time, this is caused by a bad or loose connection.

The clutch is the initial thing to look at because it may be broken and must be fixed or replaced. You also should check all the connections and fix any loose or broken wires.

Kubota DPF Problems? #52

Kubota Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) issues can arise due to a variety of factors such as operator error, clogged Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve, fuel injector problems, turbocharger issues, and overloaded DPF. Operator error can manifest in various ways.

For instance, idling the engine for too long, not working the engine hard enough, or using the wrong type of fuel can cause DPF problems. Clogged EGR valve can cause more soot to accumulate in the DPF as it recirculates exhaust gas into the engine to reduce emissions.

Fuel injector problems can lead to excessive fuel combustion, thereby increasing soot production in the engine and DPF. Turbocharger issues can reduce the amount of air flowing through the engine, causing incomplete combustion and more soot production.

Lastly, an overloaded DPF will eventually become blocked and require cleaning or replacement.

Extreme steering wheel vibration

Some users have said that the steering wheel shakes from side to side, even on machines that aren’t very old and haven’t been used for more than 100 hours. This intense shaking can be uncomfortable and make the tractor hard to drive.

If this happens, verify the roller lug nuts and any other fasteners holding the handlebars to the tractor.

Verify the steering column or post as well. Inside, a solid rubber bushing is meant to soak up the vibrations. Still, there needs to be more grease between the bushing and the steering shaft, and the hard rubber doesn’t do much to stop vibrations.

Some users have suggested using elastomeric grease to assist in lubricating and absorbing the vibrations, which also works in the short term.

But this grease will wear off over time, so users might have to add re-greasing to their routine maintenance schedule in the future.

Kubota M7060 maintenance schedule


  • Check tire pressure and condition
  • Check for leaks
  • Check fluid levels (engine oil, transmission oil, hydraulic oil, coolant, fuel)
  • Check for loose bolts, nuts, and pins
  • Check the operation of safety features

Every 50 hours:

  • Change engine oil and filter
  • Clean air cleaner element

Every 100 hours:

  • Clean fuel filter
  • Check fan belt tension

Every 200 hours:

  • Change engine oil filter
  • Check radiator hoses and clamps

Every 400 hours:

  • Change fuel filter cartridge

Every 500 hours:

  • Clean fuel tank
  • Clean water jacket (radiator interior)
  • Replace fan belt

Every year:

  • Replace air cleaner element

Every 800 hours:

  • Check valve clearance

Every 1500 hours:

  • Check fuel injection nozzle injection pressure

Every 3000 hours:

  • Check turbocharger
  • Check injection pump

Every two years:

  • Change radiator coolant
  • Replace radiator hoses and clamps
  • Replace fuel pipes and clamps

How to replace the air filter on a Kubota M7060

Here’s a general guide on replacing the air filter on your Kubota M7060, but always refer to your operator’s manual for the most accurate and up-to-date instructions specific to your model year and any variations:

Safety Precautions:

  • Consult your operator’s manual before starting any maintenance procedure.
  • Ensure the tractor is parked on a level surface and the engine is off and cool.

Tools and Materials:

  • Replacement air filter (consult your manual for the correct part number)
  • Clean rags or compressed air


  1. Locate the air filter housing: It’s typically situated on the left side of the engine compartment.
  2. Open the air filter housing: Refer to your manual for specific instructions on how to open the housing, which might involve latches or a locking mechanism.
  3. Carefully remove the old air filter element: Pull it straight out, avoiding any contact with the filtered debris.
  4. Inspect the air filter housing: Look for any dirt, debris, or signs of damage. Clean it with a damp rag or compressed air if necessary. Do not use water directly.
  5. Install the new air filter element: Ensure the new filter matches the old one and is oriented correctly as per the manual’s instructions. It usually has a specific direction for optimal airflow.
  6. Close the air filter housing securely: Follow the proper latching or locking procedure as outlined in the manual.
  7. Dispose of the used air filter responsibly: Check your local regulations for proper disposal methods.

How to clean the radiator on a Kubota M7060

Safety Precautions:

  • Consult your operator’s manual before starting any maintenance procedure.
  • Ensure the tractor is parked on a level surface and the engine is off and cool.
  • Wear gloves and eye protection to avoid contact with coolant and debris.

Tools and Materials:

  • Garden hose (with gentle spray nozzle)
  • Soft bristle brush (optional)
  • Soapy water (optional)
  • Compressed air (optional)
  • Clean rags or towels


  1. Locate the radiator: It’s typically situated at the front of the engine compartment.
  2. Identify the radiator screen (if present): Some models might have a removable screen in front of the radiator for easy cleaning. Consult your manual for its location and removal process.
  3. Clean the radiator screen (if applicable): Remove the screen, brush off any loose debris, and then wash it with soapy water. Rinse thoroughly and allow it to dry completely before reinstalling it.
  4. Pre-rinse the radiator: Use a gentle spray from a garden hose to remove loose debris from the radiator fins. Start from the inside and work your way outwards, directing the water flow away from the engine.
  5. Clean the radiator fins (optional): If the fins are heavily clogged, you can use a soft bristle brush dipped in soapy water to gently loosen and remove the debris. Be very careful not to bend or damage the delicate fins.
  6. Rinse the radiator thoroughly: Use the gentle spray from the hose again to remove any remaining soap residue and debris. Ensure the water flows freely through the fins without any blockage.
  7. Dry the radiator (optional): Use compressed air or clean rags to remove excess moisture from the radiator fins. This helps prevent rust and corrosion.
  8. Visually inspect the radiator: Look for any leaks, cracks, or damage to the radiator hoses and connections. If you find any concerns, consult your Kubota dealer for further assistance.

Kubota M7060 Problems FAQs


(1) How fast is the Kubota M7060?

Take for granted that you want to know about the Kubota M7060 tractor: The Kubota M7060 can go as fast as 24.8 km/h at its fastest. It has a 4.5-liter diesel engine with four turbocharged cylinders.

At 2,600 rpm, the engine puts out 70 horsepower. The tractor’s transmission has two speeds, high and low. The tractor can go as fast as 24.8 kilometers an hour in high range.

In the small end, the tractor can go up to 16.1 km/h at its fastest.

(2) What is the most popular Kubota tractor?

Kubota is indeed a Japanese company that produces many different kinds of machines, such as tractors. It is one of the best tractor brands around the world, as well as its products, are famous in many places.

The L series is the most famous Kubota tractor. It comes in several different models to meet different needs. It is a flexible and dependable tractor used for farming, landscaping, and construction, among other things.

(3) How much does a Kubota M7060 tractor cost?

Kubota M7060 tractors can be bought in several ways. Lease, buy, or finance the tractor from Kubota. The cost of buying the tractor outright depends on the dealer and any specials.

The standard Kubota M7060 tractor costs $50,000–$60,000. Kubota’s financing terms determine the tractor’s cost. Tractor price, interest rate, and loan term determine monthly payments.

The cost of leasing the tractor depends on its length and terms. Tractor purchase price and lease length determine monthly payments. After the lease, you can buy or return the tractor to Kubota.

(4) What are the problems with Kubota tractors?

Like any machine, Kubota tractors have their flaws. Kubota tractor owners describe several typical issues. Engine issues plague Kubotas.

Engines may stall and run rough, usually carburetor and fuel injector issues. Kubota transmission problems are prevalent.

Shifting gears may be complex due to transmission slippage. Low transmission fluid or worn transmission parts cause this. Finally, Kubota tractors sometimes have electrical issues.

Tractors may not start or run due to electrical issues. Alternator, battery, or starting issues cause this. Take your Kubota tractor to a skilled mechanic and dealer for diagnostic and repair.

Final Thoughts

➡ If you own a Kubota M7060, you may have encountered some problems. Some common problems include the tractor turning off by itself, the engine stalling, and problems with the hydraulics.  Even though these problems can be annoying, you can try to resolve them in a few ways.

➡ For instance, if your tractor suddenly stops running, you can verify the fuel and air filters.  Verify the spark plugs and fuel injectors if the engine stops running.

➡ And if you have problems with the hydraulics, you can examine the amount of hydraulic fluid and the condition of the hoses.

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