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Kubota MX6000 Specs, Hp, Weight, Prices & Overview

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kubota mx6000

About Kubota MX6000

The new MX Series is not only affordable but the new CAB and ROPS models also make them comfortable all year long.

The new MX Series tractors are the most versatile ones on the market.

They come in models with either 2WD or 4WD, Gear or HST Transmission, and between 55.5 and 63.4 gross horsepower, so they can do almost any job.

This mid-sized tractor is flexible enough to be used on almost any job site or for almost any task.

Kubota MX6000 Price

Kubota MX6000 Price Original Price is $31,248 (ROPS ), $39,059 (Cab )

Kubota MX6000 Weight

Kubota RTV-X900 weight is  3734 to 4268 pounds.

Kubota MX6000 Horsepower

Kubota MX6000 Horsepower is 59.5 hp 44.4 kW.

Kubota MX6000 Features


The new MX series is known for being affordable, and it has a wide range of models to meet your needs.

With more than 50 optional accessories that you can add to your tractor, you can also make this series fit your needs and applications.


The Cab or ROPS model was designed to be comfortable. This cab is fully equipped and ready for any job.

This cab is ready to handle the weather, no no matter how cold, wet, or dusty it is.


Tractors in the MX Series are known for their versatility and how easy they are to use.

But the new MX Series takes it to the next level with improvements that let the operator do more with less effort.

Improvements include a more powerful engine that can run more implements and a new hydraulic PTO switch that makes using the PTO easier.

Year-Round Comfort

The new factory-installed cab for the MX Series is affordable and comfortable all year long, no matter the weather, temperature, or time of day or night.

This large and roomy cab has a Wide Platform: The platform is wide and flat, and rubber floor mats make it easy to get in and out of the tractor.

Tilt Steering lets you adjust the steering wheel to your needs;


The new MX Series provides deluxe features to the ROPS operator station for improved comfort, all while maintaining affordability.

Multiple Powertrain Options

3-Range HST (Hydrostatic Transmission): Kubota’s MX Series Tractors have a servo-controlled HST, which makes them easy and smooth to drive.

The servo control lets the driver push the HST pedal with the same amount of force forward or backward, no matter how much weight is on the tractor.

This makes the ride smoother and less bumpy and makes it easier to work for long periods of time.

Easy To Operate

Hydrostatic Steering –  Trying to turn is comfortable and less tiring when it is easy and smooth; It’s easy to move around because it’s the right size and has a small turning circle.

Left Side Brakes: The brake brakes for HST models are on the left side, which makes them easier to use and makes it easier to turn. Excellent Placement of Controls:

All of the MX Series’ controls are right where you need them, making operation quick and easy; Electric-Over Hydraulic PTO Switch: “Push and turn” starts the PTO, and one push stops it; Full-Opening Metal Hood:

This makes it easy to get to all of your regular maintenance items.

Kubota Diesel Engine

Kubota is the world’s number one maker of non-automotive, multi-cylinder diesel engines with less than 100 horsepower, and the New MX Series has a turbocharged common rail diesel engine made by Kubota.

Smooth and Quiet: The new MX series can tell you a lot about the quality of the Kubota diesel engine by how smooth and quiet it is.

What is Different between Kubota MX6000 & Kubota mx5400


Kubota MX6000 Specs


Model name


MX 5400


Model V2403CR-T
Type CRS, direct injection, liquid-cooled Diese CRS, direct injection, liquid-cooled diesel
Air pre-cleaner Dry-dual element Dry-dual element
4 / Turbocharged
Rated engine speed 2700 rpm / 2700 rpm
Engine gross horsepower @ rpm 63.4 HP / 47.3 kW 55.5 (41.4)
Engine net horsepower @ rpm 59.5 HP / 44.4 kW 53.0 (39.5)
PTO horsepower 59.5 hp 44.4 kW
Displacement 148.6 cu. in. / 2434 cc 148.6 (2434)
130 A / 130 A
Fuel tank capacity 11.9 gal / 45 l 13.5 (51) / 11.9 (45)
Cylinders 4 4

Power take-off (PTO)

Type Live independent, hydraulic PTO with PTO brake, wet clutch Live independent, hydraulic PTO with PTO brake, wet clutch
Rated engine speed 2700 rpm 2700 rpm
Drive train/transmission
Clutch No clutch No clutch
Main gear shift N/A
Transmission type HST
Differential lock Rear standard (mechanical) Rear standard (mechanical)
Brake type Mechanical wet disc Mechanical wet disc
Drive method 4WD 4WD
Number of

3-range speed 3-range speed

Hydraulic system

Control system Position (std), Draft (opt) Position (std), Draft (opt)
3-Point hitch Category I & II Category I & II
Power steering pump
4.9 GPM / 18.6 l/min
4.9 GPM / 18.6 l/min
Pump capacity 9.5 GPM / 35.8 l/min 9.5 GPM / 35.8 l/min
Steering type
Hydrostatic Power Steering
Hydrostatic Power Steering
Lift capacity 2310 lb / 1050 kg 2310 (1050)
Number of

Remote valves
Maximum 3 (opt)
Maximum 3 (opt)

Dimensions and weight

Ground clearance 15.2 in / 385 mm 15.2 (385)
Overall height 92.7 in / 2355 mm 95.7 (2430) / 92.7 (2355)
Wheelbase 74.6 in / 1895 mm 74.6 (1895
Weight 4268 lb / 1936 kg 3734 (1694)
Overall width 69.7 in / 1770 mm 69.7 (1770)

Tread width

52.2 in / 1325 mm
52.2 (1325)
54.1 in / 1375 mm
54.1–58.7 (1375–1490)
With brake
8.9 ft / 2.7 m

Fuel system

Fuel type diesel


Front 9.5–16 9.5–16
Rear 14.9–26 14.9–26

Traveling speeds (With standard tires)

Forward 4.2 mph / 6.7 km/h 4.2 (6.7)
Reverse 3.7 mph / 6 km/h 3.7 (6.0)
Forward 8.1 mph / 13 km/h 3.7 (6.0)
Reverse 7.3 mph / 11.8 km/h 7.3 (11.8)
Forward 17.7 mph / 28.5 km/h 17.7 (28.5)
Reverse 16 mph / 25.8 km/h 16.0 (25.8)


4WD drive system Bevel gear type Bevel gear type
Deck type Flat Flat
Hood type Full open hood Full open hood / Hanging pedals
Pedal type
Hanging pedals
Full open hood / Hanging pedals


Chassis 4×2 2WD 4×2 2WD
                       Differential lock mechanical rear
mechanical rear
Brakes mechanical wet disc mechanical wet disc
Cab Two-post folding ROPS. Cab optional with air-conditioning. Two-post folding ROPS. Cab optional with air-conditioning.
8-speed synchronized shuttle


Charging system
ROPS Charging amps
Cab Charging amps
Battery volts

Kubota MX6000 Problems

Engine starts up hard or doesn’t start:

The fuel filter element is dirty. Clean the element of the filter.

The fuel system has air in it. Drip the system dry.

The fuel injectors are broken or dirty. Install a new set of nozzles that are well-balanced.

The problem is with the fuel injection pump. Replace or rebuild the pump.

Engine stalls while running

The fuel injection pump has the wrong timing. Change according to the instructions.

The fuel pump element is clogged. Filters need to be taken care of.

The engine has not reached the right temperature. Start the car’s engine.

Engine starts and then shuts off:

Dirty fuel filter. Fix the filter or get a new one. The fuel injection pump is broken.

Replace or fix the pump that injects fuel. blocked air filter element.

The air filter needs to be fixed or changed.

Engine overheats

The radiator cap is leaking or the radiator fins are clogged. Change the cap or clean the radiator. Insufficient coolant.

Fill the radiator to the right level and look for problems in the parts.

The fan belt is loose or broken. Belt replacement is recommended.

Not enough oil is in the engine. Check and add more oil to the engine.

HST transmission is excessively noisy

Speed control linkage that is worn or out of place. Repair or adjust linkage.

The transmission was full. Cut the load on the transmission.

The fluid is dirty or there isn’t enough of it.

Pour in new fluid or enough fluid to bring the level up to the right level.

The relief valve is broken. As needed, change the relief valve.

Parts of the hydrostatic transmission that are worn or broken. Change or fix parts that are broken.

Excessive steering wheel free play:

The coupling or shaft of the steering column is very worn.

Change the broken part. The hydraulic steering pump is broken.

Check the steering pump, and if it needs to be changed, do so.

broken or loose steering linkage parts. Check and change as necessary.

There is wear or damage to the hydrostatic steering unit.

Check and change as necessary.

Battery won’t charge:

The connections between the wires are rusty or loose.

Fix or tighten the connections between cables.

bad connections between the battery terminals. Connectors at the terminals should be changed.

The battery is dying. Replace the battery. Worn or loose belt. Change the belt or adjust how tight it is.

Starter turns slowly

Low voltage in the battery. Fill the battery up. The battery can’t keep its charge.

Fix the system that charges the battery or put in a new one.

Battery terminals that have rusted or wires that have come loose. Connect the wires right or switch the terminals.

Starter motor is not working

The charger is low or broken. The charger needs to be charged or switched out.

The wiring harness isn’t connected or isn’t connected right.

Check the wiring harness for the battery and connect it as needed.

Voltage is low in the battery. Fill the battery up. Faulty starter motor. Replace or fix the starter.

Hitch lifting or lowering is jerky

Hydraulic fluid contamination. Change hydraulic fluid.

The pump for hydraulics is broken. Change the hydraulic fluid pump.

The hydraulic system has air in it. Bleed hydraulic system.

A hydraulic control valve that doesn’t work.

Put in a new hydraulic valve or fix the one you have. Hydraulic cylinder malfunction. Change or repair hydraulic cylinder.

Loss of power:

Not enough oil. Put the right amount of oil in the transmission housing.

The relief valve is stuck. Change the valve.

The speed control linkage is worn or not set up right. Repair or adjust linkage.

Kubota MX6000  Review Video 

Final Words

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Kubota MX6000 FAQ

What horsepower is a Kubota MX6000?

ANS: Kubota MX6000 horsepower is 59.5 hp 44.4 kW.

How much is a Kubota MX6000 tractor?

ANS : $39,900. Open the Operator Station—HST Transmission— Loader is Set Up for a Grab—Canopy Top— Trucking and financing options are available. This tractor has a low number of hours and a loader.

How much can a Kubota MX6000 lift?

ANS: Because it can lift up to 2,310 pounds 24 inches behind the lift point, the MX series can move a wide range of implements.

How much does a Kubota mx6000 weight?

ANS: Kubota mx6000 weight is 3734 to 4268 pounds.

How wide is a Kubota mx6000?

ANS: Kubota mx6000 Width: 69.7 inches 177 cm. 

How tall is a Kubota mx6000?

ANS: Kubota mx6000 Height is 95.7 inches 243 cm.

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