Lettuce Know Sainsbury’s Survey at lettuce know.com is offered by Sainsbury’s for their customer to take feedback about their visit experience.

So if you are also a customer of Sainsbury’s and wanna take part in this survey then you have to follow my guidelines mentioned below.

I have mentioned here the proper guidelines for how to take part, what you need, and what will you get after completing the survey.

So let’s check out below.

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Lettuce Know Survey

Purpose of the Lettuce Know Survey

What Obstacles did the path To the second-largest supermarket chain face given how difficult it is For a conventional store To last more than 150 years? Difficult? Beyond challenging? But, challenging? Well, Any of them may have caused it, But how did Sainsbury’s manage To overcome them all And reach its current position?

The solution can be reached rapidly and simply. Their clientele were consistently satisfied. Sainsbury’s has A lot going for them, but one particularly impressive feature is that they listen To consumer input in order To improve their products And services and ultimately grow their sales.

Sainsbury is also aware that honest responses from survey respondents are crucial to making the customer experience better. Sainsbury’s has always valued prompt feedback from customers to be the most crucial aspect of their operations.

Sainsbury’s has always recognised how important it is to keep track of Your most recent shopping experiences So that they may improve their goods And services To live up to Your expectations.

Sainsbury’s Customer Feedback Survey Reward

By taking part in the customer satisfaction survey, You have A chance To win 100,000 Nectar Points, Which are worth £500. The top 10 winners will be picked at random each month from the replies provided by the survey respondents.

The winner must have an account with the Nectar service To be eligible for the reward. If already have one, You’ll be notified in a timely manner; If not you must Be able to claim the rewards within the first fourteen days Of receiving the notification.

Lettuce-Know.com Sainsburys Survey Rules and Requirements

  • To Participate in the Sainsbury’s Survey, You must Be 18 years of age Or older At the time of taking it.
  • You must Be in possession of a current Sainsbury’s purchase receipt Or purchase invoice in order to Participate in the survey created By Sainsbury’s consumers.
  • You must have access to A good internet connection And a laptop, mobile PC, tablet, or laptop To take this survey. survey from lettuce.
  • In order To understand the survey’s questions and give thoughtful comments, You should Be able to speak English well enough.
  • For the sweepstakes, participants are required to complete surveys within the stated or stipulated deadline.
  • You are only permitted to participate once per month in the Sainsbury Consumer Feedback Survey.

Quicksteps to Win Nectar Reward Points Worth £500

  • Use your mobile, pc, laptop, or tablet to open the web browser and go to the survey website available at www.Lettuce-know.com or feedback.sainsburys.co.uk.
  • Input the details of Your transaction number And the amount you paid or the Amount you spent or the number Of shops You went to and details About the dates and times during Your trip And so on.
  • You can now begin the survey by clicking the “START” button. Answer all questions as truthfully And honestly as You can.
  • After you’ve answered all your questions in the most possible manner, you can provide your contact information like Name, Telephone Number, and E-mail ID.
  • You have now successfully taken to take part in the Sainsbury Customer Satisfaction and Feedback Survey.

How to Do the Sainsbury’s Feedback Survey at Lettuce-know.com – Detailed Guide

1. First, click on the link – Lettuce-know.com or feedback.sainsburys.co.uk.

Lettuce Know Survey

  1. You are now on Lettuce Know’s official survey page, Which is owned By Sainsbury.
  2. Welcome to the Sainsbury’s Group, Where representatives will provide You information On How you may become engaged And why it’s important to them.
  3. After that, You must fill out the following details So they may be included in Your purchase receipt or bill.
  • Amount spent
  • Transaction Number
  • Time of Visit
  • Date of Visit
  • Number of the store
  1. After providing All the necessary information, Click the orange “Next” Button after completing the form. You Are then formally signed Up for the survey.
  2. You must describe the essence You felt when making Your purchase after Completing the survey.
  3. In the following screen, Choose the Sainsbury’s department that you just visited.
  4. Please assess each question in this survey honestly. Survey from lettuce.
  5. If You have any other inquiries or comments, Kindly use the contact form given below.
  6. Provide Your gender And age for categorization reasons after reviewing All the questions.
  7. After completing the aforementioned tasks, You must respond “Yes” in order To enter the Sainsbury Lettuce Know Prize Draw.
  8. Ensure that You provide Your contact information so that the Sainsbury company may get in touch with you if you win.

Lettuce-Know Sainsburys Online Survey – Helpful Tips

  • Check Out The Sainsbury’s Prize Draw’s winning information, As we recommend. This page has a search function.
  • While completing your Lettuce Know Survey, It is crucial To provide accurate contact information. Your provided email address will be Used By the company To get in touch with you if you are one of the winners.
  • The likelihood of victory is not increased by favourable feedback. Provide honest criticism hence at all times. Future consumer experiences will be improved thanks to this.

About Sainsbury’s

The first store established by Sir John Sainsbury in Dury Lane in London to being the second-largest retailer of groceries in the UK Sainsburys has certainly progressed a lot. It was in 1869 which was more than 152 years ago, that Sainsbury’s was founded. Sainsbury Group was founded.

Presently, Sainsbury’s Possesses an undisputed 16.00 percent of the supermarket sector within the United Kingdom.  At the present, Sainsbury’s holds the title Of the second-largest retail chain in the United Kingdom.

Sainsbury’s has three divisions within their own: their Supermarkets which Are known under the name Sainsbury’s supermarkets Ltd. Their banking wing Is known under the name Sainsbury’s Bank as well as the Catalogue retail Stores which Go under The name Sainsbury’s Argos.

For More than 150 Years, Sainsbury’s has been a mainstay on the British high Street. Sainsbury’s most valuable asset, beside the money And business they brought in, was the devotion Of their patrons. Sainsbury’s Also has Approximately 1420 locations (as of March 2019 statistics) and is committed To ensuring that each and every one of its customers is fully satisfied with the services they get.

Sainsbury’s Contact Details

Coll: 0800 328 1700

Coll: 0800 63 62 62


Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd,
33 Holborn,

Final Words

I hope I’ve given sufficient information In this post that will give you all the information you need on how And when you should participate to take part in Sainsbury’s survey of customer satisfaction and feedback.  The survey will require only a Few minutes of your time and there’s a good chance possibility that you’ll be awarded the sum of 500 dollars at the very least.

Also, you may use the reward points At any Sainsbury’s store. As a result, there is nothing To lose and A great deal to gain. Why are You wasting Your time now? I think I’ve covered the majority Of the essential points. Take the survey Today By visiting lettuce-know.com Or feedback.sainsburys.co.uk.

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Lettuce-Know.com Survey – FAQs

Do Sainsburys do surveys?

Participants will be asked to complete a set of questionnaires by ticking and answering some simple question sheets, on their view of Sainsbury’s branded products.

How do I give feedback to Sainsbury’s?

If you ordered online, give us a call at 0800 328 1700, or if you purchased in-store, please call 0800 63 62 62.

What is the purpose of Sainsbury’s?

In order to support having a positive impact on health and the health of the earth, we aim to help make eating healthily affordable, simple, and tasty.

What is the 100000 Nectar points bonus?

Nectar is offering 100,000 free points for app feedback. 100 entrants will randomly earn 100,000 points worth £500 to spend at Sainsbury’s, Argos, eBay, and more!

Do Sainsburys do surveys?

Participants will click and answer easy questions about Sainsburys-branded products. For the research to succeed, participants must complete out their question sheet.

How to do a survey on customer satisfaction?

5 tips to create effective customer satisfaction surveys Set clear objectives. … Ask about overall satisfaction, then get to the details. … Keep it short and simple. … Limit the number of open-ended questions. … Contact different customers each time. … Look beyond your customer base.

How does Sainsbury’s satisfy their customers?

We help people live better for less by providing high-quality products and services at competitive pricing. Our lower prices reassure customers that Sainsbury’s always offers exceptional value.

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