Post Office UK Feedback Survey 2023 and Win a £100 Gift Card

Post Office UK Survey – All of us have heard of our local Post Office. It’s a known Truth that Daily, The Post Office Fields many Client comments And Complaints.

Now, they are collecting all the feedback in one place through the Post Office Tell Us Feedback Survey found at

It’s an online survey that gives you an incredible chance to win a prize simply by sharing your previous experiences with the site. You will be awarded an One4all Gift Card valued at £100.

The information you need for this Post Office Tell Us Customer Survey is included in this document.

We’ve provided more information on what you can expect from the Post Office, rules and guidelines to complete the survey, step-by-step directions as well as rewards and contact details.

This should Make It Easier For You To Participate.

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Purpose of the Post Office Feedback Survey

Post Office Ltd in the United Kingdom believes that they must improve the quality of service in various ways. They have a variety of strategies for the future Post Office.

The Future Of The UK Post Office Depends on the Patronage Of its Consumers. Therefore, they’re conducting an online survey to gauge feedback.

Customer feedback helps create a better experience for customers in the near future, and improve services.

The honest responses of customers to questions on the survey can be helpful in creating better customer experiences.

Since the report of the survey comes directly from the customers this report is more useful and practical.

Therefore, they can make important adjustments to ensure you are satisfied when you return.

Post Office Tell Us UK Survey Reward

You’ll be entered into an opportunity to be the winner of the £100 One4all Present Card following you have completed your Postoffice feedback survey.

A maximum of £100 in Gift Cards will be given out Each Month To Five Lucky Winners.

You can use the Gift Card for over 130 of the High Street chains and eateries. You can also use the voucher for discounts even if you are online or in-store shopping.

It is important to note that the promoter has the power to alter or stop or cancel the Post Office monthly prize draw. Survey Rules and Requirements

If you’re looking to take part in a survey for the Post Office customer survey It is mandatory to follow the following rules and regulations:

  • It is necessary to be a legal citizen of Great Britain.
  • Participants must be 18 years old or have reached legal maturity. Post Office customer feedback survey.
  • The contestant is only qualified for only one prize.
  • You cannot be employed by the Post Office or a family member of one of their employees.
  • You must take this test by yourself, don’t try to do this on someone else’s behalf of someone else.
  • The draw will take place on the day of first work day of the next month at the Kantar UK Ltd office.
  • There will be no alternative to the survey prize and you must accept it in its entirety.
  • The winner will receive the winner’s notification after fourteen days after the drawing.
  • If the winner Does Not Respond within 14 Days After being notified that they Won, Another Winner Will Be Selected.
  • Prizes will be presented After Six weeks from The Date Of The Drawing.
  • A device like a laptop, tab, or mobile phone with a fair internet connection is demanded to be within the hand to access the survey at
  • There is no cost or purchase required for taking part in the poll.
  • It is necessary to have a good understanding of writing and reading English to participation in the questionnaire.

Post office survey questions

  1. How satisfied are you with The Post Office’s overall service, on a scale of 1 to 10, overall?
  2. How frequently do you visit the post office for your mailing and shipping needs?
  3. How would You rate the Friendliness And The Helpfulness Of The Post Office Staff?
  4. Have you Encountered Any issues Or challenges during Your recent visits to The Post Office? If Yes, Please provide details.
  5. How satisfied are you with the accuracy and efficiency of the postal services, such as package tracking and delivery times?
  6. How likely are you to recommend the post office to others based on your recent experiences?
  7. Are there Any Specific Services Or Improvements that you would like to see implemented At The Post Office?
  8. How satisfied are you with the cleanliness and accessibility of the post office facilities?
  9. How easy or difficult was it for you to find information or complete tasks on the post office website or other online platforms?
  10. Are you aware of any Additional Services Offered By the Post Office, such as passport Applications Or Money orders? If Yes, Have you utilized these services?

Quicksteps to Win A £100 One4all Gift Card from Post Office

  1. Visit the official survey website at
  2. You can enter your postcode or street name, branch code, or location and choose the location of your Post Office branch on the map.
  3. Please provide Your Age And Gender, as well as The Date And Time of Your Time Of Visit.
  4. On the next screen On the next page, click “Yes” to enter for Draw the Post Office Tell Us Prize Draw.
  5. You must now provide the following personal information to participate in This Survey Initial Name, Last Name Phone, and email address.
  6. Start By Answering All Of The Questions. Then, take the final survey by pressing the submit button.

How to Do the Post Office Customer Survey at – Detailed Guide

Do you Require More Information on how to Conduct The Survey?

Don’t fret I’ve got you taken care of for you. Just continue reading and follow these steps:

1. Start the browser And Navigate to the Official Site. That is,

post office survey

2. You will be able to access the Post Office’s official feedback survey page.

3. After that, you must input your valid Fadcode or town, postcode, or street name.

4. After that, click the button ‘Enter’ and select the Post Office Branch from the shown map.

5. Click on the “Feedback” button and type in the Post Office branch name. Follow the steps provided on the webpage.

6. Choose how you learned regarding your participation in the Post Office Feedback survey: via invitation cards or Till Receipt email.

7. Choose your gender and age.

8. Then, provide details of the time and date you made your most recent appointment at the Post Office. Post Office branch.

9. Choose “Yes” to participate in the Post Office Tell Us Prize Draw to be the winner of an award-winning gift card.

10. Enter your contact details by providing your original contact details. the contact details will be provided with regard to the draw.

11. After that, you can begin the survey by providing comments or ratings to the questions. Then, send it in.

12. You have now successfully completed the part of your Post Office customer survey. Now you are in the process of winning the £100 One4all gift card. Survey – Helpful Tips

  • A Post Office Tellus Survey Prize Draw winner will receive an announcement via phone or e-mail. Therefore, make sure to read your emails daily at least.
  • If you give the wrong Email Address, The Company May Not be Able to Reach you, And You May Lose The Incentive.
  • Explore the ‘Survey’ category in the top menu, and look through your favorite shops to win rewards by providing feedback.
  • Use the below comment box to write your comments so that others will be aware of the various Post Office branches.

Post office near me

About Post Office Ltd

Post Office Ltd, headquartered in Finsbury Dials 20 Finsbury Street, London, in EC2Y 9AQ. It is the nation’s Post Office of the United Kingdom. It was established in 1986 and is owned through UK Governments Investments.

Post Office Post Office provides a wide variety of services, including bank and postage stamps via its national network of Post Office branches. Presently, Post Office provides over 170 services and products, including retail, mail banking, financial and government service telecoms, etc.

The Post Office has launched its own charity fund, steppingstone funds, and so on. Customers can cash out, deposit cash, request balance inquiries, cash pay, and more via Post Office. Post Office.

Additionally, you can apply for an international passport, driving license, or international driving permit in specific branches. More than 5020 employees work under the umbrella of the National Post Office.

Post Office Official Twitter Account | Official Tweets

Post office customer services number

Post office uk feedback survey phone number For any type of query please visit the

Post office uk feedback survey contact number: 03457 740740

Final Words

We’ve provided all of the information needed to fill out your Survey of Post Office feedback. Read the entire article thoroughly before jumping into the opportunity to earn the reward at

This article is available to any family or friends members that might be interested.

Best of luck! …!

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Where can I find the Post Office UK Feedback Survey?

The Post Office UK Feedback Survey can be found online on the official Post Office website or through survey links provided by the Post Office.

Can I access the Post Office UK Feedback Survey in person at a Post Office branch?

The Post Office UK Feedback Survey is typically conducted online and can be accessed through the official Post Office website. It is not available for completion in person at Post Office branches.

Is the Post Office UK Feedback Survey available on mobile devices?

Yes, the Post Office UK Feedback Survey is designed to be accessible on various devices – mobile phones and tablets alike. Simply access it using an internet browser compatible with your mobile phone to take part.

Can I find the Post Office UK Feedback Survey on social media platforms?

The Post Office may occasionally promote their survey through their social media accounts. Be on the lookout for announcements or links related to it on these platforms.

Is the Post Office UK Feedback Survey available on third-party survey websites?

The Post Office UK Feedback Survey is typically conducted through the official Post Office channels and may not be available on third-party survey websites. It’s best to access the survey directly from the Post Office website to ensure authenticity.

Can I participate in the Post Office UK Feedback Survey anonymously?

The level of anonymity in the Post Office UK Feedback Survey may vary. The survey platform will typically provide instructions on whether your responses are anonymous or if any personal information is required.

Are there any rewards or incentives for completing the Post Office UK Feedback Survey?

The Post Office may occasionally offer rewards or incentives for completing the survey. These incentives can vary, and you will be informed of any available rewards or prize draws during the survey process.

How long does it take to complete the Post Office UK Feedback Survey?

Time taken to complete a survey can depend on its complexity and level of detail in your responses; on average, however, 5 to 10 minutes should suffice.

Can I save my progress and resume the Post Office UK Feedback Survey later?

Depending on the survey platform used by the Post Office, you may have the option to save your progress and resume the survey later. Look for instructions or options provided within the survey interface.

Is the Post Office UK Feedback Survey available in multiple languages?

The availability of multiple languages for the Post Office UK Feedback Survey may vary. The survey platform will typically provide language options if they are available.

Can I provide additional comments or feedback in the Post Office UK Feedback Survey?

Yes, the Post Office UK Feedback Survey often includes sections where you can provide additional comments or feedback in your own words. Take advantage of these sections to share any specific feedback or suggestions you have.

Can I access the Post Office UK Feedback Survey outside of the United Kingdom?

The availability of the Post Office UK Feedback Survey outside the United Kingdom may vary. It’s recommended to check the survey platform or contact the Post Office directly for information regarding international access.

Is the Post Office UK Feedback Survey open to all customers or only specific groups?

The Post Office UK Feedback Survey is typically open to all customers who have recently interacted with the Post Office’s products or services. Look for any specific eligibility criteria mentioned in the survey instructions.