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Chevy LS2 Engine Specs

If you’re searching for Chevy LS2 Engine Specs, Performance, Cylinder Heads, and Cam Specs, We Realise how tough it may be to obtain all of the Requires information Online. To Help you Research the Chevy LS2 Engine, Our team is Created a Step-by-step Tutorial. Let’s go into the Subject.

The LS2 is a 6.0L aluminium small block engine from Generation 4. The engine characteristics and data presente here apply to the factory LS2 found in GM passenger vehicles from 2005 to 2007.

The present era’s Standard engines for switching and performance are LS or Vortec Engines because they are so Common. These motors have a lot of Horsepower that they can produce. The addition of turbocharger’s, supercharger’s, high-flow intake systems, cylinder heads, cams, And nitrogen oxide are Also effective Modification’s for them.

Crate engines are Commonly available, And old motors can typically be purchased from junkyards at a Reasonable price. In order to provide engine builders and tuners with a trustworthy resource for their work, Summit Racing has assembled Comprehensive manuals for each engine in the LS family of Engines.

This manual focuses only on this model of the GM LS2 engine, Which was only utilised in passenger cars. The LS2 is Remarkable because it is one of just two LS series engines (the other being the L76) that were use in both Automobiles and trucks.

The 8th digit of the VIN for a vehicle or engine using LS2 technology would be “U” for cars and “H” for trucks. If the eighth digit is neither a U or H and you are unsure, you are most likely an LS2. It is feasible to use our VIN decoder to determine which LS engine you are running.

Chevy LS2 Engine Specs

LS2 (Car) Block Specs

Displacement 6.0L / 364 c.i.d.
Bore Dia. 4.000 in.
Stroke 3.622 in.
Deck Height 9.240 in.
Bore Spacing 4.400 in.
Thrust Bearing Location #3 Main
Main Cap Style 6-Bolt
Main Housing Bore Dia. 2.751 in.
Cam Housing Bore Dia. Bore 1/5 = 2.346, Bore 2/4 = 2.326, Bore 3 = 2.307
Cam-to-Crank Centerline 4.914 in.
Casting Numbers 12568952, 12560799
Material Aluminum

LS2 (Car) Applications

VIN 8th Digit Year Make Model
U 2005-07 Chevy Corvette
U 2005-06 Pontiac GTO
U 2006-07 Cadillac CTS-V

LS2 (Car) Cylinder Head Specs

Combustion Chamber Volume 65cc
Intake Port Shape Cathedral
Intake Runner Volume 210cc
Exhaust Port Shape D-Port
Exhaust Runner Volume 75cc
Intake Valve Diameter 2.000 in.
Exhaust Valve Diameter 1.575 in.
Cylinder Head Bolt Style Torque to Yield (TTY)
Cylinder Head Bolt Size (10) M11 x 2 x 100, (5) M8 x 1.25 x 45
Casting Numbers 799, 243
Material Aluminum

LS2 (Car) RotatingAssembly Specs

Piston Volume 0cc
Wrist Pin Dia. 0.9431 in. (full floating)
Connecting Rod Material Powdered Metal
Connecting Rod Style I-Beam
Connecting Rod Length 6.098 in.
Connecting Rod Housing Bore 2.225 in.
Connecting Rod Bolts M9 x 1 x 43
Connecting Rod Part Number 12649190
Rod Casting Number
143 (Last 3 Digits)
Crankshaft Material Cast Iron
Crankshaft Part Number 12569768
Crankshaft Casting Number 216 (Last 3 Digits)
Crankshaft Main Journal 2.559 in.
Crankshaft Rod Journal 2.100 in.
Piston Material Hypereutectic Cast Aluminum Alloy
Piston Style Flat Top
Reluctor Wheel 24X (2005 Corvette & 2005-06 GTO)
58X (2006-07 Corvette and CTS-V)

Chevy LS2 Engine Review

The Chevy LS2 is a robust 6.0L V8 engine, generating 400 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque. It is celebrated for its remarkable power, substantial torque output, and reliable performance. The LS2 found its home in various Chevrolet models, including the Corvette, Camaro, Trailblazer SS, SSR, and GTO.

Full review YouTube video check here.

Chevy LS2 Engine Specs FAQ

Is the LS2 a good engine?

The LS Engines are well-known for their Dependability, And the LS2 is Believe to be one of the least Problematic. Additionally, They’re less popular than the LS7 motor or similar, more robust LS engines. That is a great Affordable build option for 2022.

Do LS2 engines burn oil?

Yes, The GM LS engines consume a lot of oil. Engines that are turbocharged or supercharged, As well as Engines that consistently operate at their maximum RPM, Burn considerably more fuel.

Is the LS2 iron or aluminum?

The LS2 was the aluminium variant, A modified 6.0L truck block with flat-surfaced top-mounted pistons, LS6 heads, And an LS1 cam. Due to its lengthy cylinder sleeves and power capacity from the larger bore, It is a great motor for Swap kits and Strokers.

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