3306 Cat Engine Specs

Here in this article you will learn about the 3306 cat Engine Specs   , Performance,  Cylinder Heads, Cam Specs & More, Let’s discuss the  3306 cat Engine Specs  , Valvetrain+, performance, and Reviews.

Caterpillar is among the most well-known names in the world of diesel engines.

With a presence for over ninety years, Caterpillar is known for making diesel engines which are durable, robust, durable, and long-lasting.

The group at Young & Sons is proud to provide customers with the widest selection of used, new, and repaired Caterpillar engines.

The most well-known models we sell include our CAT 3306 Engine.

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3306 cat engine specs


CAT manufactures eight variants of the 3306B with marine horsepower ratings ranging from 218 horsepower (hp) at 2,200 rpm to 360 hp operating at 2,200 rpm.

But all models share the exact specifications.

Performance Specifications

The Inline, six-cylinder 3306B cleans the equivalent of 641 cubic feet of air and fuel out of its combustion chamber as pistons shift from the top dead centre to the lower dead centres (displacement), and its 218-mph variant features the Breath-specific consumption (BSFC) of 0.411 pounds. Per hour at 1200 rpm.

Other Specifications

3306B 3306B has a cylinder diameter in the range of 4.89 inches (bore), and the pistons move six inches each time they enter and leave the chamber of combustion (stroke).

The motor has an engine capacity of 7.2 gallons, a 4.8-gallon cooling reservoir, and an overall weight of 2,469 pounds.

The motor is equipped with a vibration-dissipating system, a water-cooled exhaust manifold, and a turbocharger.

Engine model CAT 3306 series engine
Application Truck
Engine type 6 cylinders inline, water-cooling
Configuration Inline 6 cylinder – 4 Stroke
Displacement 10.5 liters,
Bore x Stroke 120.7mm bore x 152.4mm stroke
Cylinder Head Material Cast iron
Engine Block Material Cast iron
Firing Order 1-5-3-6-2-4
Compression Ratio 19 : 1 >
Injection Direct Injection –
Aspiration Turbocharged Aftercooled
Valvetrain OHV, 4 valves per cylinder
Weight 1905 Kgs
Horsepower 230-350 hp

The history of Caterpillar 3306 Engine

 Caterpillar began manufacturing 3306 engines in the late 1970s to replace models 1673 and 3160. The first 

applications for the 3306 was the CAT 225 hydraulic excavator.

When its engine went to use when to use, this CAT 3306 engine was soon recognized for its durability and reliability.

With its maximum power of 270 horsepower, earlier models of this engine couldn’t have won any races; however, what it lacked in horsepower, it compensated for with reliability.

The layout of the Caterpillar 3306 shifted in time, but its popularity as a reliable and durable engine has continued to increase.

The new model was more efficient than the earlier one, with direct injection replacing pre-combustion chambers and the left-hand scroll fuel mechanism in place of a sleeve-meeting fuel system.

The changes made an excellent engine even more efficient.

Its CAT 3306 engine served as the primary engine in the Caterpillar heavy-duty diesel engine range for over 25 years.

Throughout its life, it was utilized in a wide range of machines, such as:

3306 Cat Engine Specs Review

The Caterpillar 3306 is a renowned diesel engine, celebrated for its exceptional durability and reliability, making it one of the most enduring engines ever manufactured. Introduced in the early 1970s, the 3306 remained in production for over 40 years and continues to find utility in a myriad of applications worldwide.

Full review YouTube video check here.

3306 Cat Engine Specs FAQ

What are the specs of a Caterpillar 3306 engine?

CAT 3306 Specs Caterpillar 3306 Specs Engine Data Cylinder Head Cast Iron Engine Block Iron Firing Order 1-5-3-6-4-2 Compression Ratio 15.0: 1 11 more rows.

What is the bore and stroke of a cat 3304?

CAT 3304 Displacement, bore, and stroke displacement 7.0 427 CID litre Bore 4.75″ 120.65 mm Stroke 6.0″ 152.4 mm Click here to download CAT 3304 as well as CAT 3306 engine specifications and specifications

Where can I find the specs of a Caterpillar engine?

If you’re looking for Caterpillar specifications for your engine, check out Diesel Parts Direct.

Ordering parts with no specifications for machines such as 3126, 3306 and 3406E is like taking an unintentional risk in the dark.

However, avoiding this with our easy Cat specification sheets is possible.

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