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About Massey Ferguson 231

The Massey Ferguson 231 is a 200 One series 2WD Utility Tractor. Massey Ferguson produce this tractor from 1989 until 1999. The Massey Ferguson 231 has a 2.5 L (152.0 cu·in) Three-cylinder Diesel Engine and Sliding gear gearbox with 8 forward and 2 reverse speeds.

Massey Ferguson 231 utility tractors had Perkins AD3.152 engines. The 2.5 L, 2,491 cm2, (152.0 cu·in) three-cylinder natural aspirated diesel engine has 91.0 mm (3.58 in) cylinder diameter and 127.0 mm (5 in) piston stroke. At 2,000 rpm, its engine generated 38.5 PS (28.3 kW; 38.0 HP).

The MF 231 has a 58.0 litre (15.3 US gal; 12.8 Imp. gal) Fuel tank, Drum brakes, Two-post folding ROPS, And power assist steering. The Massey Ferguson 232 loader could be mounte to this tractor.

Massey Ferguson 231 Tractor Price

Massey Ferguson 231 Specs

Original Price: $13,000 (1999)

Massey Ferguson 231 Lift Capacity

Massey Ferguson 231 lift capacity: 8.5 gal

Massey Ferguson 231 HP

Massey Ferguson 231 HP: 38 horsepower

Massey Ferguson 231 Oil Capacity

Massey Ferguson 231 Oil Capacity: 6.8 Litre

Massey Ferguson 231 Weight

Massey Ferguson 231 Weight: 4,065 lbs or 1843 kg

Massey Ferguson 231 Tractor Serial Numbers

231 Serial Numbers
Location: The right side of the instrument panel
1989: P17001
1990: Q01001
1991: S01001
1992: A01001
1993: B01001
1994: C01001
1995: D01001
1996: E01001
1997: F01001
1998: G01001
1999: H01001

Massey Ferguson 231 Specs

General Specifications

Model Massey Ferguson 231
Length 3,250 mm (128 in)
Width 1,930 mm (76 in)
Height 2,220 mm (87.4 in)
Wheelbase 1,930 mm (76 in)
Weight 1,845 kg (4,068 lbs)
Fuel tank capacity 58.0 liters (15.3 US gal.; 12.8 Imp. gal)
Battery 12V
Cabin type Two-post ROPS


Engine model Perkins AD3.152
Engine type Four-stroke, liquid-cooled, inline
Cylinders 3
Fuel type Diesel
Displacement 2.5 L, 2,491 cm2, (152.0 cu·in)
Bore and stroke 91.0 mm X 127.0 mm (3.58 in X 5 in)
Horsepower 38.5 PS (28.3 kW; 38.0 HP) at 2,000 rpm
Starter Electric
Oil capacity: 6.8 L (7.2 US. qt, 6 Imp. qt.)
Coolant capacity: 10.2 L (10.8 US. qt, 9 Imp. qt.)

Transmission and chassis

Chassis 4×2 2WD
Steering type Power assist
Brakes Drum
Transmission model
Transmission type Sliding gear
Gears 8 forward and 2 reverse
Transmission oil capacity 32.0 L (8.5 US. gal, 7 Imp. gal.)


Front tires Ag: 6.00-16
Rear tires Ag: 13.6-28

Three-Point Hitch

Category II/I
Control type Position and draft control
Lift capacity (at ends)

PTO (Power take-off shaft)

Rear PTO type Live with a two-stage clutch
Rear PTO speed 540 rpm

Hydraulic system

Hydraulic type Open center
Hydraulic capacity 32.0 L (8.5 US. gal, 7 Imp. gal.)

Massey Ferguson 231 Tractor Review Video

Massey Ferguson 231 Attachments

Massey Ferguson 232 Loader

Height (to pin): 106 inches
269 cm
Clearance, dumped bucket: 80 inches
203 cm
Dump reach: 25.4 inches
64 cm
Dump angle: 42.5°
Reach the ground: 63.4 inches
161 cm
Breakout force (lift): 2600 lbs
1179 kg
Lift to full height (at pin): 1800 lbs
816 kg
Bucket width: 60 inches
152 cm
72 inches
182 cm

Massey Ferguson 231 Problems

Diesel does not crank

The issue may be the fuel filter. All vehicles, Even tractors, have this issue. This issue could be brought on by a blocked fuel filter. This stops fuel from the tank from reaching your engine.

Poor engine output

A tractor with a weak engine won’t be able to get going or keep going for long. When gas is Running low, this is a Common occurrence. A blocked nozzle is Another possible source of this issue.

Issues with steering

Steering issues may be harmful and even fatal for tractor operators as well as your grass. If the steering fails, You will be unable to manage the tractor’s speed or stop time. Low Tyres can make effective tractor manoeuvring difficult.

How To Fix Massey Ferguson 231 Problems

Diesel does not crank

Diesel tractor Problems start with the fuel filter. Follow fuel grading guidelines. High-pressure Fuel Pumps harm. Be Careful with fuel injection pump timing. Adjusting the fuel pump prevents diesel cranking issues.

Poor engine output

It is Advisable to change your gasoline filter and blow out the fuel lines if you are experiencing engine issues. It is advise to fix or replace the moving element’s of your tractor’s engine if it is seizing

Issues with steering

If you’re having Trouble Steering your tractor, You should look at the hydraulics first. Your tractor’s steering may become faulty if the Hydraulic system becomes block. Get rid of the stale air as quickly as Possible.

It is important to Check the oil level in the tank. Put in additional oil if it seems to be lagging. You need to check the steering cylinder for damage. If the Steering cylinder is faulty, Replacing it should resolve the issue.


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Massey Ferguson 231 FAQs

Q. How much horsepower is a 231 Massey Ferguson?

Ans. The Massey Ferguson 221 Tractors is known thus far. It is propel by a Perkins 3-cylinder engine that generates 38 horsepower. Tractors may weigh up to 4065 lbs.

Q. What engine is in a Massey Ferguson 231?

Ans. A Perkins Three-cylinder diesel Engine powers the Tractor. The coolant tank has a Capacity of 11.2 qt. The Engine has 153 Cubic inches of displacement and a Maximum power output of 38 Horsepower.