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New Holland 1630 Specification, Lift Capacity, Weight, Price & Review

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About New Holland 1630

It is the New Holland 1630 is a 4WD or 2WD small utility tractor that belongs to the Boomer series. This tractor was produced in the company of Shibaura in collaboration with distributor New Holland from 1997 to 1999.

This tractor comes equipped with the 1.3 L (81.2 cu*in) three-cylinder diesel engine, and two types of transmissions: sliding transmission that has 9 forward and reverses gears, or a hydrostatic one that has infinite (3-range) both reverse and forward gears.

It was the New Holland 1630 compact utility tractor powered by its Shibaura engine. It’s a 1.3 L 1,330 cm 2, (81.2 cu*in) three-cylinder natural aspirated diesel engine. The engine generated 27.7 PS (20.4 kW; 27.4 HP) at 2,600 rpm of output power.

The New Holland 1630 comes powered by hydrostatic motors with wet disc brakes and two-post fixed ROPS, or ROPS that fold (optional) along with 27.6 Liters (7.3 US gal.; 6.1 Imp. gal) fuel tank.

New Holland 1630 Price

New Holland 1630 Price Is USD $15,900

New Holland 1630 Lift Capacity

New Holland 1630 Lift Capacity Is 1,635 lbs 741 kg

New Holland 1630 Weight

New Holland 1630 Weight Is 2474 to 2588 pounds

New Holland 1630 Engine

New Holland 1630 Engine Is Shibaura 1.3L 3-cyl diesel

New holland 1630 loader lift capacity

New holland 1630 loader lift capacity is 1,921 lbs 871 kg

New holland 1630 oil capacity

New holland 1630 oil capacity is 5.5 to 6.0 liters

New holland 1630 fuel filter

New holland 1630 fuel filter is NA

New Holland 1630 Specification

General Specifications

Model New Holland 1630
Length 2,690 mm (105.9 in)
SuperSteer: 2,920 mm (115 in)
Width 1,370 mm (53.9 in)
Height (ROPS) 2,230 mm (87.8 in)
Wheelbase 1,600 mm (63 in)
Ground clearance 380 mm (15 in)
SuperSteer: 1,820 mm (71.7 in)
Weight (shipping) 1,122 kg (2,474 lbs)
SuperSteer: 1,173 kg (2,586 lbs)
Fuel tank capacity 27.6 liters (7.3 US gal.; 6.1 Imp. gal)
Battery 12V
Cabin type Two-post fixed ROPS or foldable ROPS (optional)


Engine model Shibaura
Engine type Four-stroke, liquid-cooled, inline
Cylinders 3
Fuel type Diesel
Displacement 1.3 L, 1,330 cm2, (81.2 cu·in)
Bore and stroke
Horsepower 27.7 PS (20.4 kW; 27.4 HP) at 2,600 rpm
Starter Electric

Transmission and chassis

Chassis 4×2 2WD or 4×4 MFWD 4WD
Steering type Hydrostatic power
Brakes Wet disc
Final drive Spur gear
Transmission model
Transmission type Sliding gear with dry disc clutch
Gears 9 forward and 3 reverse
Transmission model
Transmission type Hydrostatic
Gears Infinite (3-range) forward and reverse


Front tires Ag: 7-14
Lawn/turf: 25×8.50-15
Rear tires Ag: 11.2-24
Lawn/turf: 13.6-16

Three-Point Hitch

Category I
Control type Position control
Lift capacity (at ends) 871 kg (1,920 lbs)

PTO (Power take-off shaft)

Middle PTO type Live (hydro)
Middle PTO speed 2,000 rpm
Rear PTO type Continuous live
Rear PTO speed 540 rpm

Hydraulic system

Hydraulic type Open center
Pressure 2133 psi (147.0 bar)
Pump flow 7.1 GPM (26.9 lpm)
Steering flow 5.1 GPM (19.3 lpm)
Total flow 12.2 GPM (46.2 lpm)

New Holland 1630 Attachment

Attachment overview

60″ mid-mount mower deck
72″ mid-mount mower deck
Front-end loader

60″ Mower deck

Type mid-mount New Holland 914A 60
Cutting width 60 inches
152 cm


Type front-mount New Holland 702C
Width 78 inches
198 cm

72″ Mower deck

Type mid-mount New Holland 914A 72
Cutting width 72 inches
182 cm

60″ Snowblower

Type front-mount New Holland 716B
Clearing width 60 inches
152 cm

New Holland 757C Backhoe

Backhoe type New Holland 757C Backhoe

New Holland 1630 Reviews Video

New Holland 1630 Problems

  1. Engine problems: This could include issues such as engine misfiring, overheating, oil leaks, or reduced performance, which may require diagnosis and repair by a qualified technician.
  2. Transmission problems: Tractors rely heavily on their transmission for proper operation. Problems such as slipping gears, difficulty shifting, or lack of power may require attention.
  3. Hydraulic system problems: The hydraulic system in the New Holland 1630 is responsible for powering various attachments, such as loaders and mowers. Problems with hydraulic pressure, leaks, or malfunctioning valves could affect the performance of these attachments.
  4. Electrical problems: Electrical issues such as a dead battery, faulty wiring, or malfunctioning switches can impact the operation of the tractor’s lights, gauges, and other electrical components.


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New Holland 1630 FAQs

What is the horsepower of the New Holland 1630?

New Holland 1630 Horsepower Is 27.3 hp 20.4 kW

What kind of tractor is a New Holland 1630?

It is the New Holland 1630is an all-wheel drive or 4WD compact utility tractor that belongs to the Boomer series. The tractor was made by Shibaura for the distributor New Holland from 1997 until 1999.

How many hours does a 1630 tractor have?

A local one-owner tractor was purchased from the estate. 1996 New HOLLAND 1630UTILITY TRACTOR. 1713 Hours. Includes 60″ belly mower.


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