Penske Truck Rental Prices 2022

Renting a truck is an option if you’re looking to move to a new house without professional movers. 

Penske offers a low-cost truck rental option for long-distance (one-way) moves. It provides unlimited mileage and free shipping. 

All trucks are 2015 models and have been checked before being available for rent. If required, they can also supply packing and towing materials.

Let’s take a look at why Penske is a great choice for DIY moves!

Penske Truck Rental Prices

What is the average price for renting a Penske truck?

Penske has transparent pricing when renting long-distance trucks compared to other rental companies. To get an idea of the average Penske truck rental price, use this formula:

Final total

The distance you travel and the amount of cargo you bring with you will determine your pricing. Pricing is determined by how far you are going and how much you bring with you.

Here are some things to look forward to:

  • Average daily moves of less than 50 miles are $134-$200
  • Average daily moves between 50-250 miles are around $200-$600
  • Moving more than 250 miles per day averages out to $600-$1,200

If you are moving five bedrooms to Florida, then you need to reserve a 26-foot truck.

Six days will cost you $2,090 This includes:

  • The truck is $1,614.75
  • Unlimited mileage on a single-way trip
  • Two dozen furniture pads, $15 per dozen
  • Two hand trucks for $20 each
  • Both protections plans, $232
  • Sales tax of $162.80
  • A $9 environmental fee

If the truck is damaged, or dirty, you will be charged an additional fee. Penske will charge $100 if you fail to notify Penske within 48 hours of your reservation cancellation.

Penske Truck Rental Prices

What Does It Cost To Rent A Penske Truck a Day?

Penske trucks are among the most affordable trucks to rent in the United States. One can be rented for as low as $130 per day.

You will pay more per day if you need a Penske truck for long-distance transport. Renting a Penske truck can cost you up to $1,200 per day.

How much does Penske charge per mile?

Round-trip moves are subject to a Penske mile charge of $0.99

How much to rent a Penske truck for 7 days?

For seven days, you can expect to pay approximately $2,600 to rent a Penske truck. You will need to determine how far you travel.

Penske Truck Sizes

Miles Per Gallon (up to)
High-Roof Cargo Van 11’11” X 4’6″ X6’9″ Up to 1 room 404 cu. ft. Up to 12 mpg
12 ft. 12′ X 6’6″ X 6’1″ 1 to 2 rooms 450 cu. ft. Up to 12 mpg
16 ft. 16′ X 7’7″ X6’6″ 2 to 3 rooms 800 cu. ft. Up to 12 mpg
22 ft. 21’11” X 8’1″ X8’1″ 3 to 5 rooms 1,200 cu. ft. Up to 13 mpg
26 ft. 25’11” X 8’1″ X8’1″ 5 to 7 rooms 1,700 cu. ft. Up to 13 mpg

Penske Truck Rental Options

High-roof cargo van

Penske’s cargo van, their smallest rental, is ideal for moving into and out of dorms and studio apartments.

  • Cargo capacity: 11′ 11″ long, with 404 cubic feet of loading space.
  • Maximum weight capacity: 3500 pounds
  • Fuel efficiency: up to 12 miles per gallon
  • Other features: Power steering, antilock brakes, side, and rear cargo doors.

12-foot truck

The Penske rental truck measures 12 feet long and can hold one to two bedrooms. It is about the same size as a standard-sized dorm room or apartment.

  • Cargo capacity: 12 feet long, with 450 cubic feet of loading space.
  • Maximum weight capacity: 3100 pounds
  • Fuel efficiency: up to 12 miles per gallon
  • Other features: Transparent roof, interior lighting, automatic transmission, rear roll-up doors, and cargo tie rails.

16-foot truck

Penske’s 16-foot moving truck can fit up to three rooms, which is roughly the same size as a one-bedroom apartment.

  • Cargo capacity: 16 feet long, 800 cubic feet of loading space
  • Maximum weight capacity: 4,300 pounds
  • Fuel efficiency: up to 12 miles per gallon
  • Other features: Transparent roof, interior lighting, automatic transmission, rear roll-up doors, and cargo tie rails.

22-foot truck

A 22-foot moving truck can easily fit between three and five rooms. This makes it an excellent choice for moving one- or three-bedroom homes.

  • Cargo capacity: 22 feet long, with 1,200 cubic feet of loading space.
  • Maximum weight capacity: 4,300 pounds
  • Fuel efficiency: up to 10 miles per gallon
  • Special features: Towing compatible with automatic transmission, translucent roofing, and interior lighting. Cargo tie rails and rear roll-up doors are also available. 1,000-pound loading ramp. Diesel engine.

26-foot truck

For those moving five to seven rooms, the 26-foot truck is best. This is enough for most homes with three to five bedrooms.

  • Cargo capacity: 25ft 11ins long, with 1,700 cubicft of loading space.
  • Maximum weight capacity: 10,000 pounds
  • Fuel efficiency: Up To 10 Miles per gallon
  • Special features: Towing compatible. Transparent roof with interior lighting. Cargo tie rails. Rear roll-up doors. 1,000-pound loading ramp. Diesel engine.

Breaking down Penske’s fees

The cost estimates for your moving truck rental can vary from one day of the week to another. 

Penske rates are based on truck supply and customer demand. Moving on weekends and during peak season (May through September) can be more expensive than moving on weekdays.

  • Penske charges an annual $9 environmental fee. Penske charges a flat $9 environmental fee for local and one-way moves.
  • This is to ensure proper disposal of hazardous materials (think: oil changes or bad tires).
  • One-way reservations that require a credit card will require a $100 cash deposit at a Penske location within two days. 
  • After making a reservation, local rentals will be required to pay the cash deposit. The deposit must be brought to Penske within two days.
  • You will need insurance if your insurance does not cover the truck’s size and weight. Rates will depend on what your driving record and needs are.

Penske Truck Rental features and services

  • Long-distance, one-way rentals
  • Local, round-trip rentals
  • Multiple truck sizes
  • Moving and packing supplies
  • Furniture pads and hand truck rentals
  • Tow Dolly and car carrier rentals
  • Self-storage
  • Multiple insurance coverage options
  • Roadside assistance is included in every move
  • Moving labor (costs extra)

What is Penske?

Penske is a major name in the van and moving truck rentals. Penske has nearly 800 locations across North America, and more than 300,000. vehicles in its fleet. This means that no matter where you are in the U.S., you will be able to find a Penske truck for rent.

Penske offers five non-commercial truck options that are easy to compare, as well as a variety of standard features that help differentiate their fleet from other competitors. 


Penske trucks are available for rent at $130 to $1,200 per day. Renting a Penske truck is more expensive if it’s larger than you actually need.

Additionally, the further you travel, the more you’ll have to pay.

Renting a Penske truck to drive a short distance will be cheaper than renting one for a longer distance. Penske trucks can be rented at select Home Depot locations and at Penske locations.

Penske Truck Rental Prices FAQ

Does Penske have unlimited mileage?

Yes for long-distance moving companies. Penske charges $1.29/mile for local moves (round-trip).

What’s the average cost of a Penske truck?

Penske’s average moving truck rental cost is $2,471.20 for moves exceeding 1,000 miles. This compares to the $2,763.06 industry average. Penske charges $2,141.03 on average for medium- and large-sized moves, compared with the $2,313. industry average.

How old do you have to be to rent a Penske truck?

You must be at least 18 to rent a Penske truck.