Shell Spin To Win Amazing Prizes 2023

Shell Spin to Win with Shell Go + is an instant-prized advertising campaign presented by Shell UK Oil Products Ltd at 

Customers who visit the Shell service station in the UK during this offer period will enjoy this new gift scheme.

You can purchase game cards at Shell service stations in England and Scotland during the Shell Spin To Win campaign. 

You can win one of the prizes by entering the unique promotion code on each game card. The code must be entered in the Internet-based gift advancement during the promotion period.

The Shell promotion campaign uses January 6th, 2022 to March 2nd, 2022. You will get two additional weeks to play online up until the 16th of March. 

Remember that dates can change for reasons beyond the control of the promoter. This includes any pandemic situation. 

It will be notified if there are any changes to the promotion period or other plans as set out in these terms & conditions. It is recommended to check back periodically for any updates.

Shell Spin To Win Prize


Shell Spin To Win Prize Details

Spin to Win is Shell U.K’s most recent promotion platform and has many prizes to win instantly at or 

You can win 23417,100 prizes quickly, including a camping holiday, shell energy gift certificates, a garden makeover coupon, free Costa coffee, and shell non-fuel treat products, fuel for one year, family accommodation, and many more.

The prizes are split into two categories: Instant Win Prizes, and Collect and win Bonus Game Prizes. 

Instant Win Prizes Online include Major Online Instant Winning Prizes and Consolation Online Win Prizes.

Major Online Instant-Win Prizes This promotion offers the most prizes that are possible during the promotion period. It includes Glamping Holidays, Shell Energy Gift Cards, and Costa Free Coffee.




Tier 1 Glamping Holiday 35
Tier 2 Shell Energy £500 Gift Card 100
Tier 3 YouGarden Garden Makeover Voucher 100
Tier 4 Friendly Turtle On The Go Bundle 700
Tier 5 Halfords £50 Gift Card 1050
Tier 6 Waitrose £20 Gift Card 2410
Tier 7 Uber Eats £20 Credit 2360
Tier 8 YouGarden Grow Your Own Seeds Packet 15670
Tier 9 Costa Free Coffee 5000
Tier 10 Pick up a treat (non-fuel items):McCoys Salt & Vinegar

Cadburys Twirl

Mars Barx


Maltesers Bunny






Jamie Oliver Cookery Classes
Get a One-year Subscription for Free
Get 2 months free and 6 months for 10% on your Subscription
Shell Energy Shop 10% Discount
Halfords 15% Discount on Motoring Products
YouGarden PS10 Sitewide Discount
Save 5% on all purchases at Friendly Turtle PS5 and PS40 sites

Every time you purchase £20 or more at Shell petrol station, you will be eligible for a chance of winning. 

Although the promotion seems generous, not all prizes are guaranteed to be won. The chances of winning any of the major prizes are very slim.

Spin To Win Shell Rules & Regulations

  • Only residents of England, Scotland, or Wales are eligible for the promotion.
  • Participants must be members of the Shell loyalty scheme at the time of entry.
  • Shell Go + will contact you to register you before you enter your code.
  • Spin to Win can only be entered once per day. The maximum number of times you can enter Spin to Win is three per week. A week runs from Thursday through Wednesday.
  • Every time you turn the wheel at or, you’ll acquire an instant prize, and you’ll have another opportunity to win.
  • Participation requires high-speed Internet access.
  • It is necessary to purchase from Shell U.K.
  • All entries received after the promotion period are not accepted.
  • It is not permissible to have representatives or agents of the promoter.
  • All promotional codes must be used only once.
  • We will not accept any inadequate, unclear, invalid, or misleading entries.
  • Promoters may disqualify entries made under another name.

How To Enter Shell Go Spin To Win at

1. Register in the Shell Go+ Rewards Program to show your interest in Shell Go+ Spin to Win.

2. Shell stations will accept payment at the pump or in-store for a minimum amount of £20.

3. A game card will be sent to you with a unique Spin to Win code.

4. If you pay with Pay at Pump, your unique code will be sent to you.

5. This is the time to Log in at using your registered Shell Go+ email address.

6. Click on “I’m already Shell Go+ Member” to continue. Otherwise, click on “Help me sign-up for Shell Go”.

7. Next, login or register your ShellGo+ account.

8. To log in, enter your password and e-mail address.

9. You are now ready to spin. Enter your forename, surname, and e-mail id, then click the Register button.

10. You will find a button that says “Spin to Win”, on the next page. Click it.

11. Enter your shell spin code to win enter code and you’ll instantly win a prize

12. If you collect all three matching pieces, you’ll be eligible for a collector prize. This extra prize is also yours.

13. It is not possible to enter the code more times than once.

About Shell

Do you want to learn more about Shell UK? There are many ways to learn more about the company. Royal Dutch Shell, a British multinational oil corporation, has its headquarters in London’s ‘Shell Centre. 

It is one of the so-called “supermajors” of the oil industry and will be the 19th largest corporation in the world by 2020. It has offices in the UK and France as well as Germany, the USA, and Germany.

Shell U.K. Limited, a UK energy company, explores and produces energy products. It produces fuels, natural gases, and lubricants. 

It also supplies LPG to customers worldwide and in the UK. It has subsidiaries in Canada and the Netherlands. It has subsidiaries in many countries around the world.

Shell UK Spin To Win FAQ

What is the duration of the Shell Spin to Win Promotion?

The promotion is available from January 6th, 2022 to March 2nd, 2022. You should purchase between these dates. Promo codes are available until March 16, 2022, at 23:59.59.

Where do I find my Shell promotion code?

Your promotion code will be printed on your promotional card if you purchased fuel at a Shell Service Station. 

Assuming you’re part of Shell Go+, and you have paid at the pump for the fuel, you will be sent an email with your promo code to the Shell Go+ email address.

How many times can I enter the Spin to Win Shell?

You may enter once per day and no more than three times per week. (Seven days are from Thursday through Wednesday).