Tellusyourtoystory Survey – Toys are our passion. As children, we all had our favorite toys and would carry them around everywhere.

They were our best friends. It is essential to choose the right toy. It is one we can enjoy for hours on end without becoming bored.

The Entertainer has the best place to look for those toys. Are you A Regular Customer of the shop? If yes, They have arranged a customer satisfaction survey for the clients for getting feedback at

They can use the feedback to improve. You can also earn a reward by sharing your feedback.

We have attempted to clarify all of your questions about the Tell Us Your Toy Story Survey. We have supplied specifics about the business, the requirements you must meet, the incentive, and our contact information. Continue reading the article and then take the survey.


Tellusyourtoystory Survey

What is the Point Of A Survey? This is also part of marketing. They can learn about their strengths and weaknesses through surveys. Most of the results will be accurate because the survey is directly from customers.

Surveys are a better way to address customer concerns and complaints. Unreliable feedback is possible to avoid as this doesn’t include third parties. They are also Interested in Hearing from Their Clients.

They will improve their clients’ lives once they learn about their likes. Experts examine the complaints and find a solution. The store will see an increase in customers when the errors are fixed. This will lead to increased sales.

Tell us Your Toy Story Survey Rewards

You will be entered in the weekly prize drawing if you take part in the Entertainer toys survey. You will receive a PS100 discount voucher that you can use on your next shopping day if you win the Tell Us Your Toy Story prize draw.

The coupon cannot be used elsewhere than the store. No cash prizes will be offered in lieu of the coupon vouchers. Sponsors may end this promotion at Any Time, Without Prior Notice.

Entertainer Feedback Survey Rules & Requirements

  • The survey is open only to legal citizens of the United Kingdom and Eire.
  • Participants must be 18 years old or have reached legal maturity.
  • Any employee, staff, retailer, distributor, or sponsor’s family member or relative is ineligible.
  • Once per week, the Tell us your story prize draw will take place.
  • One entry per week is allowed. Multiple entries from the same participant will be rejected and disqualified.
  • The winner will not be offered cash alternatives, even if they request it. Only a gift certificate will be accepted as the prize.
  • Within 7 Days of the Drawing, The Winner will be contacted via Phone Or Email to get the notice.
  • A laptop/computer/smartphone with a strong internet connection is needed.
  • Participation in the Tell us your story survey requires a valid receipt from The Entertainer.
  • All candidates are required to demonstrate Fluency In The English Language.

How to win a £100 Entertainer Gift Voucher

  1. Visit the official site for the survey offered by The Entertainer at
  2. In your purchase receipts, add the following information: receipt number; date and time of visit; the amount spent.
  3. The questions generally concern your visit and order as well as the staff’s helping nature.
  4. To enter the Entertainer sweepstakes, click ‘Yes’.
  5. You must now provide the following personal information to participate in the prize drawing event: Initial Name, Last Name Phone, and email address.

Step By Step Guide for the Entertainer Customer Survey at

Tellusyourtoystory Survey

1. Visit the official site which the company has opened for the survey.

2. Continue reading the Terms and Conditions and completing the Entertainer Feedback Survey.

3. Please provide the details of the purchase receipt. These include the receipt number, date, time, and amount. Continue to the next page.

4. Your overall satisfaction with your store experience is rated. You can change your rating from very satisfied to extremely dissatisfied.

5. The following questions will ask you if you purchased your items in a physical store or online.

6. On the Next Page, You will be asked to rate Additional Questions. It can be rated from very likely to not at all probable.

7. You can also mention any issues you experienced during your visit. You will be given a space in which to record specific information on the issues that you have been encountering.

8. Next, enter your age and the age of the children you are shopping for.

9. When asked to enter the prize draw you will be asked to confirm your answer and then continue.

10. You must now provide the following personal information to participate in This Survey Initial Name, Last Name Phone, and email address.

11. You have now completed the survey and are entered in the Tellusyourtoystory prize drawing!!

Tell us Your Toy Story UK Survey. Helpful Tips

  • Customers who completed the Entertainer customer survey must contact customer service at +44 333 32 5100 to verify the details of the winner.
  • Always give honest feedback. You won’t lose your chance of winning the prize draw if you leave negative or positive feedback.

About the Entertainer

Toys have been our constant companions for generations. It’s natural to question where you may purchase some. The toys sold at The Entertainer cater to children of all ages. The UK’s largest toy store, the Entertainer. The company was founded by Catherine Grant and Gray-Grant in 1981. Today, it has over 100 stores.

Final words

We have all the information that you needed about the customer satisfaction survey. Go through the article carefully and complete the survey at

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