Takeuchi Tl12 Specs, Weight, Price, Skid Steer Review

This Takeuchi Tl12 is your best option for projects that require a skid steer that has the capacity to lift heavy loads.

With a reliable engine and an impressive lift capacity, The Takeuchi Tl12 is a breeze to finish your tasks efficiently and in a quickly method.

The Takeuchi Tl12 specs is full of power and the ability to haul which makes it an excellent option to tackle your project. I’m thrilled to publish the details of my Takeuchi Tl12 reviews for you.

This review will provide everything you must know about Takeuchi Tl12 specifications including price review, weight, and more.

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Takeuchi Tl12

Takeuchi Tl12 Price




2013 Takeuchi Tl12 3500 $33,000
2014 Takeuchi Tl12 1800 $45,000
2015 Takeuchi Tl12 1500 $50,000
2016 Takeuchi Tl12 1600 $54,500
2017 Takeuchi Tl12R2 2400 $53,500
2018 Takeuchi Tl12R2 600 $55,000
2019 Takeuchi Tl10R2 20 $71,000
2020 Takeuchi TL12R2 50 $86,000
2021 Takeuchi TL12R2 500 $70,000
2022 Takeuchi Tl10V2 New $110,000

Takeuchi Tl12 Specs

Engine Specs

Brand Kubota
Model V3800CR-Turbo
Type Diesel, turbocharged, water cooling
No. of Cylinders 4
Emissions EPA/CARB Tier 4 + EU Stage IIIB
Fuel Common rail system
Rotation Counter-clockwise
Combustion Chamber Direct injection (E-CDIS)
Specified Fuel Diesel fuel oil No.2-D
Firing Order 1-3-4-2
Rated Speed 2400 RPM
Max. Torque 1500 RPM


US Metric
Horsepower 110 HP 82 kW
Torque Power 277 ft-lb 375 Nm
Displacement 230 cu in. 3800 cc
Bore and Stroke 3.94×4.72 in. 10×12 cm
Lubrication 3.5 gal 13.2 L
Cooling System 4.4 gal 16.5 L
Fuel Tank Capacity 28.5 gal 108.5 L
Fuel Consumption (%65 loads) 4.50 gal 14.0 L

Engine Dimensions

Dimension US Metric
Length 29.3 in. 74.5 cm
Width 21.6 in. 54.9 cm
Height 31.3 in. 79.4 cm

Engine Weight

Weight US Metric
Dry Weight 635 lbs 288 kg


US Metric  
Lifting Capacity 2833 lbs 1285 kg
Lifting Capacity with CounterWeight 3263 lbs 1480 kg
Tipping Load 8102 lbs 3675 kg
Operating Load at %50 Tipping 4051 Ibs 1838 kg
Bucket Force 8660 Ibs 3932 kg
Traction Force 13760 Ibs 6241 kg
Lift Arm 8550 Ibs 3928 kg
Ground Pressure 12.6 ft-in. Track 4.6 psi 32.0 kPa
Ground Pressure 15.7 ft-in. Track 4.7 psi 32.7 kPa
Dump Angle 39°
Rollback Angle 31°
Departure Angle 30°

Cycle Time

Raise Full Load 4.9 Sec
Curl No Load 2.3 Sec
Lower No Load 3.0 Sec
Dump Full Load 3.2 Sec

Travel Speed

US Metric
Low Speed 4.9 mph 7.9 km
High Speed 7.4 mph 11.9 km


US Metric
Operating Weight with Cab 11850 Ibs 5375 kg
Operating Weight with Canopy 11627 Ibs 5270 kg


Transmission Type Hydrostatic
Controls Joystick


US Metric
Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity 15.9 gal 60.0 L
Hydraulic System Capacity 25.1 gal 95.0 L
Hydraulic System Pressure 3046 psi 21.0 MPa


US Metric
Operating Height 167.1 in. 424.5 cm
Max. Lift Height to Bucket Pin 126.2 in. 320.5 cm
Dump Height Fully Raised 95.7 in. 243.1 cm
Dump Reach Fully Raised 38.8 in. 98.6 cm
Overall Width without Bucket 61.4 in. 156.0 cm
Track Width 17.7 in. 45.0 cm
Ground Clearance 13.5 in. 34.5 cm

Takeuchi Tl12 Features

  • The TL12 is equipped with an arrangement for a vertical lift loader and sets a new standard for track loaders with a compact footprint with an extremely efficient and cutting-edge machine on the market currently.
  •  The cab has been expanded and has a smooth, low-effort overhead door for better entry and exit.
  • A quiet track design that includes flotation pads to reduce the amount of noise and vibration and improves ride quality.

About Takeuchi tl12

The Takeuchi TL12 is a compact track loader designed for exceptional performance and improved tipping load and rated operating capacity. It is a multipurpose tool that may be used for material handling, excavation, landscaping, and demolition.

The TL12 is designed with a vertical lift loader and has a maximum lift height to the bucket pin. It is available with joystick controls, high flow, and two-speed options. The TL12 has been positively reviewed by contractors and earthmover operators for its features and performance.

The TL12 has a carbon footprint calculator available to find out the CO2 footprint per hour of use.

Takeuchi tl12 High Flow

Takeuchi tl12 high flow: 40.4 gpm

Takeuchi tl12 track size

TL12 Track Size: 450X100X50.

Takeuchi tl12 weight

Takeuchi tl12 weight: 12,860 lbs

Takeuchi tl12 oil filter

Takeuchi tl12 oil filter:  KHH1C0-32430 

Takeuchi tl12 Reviews

The Takeuchi TL12 is a well-liked small machine with tracks instead of wheels. People like it because it’s tough, works well, and is easy to move around. It can do lots of different jobs like making landscapes, building things, and breaking stuff down, which makes it useful.

For more details check out the YouTube video

Takeuchi tl12 problems

Check coolant level

Make that the radiator’s coolant level is at the required level. If it’s low, add the appropriate coolant mixture as specified in the operator’s manual.

Inspect for leaks

Examine the cooling system for any visible signs of coolant leaks. Check hoses, connections, and the radiator for any cracks or damage. Repair or replace any faulty components.

Check the fan and fan belt

Ensure that the cooling fan is functioning properly and spinning freely. Inspect the fan belt for signs of wear or tension loss. Adjust or replace the fan belt if necessary.

Inspect the water pump

The water pump circulates coolant through the engine. Overheating might result from improper operation.Check the water pump for any leaks or damage. Replace if necessary.

Verify the thermostat

The thermostat regulates coolant flow through the engine. A faulty thermostat can cause overheating.

Flush the cooling system

Over time, sediment and deposits can accumulate in the cooling system, impeding its efficiency. Think about changing the coolant and cleansing the system as the manufacturer advises.

Monitor operating conditions

Pay attention to the operating conditions of the machine. Avoid prolonged use in extreme temperatures or heavy loads that may strain the cooling system. Take breaks if necessary.

Regular maintenance

Follow the recommended maintenance schedule provided in the operator’s manual. This includes regular inspection of the cooling system, replacing filters, and performing any necessary adjustments or repairs.

Seek professional assistance

It’s important to speak with a certified technician or get help from Takeuchi’s authorized repair facility if the problem persists or if you’re unclear how to identify and resolve it.They will have the expertise and tools to address any complex issues.

Final Words

I think it should be enough information for you to buy or sell this tractorIf you have any questions about the Takeuchi Tl12, please ask them in the section provided below. If you found this page helpful, please consider sharing it with your friends.

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 FAQ – Takeuchi Tl12 specs

What is the Takeuchi TL12 skid steer?

The Takeuchi TL12 compact track loader was specifically designed for heavy-duty applications and is known for its exceptional performance, durability, and versatility.

What are the specs of the Takeuchi TL12?

The Takeuchi TL12 has a rated operating capacity of 1,200 kg (2,657 lb), a bucket breakout force of 2,088 kg (4,604 lb), and a tipping load of 3,429 kg (7,560 lb). It has a maximum travel speed of 12.3 km/h (7.6 mph) and a maximum lift height of 3.61 m (11 ft 10 in).

What is the weight of the Takeuchi TL12?

The operating weight of the Takeuchi TL12 is 5,900 kg (13,007 lb).

What is the price of the Takeuchi TL12?

The price of the Takeuchi TL12 varies depending on the dealer and the region. contact a local dealer for a quote.

What type of engine does the Takeuchi TL12 have?

The Takeuchi TL12 is powered by a Kubota V3800-CR-TE4 turbocharged diesel engine that delivers 111.3 hp (83 kW) of power.

What type of hydraulics system does the Takeuchi TL12 have?

The Takeuchi TL12 features a high-flow hydraulic system that provides fast cycle times and high breakout forces.

What type of tracks does the Takeuchi TL12 have?

The Takeuchi TL12 features a durable and reliable rubber track system that provides excellent traction and stability on any terrain.

What type of cab does the Takeuchi TL12 have?

The Takeuchi TL12 features a spacious and comfortable cab with excellent visibility and ergonomic controls.

What are the main advantages of Takeuchi TL12?

The Takeuchi TL12 is well-renowned for its superior performance, durability, versatility and cost-efficiency – ideal for heavy-duty applications in construction, landscaping and agriculture.

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