Kubota BX2370 Sub-Compact Tractor For Sale, Price, Specs, Review, Overview

Kubota BX2370 Sub-Compact Tractor Specs Overview

The Kubota BX2370 Sub Compact tractor is very helpful to those people who want to work hard and earn money. Here in this post, we provide all details like its Mileage, Lift Capacity, Strength, Capacity of a fuel tank, Cubic capacity, and horsepower.

It is mostly used for yards and gardens. Its key specification is a powerful 23 horsepower Kubota diesel engine, 898cc, Drive type 4wd, standard power steering. Its large tire is well suited for garden work that is less slippage on a field operation.

That is well suited for long work. Kubota BX2370 sub-compact tractor is designed with 4-wheel drive that offers great traction for heavy-duty front loader work.

It has an operating voltage of 12v an alternator amperage is 40amps, and a battery size is 540cca. Kubota BX2370-1 Has a very nice meter panel which is technically the latest design for it. Kubota Mini Tractors Have an LCD Display For Fuel Level and Coolant Temperature on the right side. A tachometer is on the left side.

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 Kubota BX2370 Sub Compact Tractor Price

Price of Kubota BX2370 Sub Compact Tractor

kubota bx2370 prices is $13,416 (USD).

kubota bx2370 for sale

  • 2016 Kubota BX2370 with 420 hours for sale at $12,900.
  • 2017 Kubota BX2370 with 250 hours for sale at $14,500.
  • 2018 Kubota BX2370 with 150 hours for sale at $16,000.

Kubota BX 2370 Key Facts

  • Engine: Kubota D902, 3-cylinder diesel
  • Horsepower: 23 @ 3200 RPM
  • PTO Power: 17.7 @ 3200 RPM
  • Displacement: 54.8 cu. in.
  • Transmission: Hydrostatic, 2 forward/2 reverse speeds
  • Three-point hitch: Category 1
  • PTO: 17.7 horsepower
  • Dry weight: 1,410 lbs.
  • Fuel capacity: 6.6 gallons
  • Weight: 745 lbs

 Kubota Bx3070 Mini Tractor Features

Kubota Bx3070 Mini Tractor Features

Kubota BX2370 Engine

  • The engine type is D902.
  • 3 cylinders
  • Horsepower: 23HP
  • Power takes off  17.7 HP,
  • Displacement cubic capacity 898cc,
  • Engine-rated rpm is 3200.
  • Power take-off horsepower is 23HP etc.

 Kubota BX2370 Transmission

  • Gearbox system packed with hydrostatic 2 forward and 2 reverse gears.
  • It has multi-wet disk breaks
  • Power steering that is well suited for long work.
  • Its Axle capacity front is 1630lbs and its Axle capacity rear is 2120lbs.

 Kubota BX2370 Hydraulic System

  • Its hydraulic system is potent with a lift capacity of @24” behind pin is 680 (lbs), 310 (kg).
  • Its Pump output is 23.5l/min.
  • It has hydrostatic power steering, that provides effortless control and reduces operator fatigue and stress.

 Kubota BX2370 Sub Compact Tractor Specifications

Kubota BX2370 Sub Compact Tractor Specifications


Type D902
Cylinder 3
Cubic capacity 898cc
Horsepower 23hp
PTO Horsepower 17.7hp
Fuel Tank capacity 25 liter
Rated RPM 3200rpm


Gearbox 2 forward / 2 reverse
Clutch Live Independent. Wet Hydraulic Clutch
Pump output 23.5 L/min.
Axle capacity front 1630lb, 740kg
Axle capacity rear 2120lb, 960kg


Pump output 23.5 L/min
Lift capacity 310kg
3-point hitch Optional
Steering Hydrostatic Power Steering


Front – Truf/Bar/Industrial 18.5×8.5-10/18x 8.5-10 /18 x8.5-10
Rear  – Truf/Bar/Industrial 24×12-12 / 26×12-12 / 26×12-12


Alternator Standard
Battery voltage 12v
Charging Capacity 40 amps
Block heater Optional
Engine Shut-off Electric key Shut-off
Indicator lights A standard, dash-mounted switch
Instrument panel Illuminated
Lights Two halogen Headlights, rear work light optional
Optional Light Available
Gauges Engine temperature, fuel tank, digital tachometer, digital rpm, hour meter


Length with 3-point hitch 92.1 in. (2425mm)
Width (w/ turf tire) 44.5 in. (1130mm)
Height with ROPS 87.2 in. (2215mm)
Wheelbase 55.1 in. (1400mm)
Ground clearance (front axle) 8.7 in. (220mm)
Tread – Front 36.6 in. (930mm)
Tread – Rear 32.2 in. (820mm)
Turning radius (w/o brake) 7.5 ft. (2.3m)
Tractor weight 1410lbs. (640kg)


Rear PTO Standard
Rear PTO speed 540 rpm @ 3068 engine rpm(540 rpm @51.1r/s)
Mid PTO Standard (Operates Independent rear)
Mid-PTO speed 2500 rpm @ 3125 engine rpm (2500 rpm @ 52.1 r/s)


Steering Type Hydrostatic Power Steering
Differential lock- Rear axle Standard foot operated
Final Drive Shaft Drive
Brake type Wet Disks


Forward 0 – 8.4 mph (0 – 13.5 Km/h)
Reverse 0 – 6.2 mph (0 – 10.0 Km/h)


Non-commercial use 36 months, 2,000-hour limit
Commercial use 24 months, no hour limit
Powertrain purchasable Optional residential only

Kubota Bx2370 Attachments

  1. Mower deck: The Kubota BX2370 is compatible with a 54-inch or 60-inch mower deck, making it easier to handle larger lawns and fields.
  2. Front-end loader: A front-end loader can be attached to the Kubota BX2370, allowing you to carry and move heavy materials such as dirt, rocks, or mulch.
  3. Backhoe: A backhoe attachment can be added to the tractor, allowing you to dig holes, remove tree stumps, and perform other excavation tasks.
  4. Snow blower: A snow blower attachment can be used to clear snow from driveways and walkways during the winter months.
  5. Box blade: A box blade attachment can be used to level the ground or move soil, gravel, or other materials.
  6. Tiller: A tiller attachment can be used to prepare the soil for planting and to weed or rake between rows of crops.
  7. Grapple: A grapple attachment allows you to move and handle logs, brushes, and other large items.

Kubota bx2370 Reviews

The Kubota BX2370 is a popular subcompact tractor that is known for its durability, reliability, and versatility. It is powered by a 23-horsepower Kubota diesel engine and has a 12-speed transmission. The BX2370 also comes standard with a three-point hitch, a mid-PTO, and a rear-PTO.

The BX2370 is a popular choice for small farmers, ranchers, and hobbyists. It is well-suited for a variety of tasks, including mowing, plowing, and tilling. The BX2370 is also popular with homeowners who use it for landscaping and other maintenance tasks.

Full review YouTube video check here. 

Kubota BX2370 Problems

  • Engine Troubleshooting
  • Hydrostatic Transmission Troubleshooting
  • Hydrostatic Troubleshooting
  • Steering System Troubleshooting
  • Electrical Troubleshooting

kubota bx2370 parts

  1. Engine: The BX2370 is powered by a 23.5 horsepower Kubota D1105 engine. Common engine parts include an air filter, fuel filter, oil filter, spark plugs and spark plug wires.
  2. Transmission: The BX2370 features a three-speed manual transmission with hydrostatic drive. Common transmission parts include a clutch, drive belt and transmission fluid.
  3. Hydraulic System: The BX2370 features a three-point hitch and rear PTO. Common hydraulic components for this model include the hydraulic pump, hydraulic hoses and filter.
  4. Tires: The BX2370 features two sets of 18×8.5-10 front tires and 26×12.00-12 rear tires, including typical tire components such as tire beads, tubes and rims.
  5. Other Parts for Kubota BX2370s: Other essential Kubota BX2370 components include batteries, starters, alternatorss, lights and gauges.

kubota bx 2370 mowing

The Kubota BX2370 is a sub-compact tractor that can be used for mowing lawns. Here’s what you need to know about mowing with a Kubota BX2370:

  • The Kubota BX2370 can be used for mowing lawns.
  • The mower deck can be removed and installed on the Kubota BX series.
  • Attaching the belly mower to the Kubota BX can be made easy.
  • The Kubota BX2370 can be used to mow tall, wet grass.
  • There are videos available on YouTube that show the Kubota BX2370 mowing lawns.
  • The Kubota BX2370 can be used for other tasks, such as stump removal with a backhoe and seasonal work.

kubota bx 2370 oil change

Perform regular oil changes on your Kubota BX 2370 engine to keep it in optimal condition and ensure its engine runs efficiently. Here are the steps to follow according to the search results:

  • Warm Up the Engine: Before beginning an oil change process, it is highly recommended to warm up your engine for several minutes in order to facilitate better oil circulation and make draining simpler. Doing this will allow for smoother oil delivery and draining more smoothly.
  • Gather the Essential Tools and Materials: Before performing an oil change, ensure you have all of the required tools and materials ready: an oil filter, drain pan, funnel, and recommended type and amount of oil are essential tools. Ensure all are ready before embarking on your adventure!
  • Drain Old Oil: Locate and place an oil drain pan under your tractor, locate its oil drain plug, remove it, and let the old oil flow into it while also changing out your filter for a new one.
  • After draining is complete, replace and tighten the drain plug securely before using a funnel to add the necessary amount of new oil to the engine.
  • Check the Oil Level: Turn on the engine and allow it to run for several minutes to allow the new oil to circulate before checking with a dipstick to monitor the oil level and add more if necessary.
  • Dispose of Old Oil and Filters Properly: Carefully discard any old oils and filters you no longer require, such as pouring them down the drain or throwing it out in the trash.

Note: Always abide by the safety instructions in your Kubota operator’s manual when performing maintenance tasks, such as changing oil every 50-100 hours of use or at least annually.

kubota bx 2370 why throttle so stiff

There could be several reasons why the throttle on a Kubota BX 2370 is stiff. Here are some possible causes and solutions based on the search results:

  • Lubrication: Insufficient lubrication within the throttle control mechanism can cause it to become stiff. Check for any signs of dirt, debris, or lack of lubrication around the throttle linkage and pivot points. Applying a suitable lubricant as recommended by Kubota can help alleviate the stiffness.
  • Cable Tension: The throttle cable may be too tight or improperly adjusted, resulting in a stiff throttle. Check the cable tension and adjust it according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. The correct tension should allow for smooth and easy operation of the throttle lever.
  • Cable Routing: Improper cable routing or a misaligned cable can cause excessive friction and stiffness in the throttle. Ensure that the throttle cable is routed correctly, without any sharp bends or kinks that could impede smooth movement.
  • Mechanical Obstructions: Inspect the throttle linkage and associated components for any obstructions or physical damage. Objects, debris, or bent components can hinder the smooth operation of the throttle. Clearing any obstructions or addressing damaged parts may resolve the stiffness.
  • Wear and Tear: Over time, normal wear and tear can lead to increased resistance in the throttle mechanism. Components such as throttle cables, pivot points, or bushings may require maintenance or replacement to restore proper functionality.


I think it should be enough information to buy or sell this Kubota BX 2370 Tractor, but if you have any questions about this post then please comment for us, and we will try to solve your problem as soon as possible. Thank’s. Visit our Website at Commercialvehicleinfo.com for additional Details.

Kubota BX 2370 Price FAQ

How much does a Kubota 2370 weigh?

The weight of the Kubota 2370 tractor is 1410 lbs 639 kg and its Wheelbase is 55.1 inches 139 cm.

How long is a Kubota bx2370?

The Kubota 2370 tractor’s Height (ROPS) is 87.2 inches 221 cm and the Length is 95.5 inches 242 cm.

How much oil does a Kubota bx2370 hold?

The Kubota 2370 tractor’s Oil capacity is 3.3 qts 3.1 L and its Coolant capacity is 2.8 qts 2.6 L.

Where can I buy the Kubota BX2370?

You can purchase the Kubota BX2370 from authorized Kubota dealerships. They have the expertise and resources to provide you with the tractor and any additional accessories or attachments you may need.

Can I buy the Kubota BX2370 online?

Yes, some authorized Kubota dealerships offer online sales. You can visit their websites to browse available models, specifications, and pricing. Contact the dealer for further information on purchasing online.

What are the specifications of the Kubota BX2370?

Kubota BX2370 compact tractor features various specifications. These may include engine power, transmission type, lift capacity, weight, dimensions and fuel capacity – you can find more details in their product brochure or on their official website.

Where can I find the specifications for the Kubota BX2370?

Kubota BX2370 specifications can be found in its operator’s manual, product brochure or the official Kubota website. These sources offer extensive details regarding this tractor’s capabilities and features.

Are there different configurations available for the Kubota BX2370?

Yes, the Kubota BX2370 is available in different configurations with optional attachments and accessories. Consult with a Kubota dealer to explore the available options and customize the tractor to suit your specific needs.

Can I get a demonstration of the Kubota BX2370 before buying?

Many Kubota dealerships offer product demonstrations to potential customers. Contact your local Kubota dealer to inquire about arranging a demonstration of the BX2370 and its features.

What is the warranty period for the Kubota BX2370?

The warranty period for the Kubota BX2370 may vary depending on the region and the specific policies of the dealership. Contact your nearest authorized Kubota dealer for detailed warranty information.

Can I finance the purchase of the Kubota BX2370?

Yes, Kubota dealerships often offer financing options for their products, including the BX2370. You can discuss financing plans with the dealership’s finance department or inquire about available financing options on their website.

Are there any promotions or discounts available for the Kubota BX2370?

Kubota dealerships occasionally offer promotions, discounts, or special financing deals on their products. Check with your local Kubota dealer or visit their website to learn about any ongoing promotions for the BX2370.

Can I trade in my old tractor when purchasing the Kubota BX2370?

Many Kubota dealerships accept trade-ins when purchasing a new tractor. Contact your local dealer to discuss the possibility of trading in your old tractor and to receive an evaluation of its value.

What is the expected delivery time for the Kubota BX2370?

The delivery time for the Kubota BX2370 can vary depending on factors such as availability, customization, and location. Discuss delivery options and estimated timelines with your Kubota dealer.

Can I get maintenance and servicing for the Kubota BX2370 at the dealership?

Yes, Kubota dealerships provide maintenance and servicing for the BX2370. They have trained technicians who can perform routine maintenance, and repairs, and provide expert advice on keeping your tractor in optimal condition.

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