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TellPizzaHut Survey – Most of us need no introduction to Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut is one of the biggest restaurant chains around the globe and is extremely worried about the overall quality of service and satisfaction it offers its patrons.

Hence, the restaurant chain has introduced a customer satisfaction survey as TellPizzaHut Survey UK at, especially for the UK locations, where the customers can share Pizza Hut Feedback UK.

Imagine you’re a frequent pizza hut customer You’re always invited to check out their pizza restaurant. If you are the winner of this survey then it will award a cash prize.

pizza hut feedback will award you a £1,000 cash prize through a daily draw. Everyone who visits the restaurant can be part of this prize draw.

It is required to meet the terms and conditions, and follow the steps (guide steps) as outlined below for an entry into the cash survey that is free.


Why Survey

Survey TellPizzaHut is open to your input as well as your opinions and concerns. Pizza Hut wants to discuss the experiences you have had and learn the best way to implement changes.

Please provide your comments to help them examine the issues and fix them immediately in this Pizza Hut survey. The survey conducted by TellPizzaHut helps to improve the interaction between the customers and their company.

Two-way communication is practical and efficient for consumers and companies to exchange messages. Furthermore, communication creates a relationship between          n the customer and the business comfortable. You are now eligible to take the survey? But, The visitor needs to be aware of the Terms And Conditions.

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Pizza Hut Uk Customer Experience Survey Details

Topic Details
Survey Name Pizza Hut UK Customer Experience Survey
Survey URL
Survey Prize Win £1,000
Entry Methods Online and Mail
Survey Limit 1 per person, per receipt

TellPizzaHut UK Survey Reward

Daily Sweepstakes The restaurant chain gives its customers Pizza Hut customers a free Pizza Hut Cash Prize and 10 chances to be the winner of £1000 with every draw that is a daily mail-in entry.

The prize of the daily sweepstakes will be Paid According to the country of the winning country, In the Form of DKK 8000, £1,000, and £1,000.

Weekly Sweepstakes The prize pool is three (3) prizes per week and they will be awarded in the form of the amount of £500 or DKK 4000 and £500 at the discretion of the winning participant, in the prize’s currency and via check or money purchase. The Feedback Survey’s Rules of Conduct and requirements

Check out the Rules and Conditions to increase Your odds of winning.

  1. A visitor or customer of the Pizza Hut restaurant chain is expected to carry a valid receipt of their visit.
  2. Participants must have access to smart devices with a reliable internet connection, Such as a PC, Laptop or Smartphone.
  3. The person who wants to join must know either Spanish or English.
  4. To be eligible for this drawing You Need To Submit an Application By Post Via Email or on the Internet.
  5. In order to participate the applicants must be 18 or over.
  6. Only those who are legal residents of British, Danish, German, or Irish nationalities can take part.
  7. There isn’t any requirement for purchase or payment to leave feedback on the survey portal or participate in an event for cash prizes.
  8. A one (1) prize each day, of £1,000 with the help of a check or money order is awarded for the prizewinner.
  9. Employers, employee representatives, officers directors, or employees from the Pizza Hut restaurant chain and/or their immediate family members can’t be a part of the pizza hut delivery feedback uk.
  10. The winner of the prize draw is required acceptance of the prize as it was awarded and is not able to transfer, sell or exchange it.

Steps for winning the £1000 cash prize at Pizza Hut

  1. Go to Tellpizzahut UK Survey Portal at
  2. You must enter the Pizzahut Receipt Number and all the relevant information.
  3. Submit your Pizzahut Feedback or problems and fill out the feedback form.
  4. Fill in Your Personal Information To Complete the Survey.
  5. Complete the survey and receive your gratis entry to the £1000 weekly prize drawing.

How to Enter the Pizza Hut Customer Survey at – Detailed Guide

1. Go to tell Pizza Hut UK Survey Homepage at


2. You must agree to InMoment’s privacy guidelines and fill in the following information on the page Receipt number, amount of money spent, and Server Name.

3. For the first step, you must enter the date of your visit, and select if you’ve chosen “dining in” or “taking away.”

4. After entering the required information After completing the required information, the participant will be placed on an overview page. Answer or rate the questions/issues you’ve experienced within The Pizza Hut restaurant in complete honesty.

5. When you’re done, click the box that says YES to the question if you would like to participate in the Pizza Hut Survey Prize Draw.

6. You must now provide the following personal information to participate in the prize drawing event: Initial Name, Last Name Phone, and email address.

7. Then, complete your survey and receive your free entry into the daily draw for a £1000 everyday prize draw.

After you have completed the above steps after which you will be notified on your screen, which will say thank you for your support It means you’ve participated in this prize drawing successfully. Now, the winner must be patient for the establishment to reveal the winners of the draw.

TellPizzaHut Feedback Survey – Helpful Tips

  • Participants must enter them the personal information carefully and correctly in order to enter the prize draw in a successful manner.
  • Additionally, TellPizzaHut UK Survey participants must read the winners of the prize draw announcement. It is possible that you will get the chance of £1000.
  • All users are advised to keep track of their receipts every time they go to restaurants or retailers and pharmacies, as well as shops. Bring the receipt to us, give us your feedback, complete the survey online with us here, and you can win free food, cash, or gift card, as well as other prizes and rewards from surveys at our website
  • The Pizza Hut restaurant visitors who cannot share Pizza Hut Feedback UK or cannot enter the TellPizzaHut UK Survey prize draw at can share their issues below.

About Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut Inc. is the biggest pizza restaurant chain by both quantities of restaurants and market share. PepsiCo, Inc. subsidiary is responsible for more than 11,000 pizza eateries and supplies outlets in more than 90 countries.

The company was founded in October 1997. Tricon Global Restaurants, Inc. was scheduled to be a subsidiary following an upcoming spinoff from the restaurant operations of PepsiCo.

Pizza Hut was formed in Wichita, Kansas, in 1958 by Dan and Frank Carney. When a friend suggested that they open the restaurant as a pizza joint They decided that the concept is sensible and borrowed 600 dollars from their mother to establish a company along with their friend John Bender.

Carneys and Bender launched the first Pizza Hut Business in 1959 when they purchased a tiny building located at 503 South Bluff in downtown Wichita and then bought second-hand equipment to create pizzas.

The next time, Pizza Hut was organized in 1959 in Kansas as well as the initial franchise was founded by Dick Hassan in Topeka, Kansas.

Final Words

A lot of us don’t make the effort to inform companies of how well they’ve met our requirements. We are all busy. But, helping a large company like Pizza Hut will make them concentrate on what they need rather than what they do not want.

This helps us create an improved customer experience by conducting customer surveys like TellPizzaHut. These surveys can help you win substantial cash prizes and, most importantly. Not a bad deal, right?

Why are you here?

Go to right now and win your chance to get the £1000 cash prize!

FAQs – TellPizzaHut Survey

Where is my Pizza Hut survey code?

Visit the Guest Experience Survey site and input your “Feedback Code” to gain access. Your Feedback Code can be found on the back of your receipt from the store.

What is customer service for Pizza Hut?

1 (800) 948-8488

What is the customer satisfaction of Pizza Hut?

Its ACSI rating of 82% satisfaction from Pizza Hut is higher than the average of 80% reported by restaurants participating in the study. The ACSI is a nationwide economic indicator that measures customer satisfaction with the standard of the products and services accessible to the consumer of the household throughout the United States.

How to get free pizza hut?

  1. Get five slices for an. FREE CLASSIC OR PREMIUM SIDE.
  2. Collect seven pieces for an. FREE MEDIUM PIZZA.
  3. Take ten cuts for an. FREE LARGE PIZZA.

How do you use the Pizza Hut code?

Add the items you want to your shopping cart through Pizza Hut’s website. Add your items to the basket on the Pizza Hut website, and proceed to checkout. During checking out, you’ll find an option to add your discount or promo code. Just paste the code. Check your total to ensure your discount is reflected, and then follow the payment process.

Does Pizza Hut have a WhatsApp number?

Are you getting hungry? Please send us a message on WhatsApp 764-4HUT to make your order now.

Who owns Pizza Hut?

Yum Brands Inc. is a dining company that owns fast-service chain restaurants Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, KFC, and the fast-casual restaurant The Habit Burger Grill. Its headquarters are in Louisville, Ky. Yum Brands was originally part of PepsiCo, which began its restaurant operations in 1977 through the acquisition of Pizza Hut.

How many pizzas do I need for 20 adults?

For 20 adults, you need to purchase eight huge pizzas. It may appear to be an insignificant number. Still, there’s an ordering formula for pizza that will aid you in determining the right amount of pizza to order for any group. When serving adults during regular eating time, follow the rule of 3/8 pizza.

Is Pizza Hut successful?

Excellent customer service, top-quality pizza, and various new products have helped make the brand an international giant, reaching the following number by 2020. 17.600+ establishmentsShe is present across 110 nations and earns $11.955 billion in revenue annually.

Why is Pizza Hut popular?

As the pizza industry evolved, so did Pizza Hut. They constantly set new standards in creativity by introducing new concepts that transform the dining experience. In 1968, they put out the cult “Pan Pizza,” a deep-dish treat that became popular and is an integral part of their menu.

Which is more good Pizza Hut or Dominos?

Domino’s distinctive dough makes Domino’s pizza one of the most delicious compared to Pizza Hut. The dough is prepared fresh every day, sealed in a vacuum and made with a special recipe that results in crunchy pizza crusts on the outside but soft inside. Each bite is flavorful and memorable.

Can I pay cash at Pizza Hut?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Solo, Electron, JCB. In reality, all of our Huts are cashless.

How do you earn Pizza Hut Rewards?

How does your membership program work? You need to identify yourself when you visit any one of our locations that are participating when you visit, and our server will link your account to your guest’s check. Then, you’ll begin earning points towards future savings. To redeem a reward, you must earn at least 100 points.

How do I call Pizza Hut delivery?

Our brand new hotline is 0917-911-1111.

Is KFC owned by Pizza Hut?

Yum!Brands has more than 55,000 restaurants across more than 155 countries and territories that operate the company’s restaurant brands – KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and The Habit Burger Grill.

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