Kubota ssv65 Specs

Kubota ssv65 Specs

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Kubota ssv65 Price New

Kubota SSV65 Skid Steer Loader Price: $44,380 (Approx)

kubota ssv65 for sale

  • At Machinery Pete, they currently offer the 2022 Kubota SSV65 for $45,900 with its 65 horsepower engine, 44-inch lift height, 2,200-pound capacity lift capacity, cab with heat/AC functionality, as well as heat/AC control cab.
  • Fastline currently offers the 2020 Kubota SSV65 for sale for $34,900, featuring a 65-horsepower engine, 42-inch lift height, and 2,000-pound capacity. Furthermore, it comes equipped with both heat and air conditioning in its cab for user comfort.
  • Kubota Tractors currently offers the 2019 Kubota SSV65 for $41,500. Featuring a 65 horsepower engine and 44-inch lift height with a 2,200-pound capacity lift capacity – along with an air-conditioned cab.

Kubota ssv65 Specs Key Facts

  • Engine: Kubota D1105-E3B, 3-cylinder, direct-injection diesel engine
  • Horsepower: 65 hp @ 2,600 rpm
  • Torque: 174 lb-ft @ 1,800 rpm
  • Rated operating capacity: 2,200 lbs
  • Lift height: 44 in.
  • Travel speed: 7.2 mph forward, 5.6 mph reverse
  • Turning radius: 10.8 ft
  • Cab: Standard, with heat and air conditioning
  • Weight: 3,190 lbs
  • lift capacity: 1,950 lbs.
  • oil capacity: 7.5 L (1.98 US gal)

Kubota ssv65 Engine

Aspiration Turbocharged
Displacement 9745.5 cu in (0 m)
Engine Make Kubota
Engine Model V2607-CR-TE4
Gross Power 64 hp (48 kw)
Model Name SSV65
Number of Cylinders 4
Power Measured @ 2700 rpm

Kubota ssv65 Loader

Bucket Capacity 2616 cu yds (2,000 m)
Operating Load Rating 1950 lbs (885 kg)
Operating Width 69 in (175 cm)
Tipping Angle 3902.2 °

Kubota ssv65 Operating Specifications

Fuel Capacity 25.4 gal (96 l)
Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity 4.3 gal (16 l)
Operational Weight 7054.8 lbs (3,200 kg)

Kubota ssv65 Dimensions

Ground Clearance 8 in (20 cm)

kubota ssv65 attachments

The Kubota SSV65 skid-steer loader is compatible with a wide range of attachments, allowing users to customize the machine according to their specific tasks and requirements. Here are some common attachments that can be used with the Kubota SSV65:

  1. Bucket: The bucket attachment is the most commonly used attachment for skid-steer loaders. It allows for efficient material handlings, such as loading, carrying, and dumping of various materials like soil, gravel, or debris. Bucket sizes can vary to accommodate different job site needs.
  2. Pallet Forks: Pallet forks enable the SSV65 to lift and transport palletized materials, such as pallets of bricks, blocks, or other heavy items. They are commonly used in construction, warehouses, and landscaping applications.
  3. Grapple: Grapple attachments are ideal for handling irregularly shaped materials, logs, brushes, or debris. They provide a secure grip, making it easier to pick up and move items that may be difficult to manage with a bucket alone.
  4. ​Auger: Auger attachments are used for drilling holes in the ground for various purposes, such as fence post installation or planting trees. They come in different sizes and can be equipped with different types of auger bits to accommodate specific drilling needs.
  5. Trencher: Trencher attachments are designed to dig narrow trenches for tasks like installing utilities, irrigation systems, or drainage lines. They allow for precise digging, making it easier to create trenches of specific depths and widths.
  6. Brush Cutter: A brush cutter attachment is used for clearing vegetation, overgrown areas, or small trees. It is commonly used in landscaping, land clearing, and maintenance projects.
  7. Snow Blade/Snow Blower: These attachments are specifically designed for snow removal applications. Snow blades are used for pushing snow, while snow blowers are used for clearing larger amounts of snow by blowing it to the side.

Kubota ssv65 Dimensions Review

The Kubota ssv65 reviews is a compact skid steer loader that has garnered positive reviews for its performance and versatility. Users have praised its powerful engine and robust hydraulic system, which allow it to handle various tasks with ease.

The SSV65’s engine provides ample horsepower and torque, enabling it to tackle demanding jobs such as lifting heavy loads and pushing materials. Its hydraulic system ensures the smooth and precise operation of attachments, enhancing productivity on the job site.

One of the standout features of the SSV65 is its exceptional maneuverability. The compact design and tight turning radius allow it to navigate through narrow spaces and confined areas, making it ideal for construction sites, landscaping projects, and other applications that require precision in tight quarters. The skid steer loader’s responsive controls and intuitive operation further contribute to its maneuverability, enabling operators to easily navigate obstacles and execute tasks efficiently.

In terms of comfort and operator experience, the Kubota SSV65 shines. The spacious and ergonomically designed cab provides a comfortable working environment, reducing operator fatigue during long hours of operation.

The controls are conveniently placed and easy to reach, enhancing operator efficiency and reducing the learning curve for new users. The machine also offers excellent visibility, allowing operators to have a clear view of the surroundings, which is crucial for safety and precision.

Maintenance and durability are other aspects that receive positive feedback from users. The SSV65 is built with quality materials and robust construction, ensuring its longevity and reliability in demanding conditions. Routine maintenance tasks are straightforward, and access to key components is convenient, minimizing downtime and increasing overall productivity.

Kubota ssv65 Weight

Kubota SSV65 Fuel Capacity is 25.4 gal (96 l), Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity is 4.3 gal (16 l), and Operational Weight is 7054.8 lbs (3,200 kg).

kubota ssv65 hydraulic oil type

Kubota SSV65 skid-steer loaders typically require hydraulic oil meeting the ISO 46 viscosity grade. ISO 46 hydraulic oil is a widely-used type of hydraulic fluid used across multiple hydraulic systems and provides appropriate viscosity and lubricating properties necessary for optimal performance and protection of its hydraulic components.

For best results and extended longevity of hydraulic system use it is advised to consult either with the operator’s manual or Kubota dealer about choosing suitable type and specification of hydraulic oil for Kubota SSV65 skid steer loader models.

kubota ssv65 high flow

The Kubota SSV65 skid steer loader has a high-flow hydraulic option that increases the standard hydraulic flow from 18.0 GPM to 28.0 GPM. The high-flow option is available on certain models, such as the SSV65 and SSV75.

The high-flow option allows for increased hydraulic power and faster attachment speeds. The Kubota SSV65 also has a rugged loader arm design with a long reach and high bucket hinge pin. To maintain the high-flow hydraulic system, it is important to regularly check and replace the hydraulic oil filter.

kubota ssv65 problems

While the Kubota SSV65 is a reliable skid-steer loader, like any machinery, it may encounter some issues. Here are a few potential problems that users have reported with the Kubota SSV65:

  1. Hydraulic Leaks: Some users have experienced hydraulic leaks in the SSV65, which can lead to reduced performance and fluid loss. It is important to regularly inspect the hydraulic system and promptly address any leaks to prevent further damage.
  2. Electrical Issues: A few users have reported electrical problems with the SSV65, such as issues with the wiring, switches, or controls. These issues can affect the operation of the loader and may require professional assistance to diagnose and repair.
  3. Engine Troubles: While the Kubota V2607-DI engine is generally reliable, some users have encountered issues such as starting difficulties, loss of power, or excessive exhaust smoke. These problems may be related to fuel system issues, filters, or other engine components and should be addressed by an authorized Kubota service provider.
  4. Wear and Tear: As with any heavy equipment, the SSV65 may experience wear and tear over time, especially with regular use in demanding conditions. Components like tires, tracks, bucket teeth, and hydraulic hoses may need replacement or maintenance to ensure optimal performance.

kubota ssv65 parts diagram

kubota ssv65 parts diagram

kubota ssv65 parts diagrams

Kubota dealer near me


the Kubota SSV65 skid-steer loader offers a powerful and reliable solution for various industries and applications. With its 64-horsepower engine and 4-cylinder configuration, it delivers the necessary power and performance to tackle demanding tasks with ease. The operating capacity of 1,950 pounds provides ample lifting capability, allowing for efficient material handling and loading operations.

The SSV65’s operating weight, whether with a canopy or cab, ensures stability and balance during operation, enhancing safety and control. Additionally, its 21.1-gallon fuel tank capacity provides extended working hours without frequent refueling, promoting uninterrupted productivity on the job site.

With a robust hydraulic system and versatile attachment compatibility, the SSV65 offers enhanced versatility and productivity, making it a valuable asset in construction, landscaping, agriculture, and other industries. Overall, the Kubota SSV65 skid-steer loader combines power, reliability, and versatility to meet the diverse needs of operators and deliver exceptional performance in various applications.

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How high can Kubota SSV65 lift?

The auto-leveling function can maintain the level of the fork or bucket while the attachment is lifted and lowers it, removing the requirement to adjust manually the angle in this procedure. Kubota’s distinctive vertical lift design offers an impressively large distance that is 32.7 inches (SSV65) or 36.9 inches (SSV75).

How much does an SSV65 weigh?

Kubota SSV65 Wheel Skid Steer Loader Specifications: Operating Weight: 6790 lbs (3080 kg).

How much does a Kubota 65 weigh?

Total height (top of the cab): 79.9″ Overall width (with bucket): 68″ / 74.4″ Operating weight (ROPS Cab): 8035 pounds. (8465 lbs).

How fast is the Kubota SSV 65?

Shifting between low gear at 6.9mph for SSV65 models and 7.4 mph for SSV75 will accelerate work faster. To make sure it happens efficiently, switch from low to high gear at 111.1 mph (SSV65) or 11.8mph (SSV75).

What is the difference between Kubota SSV65 and SSV75?

The SSV65 boasts a rated operating capacity of 1,950 pounds and bucket breakout force of 4,839 pounds, while the SSV75 features a higher capacity loader with 5,884-pound bucket breakout force for added efficiency in load dumping operations into 10-foot side dump trucks.

What is the max height of a Kubota SSV65?

The SSV65 has a rated operating capacity of 1950 pounds and a maximum lift height of ten feet.

Where can I buy the Kubota SSV65 skid steer loader?

You can purchase the Kubota SSV65 from authorized Kubota dealerships. These dealerships are spread across various regions and can be easily found through the Kubota website or by contacting Kubota customer support.

Are there any online platforms where I can buy the Kubota SSV65?

Yes, Kubota has partnered with several online platforms that sell their equipment. Websites such as MachineryTrader, EquipmentTrader, and eBay often have listings for the Kubota SSV65.

What is the price range for the Kubota SSV65 skid steer loader?

The price of the Kubota SSV65 can vary depending on factors such as location, optional attachments, and any ongoing promotions. It is best to contact your local Kubota dealership or check online platforms for the most accurate pricing information.

Are there financing options available for purchasing the Kubota SSV65?

Yes, Kubota dealerships often provide financing options to make purchasing the SSV65 more affordable. These options can include leasing, installment plans, or equipment financing.

Can I test drive the Kubota SSV65 before purchasing?

Many Kubota dealerships offer test drives or demonstrations of their equipment, including the SSV65. Contact your local dealership to inquire about test drive availability.

What are the specifications of the Kubota SSV65 skid steer loader?

The Kubota SSV65 is equipped with a powerful Kubota engine, has a rated operating capacity of approximately 2,100 pounds, and offers a breakout force of around 4,766 pounds. It has a lifting height of approximately 10 feet.

Are there different configurations or models of the Kubota SSV65?

The Kubota SSV65 is a specific model within the Kubota skid steer loader lineup. However, Kubota offers various models and configurations within their skid steer loader range, catering to different requirements and budgets.

Can I customize the Kubota SSV65 with additional attachments?

Yes, the Kubota SSV65 can accommodate an array of attachments, such as buckets, pallet forks and augers. All can be purchased individually and easily installed onto the machine.

How can I find out more about the warranty coverage for the Kubota SSV65?

Warranty details on a Kubota SSV65 can be obtained from your local dealership, who will provide information regarding its duration, coverage and any terms and conditions applicable.

Can I find used Kubota SSV65 skid steer loaders for sale?

Yes, there is a market for used Kubota SSV65 skid steer loaders. You can check with authorized Kubota dealerships, online platforms, or local equipment auctions to find used units available for purchase.

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