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Bobcat 763G

Bobcat 763G Price

763G Wheel Skid Steers Price: USD $15,900

Bobcat 763G Weight

Operating Weight: 5408 lb

Bobcat 763G Horsepower

763G Horsepower: 46 hp

Bobcat 763G Digging Depth

Max Digging Depth: 48 inches 122 cm

 Serial Numbers

  • 6589259
  • 6812504
  • 6809207

Bobcat 763G Key Features

  • BICS System (Interlock)
  • Operating Lights
  • Auxiliary Hydraulics
  • Bob-Tach Attachment System

Bobcat 763G

Bobcat 763G Specifications

Key Specs

46 hp
Rated Operating Capacity (ISO)
1,500 lb
Operating Weight
5408 lb
Auxiliary High Flow
25 gal/min


Engine Cooling
Engine Fuel
46 hp
Turbocharged Engine


Rated Operating Capacity (ISO)
1,500 lb
Tipping Load
3000 lb
Operating Weight
5408 lb

Hydraulic System

Auxiliary High Flow
25 gal/min


130.1 in
68 in
77.3 in
Height to Bucket Hinge Pin
114.5 in
Reach @ Maximum Height
16.5 in
40.6 in

Bobcat 763G Review

The Bobcat 763G is a dependable and adaptable skid steer loader that’s been a favored choice among construction and landscaping experts for a long time. People like it because it’s strong, not too big, and simple to use.

For more details check out youtube video

Bobcat 763G Attachments

Buckets Hydraulic augers
Grapple buckets Pallet forks
Harley rakes Sweepers
4-in-1 buckets Brush cutter
Trenchers Stump grinders

Bobcat 763G Common Problems

Hydraulic Issues:

Hydraulic failure is a regular issue with the Bobcat 763G. In the event of a breakdown in the hydraulic system, the arms, bucket, and other implements Attached to the machine will be unable to be raised, lowered, or tilted. Several things may go wrong with hydraulics and cause this, Including insufficient fluid, leaking lines, and broken pumps..

Electrical Problems:

The Bobcat 763G is prone to electrical problems, Among others. When the electricity goes off, the machine may not turn on or may start acting up in unexpected ways. Possible culprits include a dying battery, Defective wiring, or inaccurate sensor readings.

Engine Issues:

Diesel engines, which power the Bobcat 763G, have a variety of problems. Hard starting, heavy smoke, And power loss are typical issues. Several things, such as clogged filters, poor fuel pressure, And worn or broken engine parts, Might contribute to these problems.

Transmission Problems:

There may be problems with the Bobcat 763G’s transmission as well. Slipping, jerking, and incorrect shifting are typical issues. Low transmission fluid levels, Worn or broken transmission parts, A defective torque converter, or any of these things might be the root of these problems.

Tires and Tracks:

Last but not least, Over time, The Bobcat 763G’s tracks and Tyres may need to be Changed. In addition, If the tyres or tracks are not Correctly filled, The machine may have diminished performance and handling.


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Bobcat 763G – FAQ

Q. What Year Was 763G Bobcat Made?

Ans. Year(s) of Production: 1999 – 2000

Q. How much does A Bobcat 763G weigh?

Ans. Operating Weight, 5408 lb (2,435 kg)

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