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The Bobcat S650 is a robust skid-steer loader designed for a wide range of applications in the construction and landscaping industries.

It is equipped with a 54.6 – 74.3 hp engine, an operating weight of 3656 – 3777 kg, and a rated operating capacity of 1220 – 1282 kg. With a tipping load of 2564 kg and a lift height of 3.1 m, the S650 is a versatile and powerful machine suitable for various tasks such as loading, lifting, and dumping.

Bobcat S650 Specs,

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Bobcat S650 Price

Bobcat s650 Price:  $44,000 USD (Approx)

Bobcat s650For Sale

Bobcat Dealerships: Visit the official Bobcat website or reach out to authorized Bobcat dealerships in your area. They can provide you with information about available inventory, pricing, and any ongoing sales or promotions.

Online Marketplaces: Check popular online marketplaces such as eBay, MachineryTrader, and EquipmentTrader. These platforms often have listings from dealers and individual sellers offering new and used construction equipment, including the Bobcat S650.

Local Classifieds: Browse local classified ads in newspapers or online platforms specific to your region. Sometimes, individuals or local businesses may advertise equipment for sale.

Bobcat s650 Skid Steer Loader Key Facts

  • bobcat s650 Horsepower: 74 hp
  • Rated Operating Capacity (SAE): 2,690 lb
  • Operating Weight: 8061 lb
  • Auxiliary Std Flow: 23 gal/min
  • Auxiliary High Flow: 30.5 gal/min
  • Joystick Control: Optional

Bobcat S650 Specs


Emissions Tier (EPA)  Tier 4
Engine Cooling  Liquid
Engine Fuel  Diesel
Horsepower 74 hp
Turbocharged Engine Optional


Rated Operating Capacity (SAE) 2,690 lb
Tipping Load 5380 lb
Operating Weight 8061 lb
Travel Speed 7.1 mph
Travel Speed (2-speed option) 12.3 mph


Fuel Tank 23.9 gal


System Relief @ Quick Couplers 3,500 psi
Auxiliary Std Flow 23 gal/min
Auxiliary High Flow 30.5 gal/min


Length 136.8 in
Length without Attachment 108.4 in
Length with Standard Bucket 136.8 in
Width 72.1 in
Width (with bucket) 74 in
Height 81.3 in
Height with Operator Cab 81.3 in
Height to Bucket Hinge Pin 124 in
Reach @ Maximum Height 31.5 in
Turning Radius 82.9 in
Wheelbase 45.3 in


 Joystick Control Optional
 Air Conditioning Optional
 Adjustable Seat Standard
 Backup Alarm Standard
 BICS System (Interlock) Standard
 Cab Enclosure Optional
 Sound Option Optional
 Cab Heater Optional
 Operating Lights Standard
 Parking Brake Standard
 Radio Optional
 Rear Window Standard
 Top Window Standard
Lift-Arm Support Standard
Seat Belt Standard
Suspension Seat Standard
Two Speed Travel Optional
Deluxe Instrumentation Optional
Engine Shutdown Standard
Hydraulic Bucket Positioning Optional
High Flow Option Optional
Auxiliary Hydraulics Standard
Spark Arrestor Muffler Standard
Bob-Tach Attachment System Standard
Power Bob-Tach Optional
ACS (Switchable Controls) Optional
Ride Control Optional
Rear Hydraulics Optional
Horn Standard

Key Specification

Horsepower 74 hp
Rated Operating Capacity (ISO) 2,690 lb
Operating Weight 8061 lb
Auxiliary Std Flow 23 gal/min
Joystick Control

Bobcat s650 Features & Benefits


  1. Vertical Lift Capability: The S650 boasts a vertical lift path, facilitating increased lifting capacity and forward reach maximum lift height. This capability renders it highly suitable for tasks like truck loading and pallet handling.

  2. Wide Array of Attachments: The S650 is compatible with an extensive range of attachments, enabling it to handle diverse applications where robust lifting capacity is essential.

  3. Forward Cab Design: Featuring a forward cab design, the S650 offers improved visibility for the operator. It incorporates large windows on the sides and top, further enhancing the operator’s field of vision.

  4. Versatile Control Options: The S650 provides multiple control options, including foot pedal controls, Bobcat’s Advanced Control System, or Selectable Joystick Controls.

  5. Enhanced Productivity: In its deluxe version, the S650 incorporates productivity-enhancing features such as keyless start and hydraulic bucket positioning, which not only boost efficiency but also grant access to valuable data.

  6. Comfort and Serviceability: The S650 comes equipped with a pressurized cab, ensuring enhanced operator comfort and reduced noise levels. Additionally, it offers full-access serviceability, simplifying maintenance and repair tasks.

  7. Superior Lift Arms: Equipped with top-tier lift arms, the S650 contributes to its overall loader performance advantages.

  8. Smart Cooling System: The S650’s design includes smart cooling features to prevent overheating and ensure peak performance.

  9. Comprehensive Instrumentation: The S650 incorporates instrumentation that provides valuable notifications and access to data, further enhancing overall productivity.


  1. Enhanced Lifting Capacity and Reach: Thanks to its vertical lift path, the S650 can handle greater lifting capacities and forward reaches, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of tasks.

  2. Exceptional Versatility: With its wide range of attachments and compatibility with various tools, the S650 stands as a versatile machine capable of handling diverse applications.

  3. Improved Operator Visibility: The forward cab design and expansive windows on the S650 enhance operator visibility, promoting safety and operational efficiency.

  4. Elevated Productivity: The S650’s features, including keyless start and hydraulic bucket positioning (in the deluxe version), significantly contribute to heightened productivity and efficiency.

  5. Operator Comfort: The pressurized cab and reduced noise levels in the S650 create a comfortable working environment for the operator.

  6. Effortless Maintenance: The full-access serviceability of the S650 simplifies maintenance and repair procedures, minimizing downtime.

  7. Reliable Performance: The S650’s design and features, including superior lift arms and intelligent cooling, ensure dependable performance and elevated productivity.

Bobcat S650 Attachments

Angle Broom – 68 Bobcat S650
Angur – 35PH Bobcat S650
Angur – 50PH Bobcat S650
Angur Drive Unit- 12PH Bobcat S650
Angur Drive Unit- 14PH Angur - 35PH
Angur Drive Unit- 20PH Angur - 35PH
Angur Drive Unit- 25PH Angur - 35PH
Automatic Grade Control laser Automatic Grade Control laser
Backhoe – 8811 Backhoe - 8811
Backhoe – 9BH Backhoe - 9BH

Bobcat s650 Problems

Hydraulic Leaks:

Some users have experienced hydraulic fluid leaks in their Bobcat S650. These leaks can occur due to worn or damaged hydraulic hoses, fittings, seals, or other components. Regular inspection and maintenance of the hydraulic system can help identify and address potential leaks.

Electrical Issues:

Electrical problems can arise, such as faulty wiring connections, blown fuses, or malfunctioning switches. These issues can affect the proper functioning of various electrical systems, including lights, gauges, or controls. Proper troubleshooting and repair by a qualified technician are recommended.

Engine Performance:

Some users have reported issues with the engine performance of the Bobcat S650, such as rough idling, lack of power, or stalling. These issues can be caused by various factors, including fuel system problems, clogged filters, or faulty sensors. Regular maintenance and timely servicing can help prevent or address these issues.

Drive System Problems:

Users have occasionally experienced issues with the drive system, such as loss of traction, difficulty in turning, or uneven wheel movement. These problems may be due to worn-out drive belts, damaged sprockets, or problems with the hydraulic drive motor. It’s essential to inspect and maintain the drive system components regularly.

Component Wear and Tear:

Over time, various components of the Bobcat S650 can wear out and require replacement. This includes items like tires, bearings, bushings, and wear parts for attachments. Regular inspections and preventive maintenance can help identify worn-out components before they cause significant problems.

Bobcat S650 Overview

The S650 strikes an impressive balance, providing excellent lift capabilities, fast cycle times and powerful breakout forces, but with simplified options and configurations. The result is high productivity, reliability and versatility at a great value.

Designed to deliver powerful hydraulic performance, high torque and impressive maneuverability, this proven skid-steer loader quickly tackles the tough jobs.

The S650 offers exceptional jobsite versatility to accomplish more with one machine. The S650 powers a wide range of attachments that make it the go-to machine on virtually any jobsite.

Bobcat S650 Skid-Steer Loader Review

The Bobcat S650 skid-steer loader is a versatile and powerful machine that is well-suited for a variety of applications, including construction, landscaping, and agriculture. It is powered by a 60-horsepower Tier 4 diesel engine and has a rated operating capacity of 2,690 pounds. The S650 also features a vertical lift path, which makes it well-suited for heavy lifting and truck loading.

Full review YouTube video check here. 

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Bobcat S650 FAQ

What is the Bobcat S650 skid-steer loader?

The Bobcat S650 is a vertical lift path skid-steer loader in the 600 frame size. It is designed to deliver powerful hydraulic performance, high torque, and impressive maneuverability.

How much horsepower is the bobcat s650?

bobcat s650 horsepower 74

How much does the Bobcat S 650 weigh?

The operating weight of the Bobcat S650 is 8,061 pounds

What is the Bobcat S650’s lifting capacity?

The Bobcat S650 has a rated operating capacity of 2,690 pounds

What is the bobcat s650 oil filter serial number?

bobcat s650 oil filter serial number 7012303

What is the loader serial number plate for the Bobcat S650?

The loader serial number plate for the Bobcat S650 is located on the outside of the loader and includes the serial number for the oil filter.

What is the horsepower of the Bobcat S650?

The horsepower of 74 hp.

What is the tipping load of the Bobcat S650?

The tipping load is 5,380 pounds.

What is the travel speed of the Bobcat S650?

The travel speed is up to 7.1 mph.

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