Bobcat mt85 Specs & Prices 2022

The Bobcat MT85 miniature track loader has a rated operating weight of 850 pounds. This is 35 percent more than the Bobcat MT55. The lift height is 11% higher and the lift arm breakout force has increased by 29%. It travels at 4mph and has 6 inches more track.

The loader is controlled by two ISO joysticks. The left-hand joystick controls the drive function, while the right-hand joystick controls the lift and tilt functions.

The auxiliary hydraulic flow is controlled by a new safety/operator presence pedal for attachments. When the attachment has detent hydraulic flow, the pedal must be activated.

There are two track widths available: 44 inches for wide tracks and 36 inches for narrow tracks.

Bobcat mt85

Bobcat mt85 Performance Features

  • Minimal Ground Disturbance
  • Compact size
  • Simple operation
  • Safety features
  • Performance advantage

Bobcat mt85 Specs


Reach at Max Lift and Dump 1.6 ft (0 m)
Width Over Tracks 3 ft (1 m)


Displacement 3356.4 cu in (0 m)
Emission Tier Level Tier 4
Fuel Diesel
Horsepower – Gross 24.8 hp (18 kw)
Number of Cylinders 3

Hydraulic System

Pump Flow 12 gal/min (45 l/min)
Relief Valve Pressure 2900 psi


Operating Load 850 lbs (386 kg)
Tipping Angle 2458 °

Operating Specifications

Fuel Capacity 7 gal (27 l)
Operating Weight 3103 lbs (1,408 kg)
Travel Speed 4.1 mph (7 kph)


Ground Pressure 4.9 psi

Bobcat mt85 Weight

Fuel Capacity 7 gal (27 l)
Operating Weight 3103 lbs (1,408 kg)
Travel Speed 4.1 mph (7 kph)

Bobcat mt85 Attachments

The MT85 mini-track loader now has the common industry interface (CII). Customers who are used to the pin-on design of this interface will be able to use the CII to match it to a Bobcat mini track loader. The CII interface has new attachments for Bobcats:

  • Auger
  • Buckets: 36 or 44 inches
  • Hydraulic breaker
  • Pallet fork
  • Trencher

Bobcat mt85 Review Video

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Bobcat mt85 FAQ

How much can a Bobcat MT85 lift?

The lift capacity of Bobcat MT85 is 850 lbs

How much does a Bobcat MT85 way?

The weight of Bobcat MT85 is 3,100 lbs., the 2,400-lb