Bobcat mt85 Specs, Price, Weight, Features, Horsepower, Oil Capacity, Attachments, & Review

The Bobcat MT85 miniature track loader has a rated operating weight of 850 pounds. This is 35 percent more than the Bobcat MT55. The lift height is 11% higher and the lift arm breakout force has increased by 29%. It travels at 4mph and has 6 inches more track.

For operator safety, a new pedal controls the attachments’ extra hydraulics. Pressing the pedal disables the attachment’s hydraulics bobcat skid steer.

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Bobcat mt85 Price

Bobcat mt85

Bobcat mt85 Original Price: $29,295.00 USD

Bobcat mt85 for sale

There are many Bobcat MT85s for sale online and in classifieds. The price of a used Bobcat MT85 will vary depending on the year, condition, and number of hours on the machine. Here are a few examples of Bobcat MT85s for sale:

2012 Bobcat MT85 with 1,000 hours for sale on Machinery Pete for $25,000.

2011 Bobcat MT85 with 2,000 hours for sale on Kijiji for $18,000

2010 Bobcat MT85 with 3,000 hours for sale on Craigslist for $15,000.

Here are some tips for buying a used Bobcat MT85:

  • Inspect the machine carefully for any damage.
  • Have the machine inspected by a qualified mechanic.
  • Check the machine’s history and maintenance records.
    Negotiate the price.
  • Make sure you Are comfortable with the Machine Before you buy it.

Bobcat mt85 Key facts

  • Horsepower – Gross: 24.8 hp (18 kw)
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Operating Load: 850 lbs (386 kg)
  • Fuel Capacity: 7 gal (27 l)
  • Operating Weight: 3103 lbs (1,408 kg)
  • Oil capacity: 1 gallon
  • lift capacity: 850 lbs

Bobcat mt85 Performance Features

  • Minimal Ground Disturbance
  • Compact size
  • Simple operation
  • Safety features
  • Performance advantage

Bobcat mt85 Specs


Reach at Max Lift and Dump 1.6 ft (0 m)
Width Over Tracks 3 ft (1 m)


Displacement 3356.4 cu in (0 m)
Emission Tier Level Tier 4
Fuel Diesel
Horsepower – Gross 24.8 hp (18 kw)
Number of Cylinders 3

Hydraulic System

Pump Flow 12 gal/min (45 l/min)
Relief Valve Pressure 2900 psi


Operating Load 850 lbs (386 kg)
Tipping Angle 2458 °

Operating Specifications

Fuel Capacity 7 gal (27 l)
Operating Weight 3103 lbs (1,408 kg)
Travel Speed 4.1 mph (7 kph)


Ground Pressure 4.9 psi

Bobcat mt85 Weight

Fuel Capacity 7 gal (27 l)
Operating Weight 3103 lbs (1,408 kg)
Travel Speed 4.1 mph (7 kph)

Bobcat mt85 Problems

Engine difficulties:

Starting, idling, and stalling are common engine issues. Fuel system, spark plug, or air intake blockages may cause these issues.

Hydraulic System Malfunctions:

The hydraulic system powers loader attachments and functions. Slow hydraulic performance, leaks, and sluggish controls have been noted. Hydraulic fluid leaks, clogged filters, and malfunctioning components may create these concerns.

Track or Drive System Issues:

The Bobcat MT85 is a compact track loader. Users have complained tracks coming off, limited traction, and difficulty maneuvering. Track tension, sprocket damage, and worn parts may cause these issues.

Electrical System Issues:

Electrical issues can cause lighting, instrument panel readings, and power loss. Loose connections, blown fuses, or damaged wiring may create these concerns.


If the machine is used for long periods in hot weather, it may overheat. A broken cooling system, clogged radiator, or low coolant could cause it.

Bobcat mt85 Attachments

  • MT85 buckets may be used for a range of jobs, including digging, grading, and transporting goods. These buckets include general-purpose, digging, grading, and material handling buckets.
  • Pallets, containers, and other big, heavy things may all be lifted and moved with the help of forks.
  • Trenchers: A trencher attachment is used to dig trenches for various purposes, such as laying landscaping or utility lines.
  • Augers: A drill attachment called an auger can be used to drill holes for foundations, fences, and other things.
  • Brooms: Debris, leaves, and other items can be removed from surfaces with a broom attachment.
  • A grapple attachment can be used to pick up and transport heavy materials with irregular shapes, such as boulders and logs.

Bobcat MT85 Rental

Sure, here are some places where you can rent a Bobcat MT85:

Local rental stores: Many local rental stores have Bobcat MT85s available for rent. You can Usually find These stores by searching Online or in the phone Book.

Online rental companies: There are also a number of online rental companies that rent Bobcat MT85s. These companies often have wider availability than local rental stores, and they may offer lower prices.

Construction equipment dealers: Construction equipment dealers often rent Bobcat MT85s. This is a good option if you need a Bobcat MT85 for a long-term project.

When Renting a Bobcat MT85, be sure To ask About the following:

The rental price: The rental price will vary Depending on the length of the rental period, The location Of the rental, and the type of Machine.

The deposit: The rental company will usually require a deposit, which will be refunded when the machine is returned in good condition.

The insurance: The rental company may require you to purchase insurance for the machine.
The delivery and pickup: The rental company may charge a fee for delivery and pickup of the machine.

Bobcat mt85 parts

Here are some of the most common Bobcat MT85 parts:

  • Engine: The engine is the heart of the Bobcat MT85. It Provides power to the Machine and is responsible for Keeping it running.
  • Cooling system: The cooling System keeps The engine cool and prevents it from Overheating.
  • Hydraulic system: The hydraulic system powers the machine’s movements. It is responsible for lifting the bucket, moving the loader arms, and driving the machine.
  • Cab: The cab is where the operator sits and controls the machine. It is important to keep the cab clean and free of debris to ensure a clear view of the work area.
  • Bucket: The bucket is used to move material. It is important to keep the bucket clean and free of debris to ensure efficient material handling.
  • Loader arms: The loader arms lift and lower the bucket. They are important for precise material handling.
  • Drive system: The drive system moves the machine forward, backward, and sideways. It is important To keep the drive system Clean and lubricated to ensure Smooth operation.

Bobcat mt85 parts diagram

bobcat mt85 parts diagram

Bobcat mt85 tracks

Sure, here are some Bobcat MT85 tracks:

  •  Rubber Tracks
  •  Steel Tracks:
  •  Hybrid Tracks:


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Bobcat mt85 Review

The Bobcat MT85 was a small track loader that’s not made anymore. People liked it because it was small, could do many different jobs, and was easy to move around. It was commonly used for landscaping, construction, and smaller projects.

For more details check out youtube video


Bobcat mt85 FAQs

What attachments can be used with the Bobcat mt85?

The Bobcat mt85 comes with a quick attach system that allows you to use various attachments depending on your task at hand. Some popular attachments include pallet forks, augers, backhoes, brooms, grapples, mulchers, brush cutters and snowplows. With these attachments you can tackle any job in the construction industry!

What is in a bobcat mt85 engine?

The MT85 is designed for contractors, landscapers, and some farming applications and boasts improvements in power, lifting capacity, and stability. The vehicle has a higher forward travel speed of 4 miles per hour and a lower reverse travel speed of 2.3 miles per hour, both powered by a 25 horsepower, Tier 4 Final engine.

What is the bobcat mt85 width?

The Bobcat MT85 or MT55 micro track loaders, which have rated working capacity of 850 and 550 pounds, are the ideal addition to your fleet. Both models, which are under 35.6 inches broad and under 85 inches long without an attachment, can go where other machines cannot.

 What is the operating capacity of the Bobcat MT85?

The rated operating capacity of the Bobcat MT85 is 850 pounds (386 kg).

How much does the Bobcat MT85 weigh?

The operating weight of the Bobcat MT85 is approximately 3,375 pounds (1,530 kg).

What is the maximum travel speed of the Bobcat MT85?

The maximum travel speed of the Bobcat MT85 is 4 mph (6.4 km/h).

What is the engine power of the Bobcat MT85?

The Bobcat MT85 is equipped with a 24.8 horsepower (18.5 kW) diesel engine.

What is the tipping load of the Bobcat MT85?

The tipping load of the Bobcat MT85 is 2,425 pounds (1,100 kg).

Can the Bobcat MT85 operate on uneven terrain?

Yes, the Bobcat MT85’s compact size and track system allow it to operate on various terrains, including uneven surfaces.

What type of tracks does the Bobcat MT85 have?

The Bobcat MT85 is equipped with rubber tracks, providing traction and stability while minimizing damage to sensitive surfaces.

Does the Bobcat MT85 have a cab enclosure?

No, the Bobcat MT85 does not come with a cab enclosure.
It is an open-air machine.

How often should I service the Bobcat MT85?

It is recommended to follow the maintenance schedule outlined in the machine’s operator manual.
Regular maintenance intervals usually involve checking fluids, filters, and components, as well as lubricating moving parts.

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