The Bobcat 864 track loader was the company’s initial entry into the market for tiny tracked machines; it is still a dependable and durable piece of equipment.

In this article, you will learn a lot about the Bobcat 864/T200, including when it was released and what features it has. Previous iterations of the Bobcat 864 will be analyzed in light of the current one to see how they stack up. If you need a small loader that can do it all, look no further; this is the machine for you. It’s ideal for construction and landscaping jobs.

Bobcat 864 Specs

Bobcat 864 Specs


Bucket hinge pin 121 in (307 cm)
Length – with Bucket 11.4 ft (3 m)
Overall height 6.8 ft (2 m)
Width 6.2 ft (2 m)


Aspiration Turbo-charged
Displacement 177.6 cu in (0 m)
Engine Make Deutz
Engine Model BF4M1011F
Net Power 73.5 hp (55 kw)
Number of Cylinders 4

Hydraulic System

Pump Flow 18 gal/min (68 l/min)


Tipping Load 5714.4 lbs (2,592 kg)

Operating Specifications

Operating Weight 18078 lbs (8,200 kg)
Travel Speed 6.1 mph (10 kph)


Ground Pressure 5.5 psi

Bobcat 864 Lift Capacity

Bobcat 864 lift capacity is 2,000 pounds

Bobcat 864 Weight

Bobcat 864 operating weight is 8,080 lbs.

Bobcat 864 Review

The Bobcat 864 is a compact track loader made between 1999 and 2001. It’s equipped with a 73-horsepower Kubota V3307-T diesel engine and can carry up to 2,000 pounds. The 864 is admired for being versatile, powerful, and long-lasting.

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