Cat D10: This Caterpillar D10 dozer is equipped with a 600-horsepower C27 diesel engine to a static clutch with a torque divider.

The operating weight is 154,700 lbs The intervals for oil change have been increased and fuel lines have been incorporated to increase the reliability.

Performance gains include a four-percent lower fuel usage as well as a 3 percent improvement in productivity According to Caterpillar.

The crawler dozer is equipped with high-horsepower reverse that can provide up 20% more horsepower when using reverse gears.

Hydraulics that sense load provides oil flow only when required, which reduces the amount of draw that is parasitic to help increase energy to the ground.

When combined with single-plane cooling, the upgrades boost the efficiency of operation by as much as 6 percent in the words of the company.

The cabin has 10 inches touch screen that provides user-friendly machine operation as well as upgraded seat options and 360-degree views and enhanced visibility.

The technology available includes MineStar Command for remote operation as well as optional automated features like AutoCarry as well as AutoRip.

Remote Flash ensures the machine runs the latest version of the software on board via Remote updates of the program at times that are convenient for miners.

The brand new Cat D10 dozer is scheduled for the middle of 2022. The company has produced a promo video below.

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Cat D10

D10 Dozer Price

There are times when you see prices that are as low as $300.000 or up to $1.000.0000 or more for the latest models based on the features they have.

Cat D10 Specification


Length W/ Blade 24.83ft in
Width Over Tracks 11.97ft in
Height To Top Of Cab 14.88ft in
Length Of Track On Ground 12.84ft in
Ground Clearance 2.3ft in
Length W/O Blade 19.41ft in


Track Gauge 9.51ft in
Standard Shoe Size 28in
Ground Contact Area 8618.02in2
Number Of Track Rollers Per Side 8
Ground Pressure 19.9psi


Engine Model D348
Gross Power 700hp
Displacement 1788cu in


Operating Weight 171674lb
Fuel Capacity 382gal


Transmission Type powershift
Number Of Forwarding Gears 3
Number Of Reverse Gears 3
Max Speed – Forward 7.3mph
Max Speed – Reverse 8.6mph

Standard Blade

Width 11.5ft in

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Cat D10 FAQ

How much horsepower does a D10 Cat have?

Cat D10 engine produces a 700 hp (522 kw)

How big is a Cat D10?

Cat D10 Cat D10 could be ordered with up to 19 feet (5.8 meters) U-blade. It weighed 180,000 pounds (82,000 kilograms). Later versions were weighed at 190,00 pounds (86,000 kg).

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