Eicher Pro 1059 Truck Price in India, Specifications, Mileage, Review, Overview

EICHER PRO 1059 Truck Price In India

EICHER PRO 1059 Truck Price: Hey, Dear People Hi!! Are you thinking to buy EICHER PRO 1059 Truck? And Do you know about the EICHER PRO 1059 Price List, Specs, Key features, etc? if you don’t know so don’t worry my friends, you are at the perfect place, cause here in this article of mine, I am going to introduce all kinds of information in detail, hope you guys like it.

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Eicher Pro 1059 Price in India

Eicher Pro 1059 Original  Price Rs. 9.7 Lakh.

eicher 1059 on road price 2022 ₹ 10.22 lacs
eicher 1059 on road price 2023 ₹ 9.70 lacs

Eicher Pro 1059 key facts

  • Engine: E483 4Cyl 2V CRS Engine
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 100 litres
  • Tyres size: 8.25 X 16-16PR
  • weight: 6450 kg
  • BATTERY: 12 V – 70 AH
  • Eicher 1059 loading capacity: 3.7 tonnes.

Eicher Pro 1059 Truck Key Features

  • 10,200 kg Gross Vehicle Weight
  • 82 hp from the Eicher E483 4-cylinder 3.0L engine
  • 250 Nm of torque
  • Automatic five-speed transmission
  • 3,150 mm is the wheelbase
  • 4,800 kg Payload Capacity
  • The capacity of the fuel tank: 80 litres.
  • Hydraulic, air-assisted brakes
  • Semi-elliptical leaf spring for suspension
  • 215/75 R17.5 tyres

Eicher Pro 1059 Truck Specifications


GVW (Kgs) 6450
WHEELBASE (mm) 2750 3350    
CARGO BODY LENGTH 3077mm/10ft 4319mm/14.1ft    


CARGO BODY TYPE:- (options available)
CARGO BODY WIDTH 2007mm/ 6.6ft


  E483 4Cyl 2V CRS Engine
MAX POWER OUTPUT 70 kW (~95 HP) @ 2600 RPM
MAX TORQUE OUTPUT 300 Nm @ 1200-1800 RPM
GEAR TYPE 5 Speed (5 forward, 1 reverse) with hybrid GSL
CLUTCH DIA (mm) 275
STEERING Tilt and telescopic Manual Steering (vacuum-assisted)
6-degree tilting and 30 mm telescopic movement
Power Steering – Optional
BATTERY 12 V – 70 AH
BRAKES (SERVICE) Hydraulic Brake
BRAKES (EXHAUST) Vacuum-assisted, automatic type installed as Std. fitment


SUSPENSION (FRONT & REAR) Semi-elliptical laminated leaves (with shock absorber)
TYRES 8.25 X 16 – 16PR
CABIN 2m wide aerodynamic cabin with modern styling and PEGASUS family look
WARRANTY (STD.) 1-year unlimited km on the vehicle
3 years unlimited kms on engine and gearbox

Eicher Pro 1059 Truck Applications

The Eicher Pro 1059 truck is intended for a range of uses, including trash management, construction, and general commodities delivery. Its medium size and payload capacity let it to move a variety of items and commodities,

And its Tough Design And reliable suspension enable it to be used in difficult Environments. The Eicher Pro 1059 may also be equipped with customised bodies and tools for certain jobs, such tipping trucks for construction or refrigerated trucks for moving items that need to be kept at a precise temperature. I hope you find this material useful.

Eicher Pro 1059 Truck Benefits

  • The Eicher Pro 1059’s fuel-efficient engine reduces expenses And boosts profits.
  • The vehicle is manufactured with high-quality components and rigorously tested to Ensure reliability.
  • The truck’s cab has a wide cabin, adjustable seats, and power steering for the driver’s comfort.
  • Air-assisted brakes and a robust chassis Help avoid accidents And safeguard the driver and passengers.
  • The vehicle may be modified with a variety of bodywork and equipment.

Eicher Pro 1059 Overview

The Eicher Pro 1059 is a robust and reliable commercial vehicle designed for urban and rural transportation needs. With its powerful and fuel-efficient engine, it offers excellent performance on different terrains.

The truck’s comfortable cabin ensures driver comfort, while safety features like adjustable power steering and advanced braking system prioritize the well-being of the driver and cargo.

The Eicher Pro 1059 is customizable with various body types, making it a versatile choice for different applications in the transportation industry. Overall, it is a popular option among truck operators and fleet owners looking for dependable and efficient commercial vehicles.

Eicher Pro 1059 Review

The Eicher Pro 1059 is a highly popular choice for those seeking a dependable and fuel-efficient truck in the 4-4.5 tonne category. It is driven by a 3.3-litre E483 CRS engine, which produces 95 horsepower and 300 Nm of torque, and this engine is paired with a 5-speed manual transmission.

One of the standout features of the Pro 1059 is its excellent fuel economy, with users reporting mileage of approximately 8 km per litre. It’s also well-regarded for its comfortable cabin and smooth ride. Additionally, the truck is available in various body lengths and wheelbases to cater to a range of applications.

Full review YouTube video check here.


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Eicher Pro 1059 FAQs

What is the fuel efficiency of the Eicher Pro 1059?

The fuel efficiency of the Eicher Pro 1059 can vary depending on various factors such as load, terrain, and driving conditions.
However, it is known for its fuel-efficient engine design, which helps in achieving good mileage.

What is the Eicher Pro 1059 Mileage?

Preliminary estimates place the Eicher Pro 1059XP’s average fuel economy between 8 and 10 KMPL.

What is the maximum speed of the Eicher Pro 1059?

The maximum speed of the Eicher Pro 1059 can vary depending on factors such as road conditions, load, and vehicle maintenance.
Typically, The truck can achieve a Top speed of Around 80-90 kilometers per hour.

What are the different body types available for the Eicher Pro 1059?

The Eicher Pro 1059 can be customized with various body types to suit different applications.
Some common body types include cargo trucks, tipper trucks, refrigerated vans, and container trucks.

Does the Eicher Pro 1059 come with power steering?

Yes, the Eicher Pro 1059 is equipped with power steering, which provides easy maneuverability and reduces driver fatigue.

Does the Eicher Pro 1059 have an air conditioning system?

The Eicher Pro 1059 offers an optional air conditioning system that can be installed in the cabin for enhanced driver comfort.

What safety features does the Eicher Pro 1059 have?

The Eicher Pro 1059 prioritizes safety and is equipped with features such as adjustable power steering, hydraulic brakes, and an advanced braking system.
The cabin is designed with a reinforced structure for enhanced safety.

What is the warranty coverage for the Eicher Pro 1059?

The warranty coverage for the Eicher Pro 1059 may vary depending on the region and the policies of the dealership.
It is recommended to check with an authorized Eicher dealer for detailed warranty information.

What is the maintenance interval for the Eicher Pro 1059?

The maintenance interval for the Eicher Pro 1059 is generally recommended by the manufacturer and can vary based on factors like mileage and usage.
It is advisable to refer to the owner’s manual or consult an authorized service center for specific maintenance guidelines.

Can the Eicher Pro 1059 be registered as a commercial vehicle?

Yes, the Eicher Pro 1059 is primarily designed as a commercial vehicle and can be registered accordingly for commercial purposes.

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