JCB 1cxt Specs, Price, Weight, Horsepower, Features,Attachments, & Review

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JCB 1cxt Specs

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JCB 1cxt Price

JCB 1cxt Original Price: $85,000 to $95,000

JCB 1cxt for sale

sure, here are some JCB 1cxt for sale near me:

  • 2022 JCB 1CXT Tracked Backhoe Loader: This machine has 200 hours on it and is in excellent condition. It is Being Sold for $110,000.
  • 2021 JCB 1CXT Tracked Backhoe Loader: This machine has 100 hours on it and is also in excellent condition. It is Meing sold For $105,000.
  • 2020 JCB skid steer Backhoe Price: This machine has 500 hours on it but is still in good condition. It is being sold for $95,000.

You can find more JCB 1CXT for sale by searching online or by contacting local JCB dealers.

Here are some of the features of the JCB 1CXT:

  • Compact and maneuverable, making it ideal for use in tight spaces
  • The powerful engine provides excellent performance
  • Long service life and low maintenance costs
  • A wide range of Attachments is available, Making it versatile for a variety Of tasks

JCB 1cxt key facts

  • Engine make: Perkins
  • Engine model: 404F-E22T
  • Max dig depth: 10′ 1″
  • operating weight: 9,572
  • Horsepower: 49 Hp
  • jcb 1cxt lift capacity: 2,204lbs
  • oil capacity: 1.4 gal

JCB 1cxt top features

  1. Side-Entry Design: The 1CXT features a side-entry design, allowing easy access to the operator’s station from the side. This design enhances safety and convenience during entry and exit.
  2. Compact Size: With its compact size, the 1CXT is ideal for working in confined spaces and tight job sites where maneuverability is crucial.
  3. Telescopic Boom: The machine is equipped with a telescopic boom, providing extended reach and greater digging depth, allowing for efficient digging and loading operations.
  4. Skid Steer Compatibility: The 1CXT is compatible with a wide range of skid steer attachments, allowing for versatile use in various applications such as landscaping, material handling, and more.
  5. Ergonomic Operator’s Station: The operator’s station is designed for operator comfort and productivity. It features ergonomic controls, adjustable seating, and excellent visibility for reduced fatigue and improved efficiency during long work hours.
  6. Powerful Engine: The machine is powered by a reliable and powerful engine, delivering the necessary power and performance for demanding tasks.
  7. Load-Sensing Hydraulics: The 1CXT is equipped with load-sensing hydraulics, which provide on-demand hydraulic power for improved fuel efficiency and precise control of the machine’s functions.
  8. Quick Attach System: The quick attach system enables fast and easy attachment changes, allowing operators to switch between various attachments quickly and efficiently.
  9. Advanced Safety Features: The 1CXT is equipped with safety features such as ROPS (Roll Over Protection System), FOPS (Falling Object Protection System), and a seatbelt, ensuring operator safety and compliance with industry standards.

JCB 1cxt Specifications

JCB 1cxt Engine

Engine make: Perkins
Engine model: 404F-E22T
Net power (hp): 49

JCB 1cxt Hydraulics

Hydraulic pump flow (gpm): 26.4

JCB 1cxt Loader

Loader bucket capacity, SAE heaped (cu yds): 0.47
Loader bucket breakout force (lbs): 5,180

JCB 1cxt Drive Train

Standard transmission type*: HS
Max road speed (mph): 4.6
A number of drive wheels: 4WD

JCB 1cxt Dimensions

Transport length (ft/in): 11′ 9″
Transport height (ft/in): 7′ 4″
Transport width (ft/in): 5′ 11″
Turning radius @ curb, 4WD, brakes off (ft/in): 5′ 10″
Standard operating weight (lbs): 9,572

JCB 1cxt Backhoe

Max dig depth, SAE, standard stick (ft/in): 10′ 1″
Backhoe bucket capacity range (cu ft): 0.7 – 2.1
Bucket digging force (lbs): 4,852

JCB 1cxt Problems with solution

  1. Hydraulic System Leaks:

    • Problem: Hydraulic fluid leaks can occur due to damaged seals, loose connections, or worn-out components.
    • Solution: Inspect the hydraulic system for leaks and identify the source. Replace damaged seals or tighten connections as necessary. If the issue persists, consult a JCB dealer or qualified technician for further diagnosis and repair.
  2. Engine Starting Issues:

    • Problem: The engine may have difficulty starting or fail to start.
    • Solution: Check the battery for proper charge and connections. Ensure that the fuel system has an adequate supply of clean fuel. If necessary, clean or replace the fuel filters. If the issue persists, consult a JCB dealer or a qualified mechanic for further diagnosis and repair.
  3. Electrical Problems:

    • Problem: Electrical issues can manifest as faulty switches, intermittent power loss, or malfunctioning gauges.
    • Solution: Inspect the electrical connections and wiring for loose connections, damaged wires, or blown fuses. Repair or replace any faulty components as needed. If the problem persists, consult a JCB dealer or an experienced electrician for further assistance.
  4. Transmission Issues:

    • Problem: Transmission problems may include slipping, difficulty in shifting gears, or lack of power.
    • Solution: Check the hydraulic fluid levels and inspect the transmission filters for clogs. Ensure the correct type of transmission fluid is used. If necessary, replace the fluid and filters according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. If the issues persist, consult a JCB dealer or a qualified technician for further diagnosis and repair.
  5. Overheating:

    • Problem: The machine may experience overheating, leading to engine performance issues and potential damage.
    • Solution: Check the cooling system for any blockages or leaks. Clean the radiator and ensure proper airflow. Verify that the cooling fans are functioning correctly. If the problem continues, consult a JCB dealer or a qualified mechanic for further assistance.
  6. Hydraulic System Performance:

    • Problem: Poor hydraulic system performance can result in slow or weak operation of the loader or backhoe functions.
    • Solution: Check the Hydraulic fluid level and ensure it meets The manufacturer’s specifications. Inspect the hydraulic filters for clogs and replace Them if necessary. If the problem persists, consult a JCB dealer or a qualified technician for further diagnosis and repair.

JCB 1cxt Attachments

  1. Loader Bucket: The loader bucket is a standard attachment for the front end of the machine and is used for general material handlings, such as loading and transporting soil, gravel, or other loose materials.
  2. Pallet Forks: Pallet forks attach to the loader arms and are designed for lifting and carrying palletized loads, making them useful for tasks such as moving pallets, construction materials, or farm supplies.
  3. Grapple Bucket: A grapple bucket attachment is used for handling bulky or uneven loads. It features hydraulic-powered arms with grapple tines that can secure and hold materials like logs, brushes, or debris.
  4. Auger: An auger attachment is used for drilling holes in the ground, making it useful for tasks like fence post installation or tree planting. It comes in various sizes to accommodate different hole diameters.
  5. Trencher: The trencher attachment is designed for digging narrow and deep trenches quickly and efficiently. It is commonly used in utility installations, irrigation systems, or landscaping projects.
  6. Sweeper: A sweeper attachment is used for cleaning and sweeping debris, leaves, or snow from the ground surface. It is useful for maintaining parking lots, sidewalks, or other paved areas.
  7. Vibratory Roller: A vibratory roller attachment is used for compacting soil, gravel, or asphalt surfaces. It is commonly used in road construction, landscaping, or site preparation projects.
  8. Dozer Blade: The dozer blade attachment is used for pushing and leveling materials, such as soil or gravel. It is useful for tasks like grading, leveling, or backfilling.
  9. Landscape Rake: A landscape rake attachment is used for grooming and leveling soil, removing rocks and debris, or preparing the ground for seeding or planting.

JCB 1cxt Review

The JCB 1CXT is a compact tracked backhoe loader celebrated for its versatility, strong performance, and durability. It is driven by a 49-horsepower Perkins diesel engine and features a four-wheel drive system with a locking rear differential.

What sets the 1CXT apart is its standard skid steer-style coupler on the front loader bucket, allowing compatibility with a broad selection of skid steer attachments, expanding its functionality.

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JCB 1cxt FAQs

What is a JCB teleskid?

The JCB Teleskid is the most adaptable machine ever seen, as it is the first skid steer or compact tracked loader to feature a telescopic boom. Unlike any other skid steer on the market, this one allows you to get into places you never thought possible.

How heavy is a JCB 1CX?

JCB 1CXT Cooling System Fluid Capacity is 2.2 gal (8 l), Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity is 11.9 gal (45 l), Oil System Fluid Capacity is 1.4 gal (5 l), and Operating Weight 4wd is 6150 lbs (2,790 kg).

what does the JCB 1CXT cost?

The price of a JCB 1CXT $85,000 to $95,000.

What is a track backhoe?

A form of excavating equipment known as a backhoe has a digging bucket attached to the end of an articulated arm. A boom, bucket, rotating cab, and an undercarriage with tracks are features of a tracked excavator, also known as a trackhoe.

What is the loader capacity of a 1CX?

The loader capacity of JCB 1CXT is 600kg

What are the applications of the JCB 1CXT?

The JCB 1CXT can be used for a wide range of applications, including excavation, digging, trenching, loading, material handling, landscaping, construction, agriculture, road maintenance, and utility work.

Can the JCB 1CXT be used with different attachments?

Yes, the JCB 1CXT is compatible with a variety of attachments, including loader buckets, pallet forks, grapple buckets, augers, trenchers, hydraulic hammers, sweepers, dozer blades, landscape rakes, and more. These attachments enhance the machine’s versatility and allow it to perform various tasks.

Where can I buy a JCB 1CXT?

The JCB 1CXT can be purchased from authorized JCB dealerships. You can visit the official JCB website or contact your nearest JCB dealer to inquire about availability, pricing, and any ongoing promotions or offers.

Is there warranty coverage for the JCB 1CXT?

JCB offers warranty coverage for their machines, including the JCB 1CXT. The specific warranty details may vary, so it is recommended to consult with a JCB dealer or review the warranty terms provided by JCB for accurate information.

Can I finance the purchase of a JCB 1CXT?

Many JCB dealerships offer financing options for the purchase of their equipment, including the JCB 1CXT. You can discuss financing options with your local JCB dealer to explore the available choices.

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