John Deere 624K Specs, Price, Weight, Attachments, Horsepower & Review ❤

John Deere 624K Specs, Price, Weight, Attachments, Horsepower & Review

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John Deere 624k.

John Deere 624K Key Features

  • Horsepower: 139 kW (186 hp)
  • Bucket Capacity: 2.7 m³ (3.5 cu. yd.)
  • Operating Weight: 15 614 kg (34,423 lb.)
  • Breakout Force: 12 006 kg (26,469 lb.)

John Deere 624K Price New

2009 – 2011 $75,000 USD to $99,800 USD
2018 – 2019 $168,200 USD to $192,500 USD

John Deere 624K Weight

  • Operating Weight: 34,423 lb.

John Deere 624K  Dump Height

  • The maximum digging depth is John Deere 624K: 94.5 in (239 cm)

John Deere 624K Horsepower

  • John Deere 624K diesel engine that produces: 198hp Net power

John Deere 624K Engine oil capacity

  • Engine oil capacity:5.1 gal

John Deere 624K Attachments

  • Coupler
  • Cutting Edge
  • Front Loader Bucket
  • Hydraulic Kit

John Deere 624K Specs


Number Of Cylinders 6
Displacement 414cu in
Power Measured 1800rpm
Max Torque 617lb ft
Net Power 198hp
Torque Measured 1600rpm
Torque Rise 55%
Engine Model 6068H, Tier III certified
Engine Make 2240
Aspiration Turbocharged charge air cooled


Rear Axle Oscillation 24degrees
Rear Axle/Diff Fluid Capacity 4.5gal
Operating Weight 33772.7lb
Turning Radius 17.3ft in
Tire Size 20.5 R 25
Cooling System Fluid Capacity 7.2gal
Alternator Supplied Amperage 80amps
Front Axle/Diff Fluid Capacity 5.9gal
Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity 29.1gal
Fuel Capacity 93gal
Static Tipping Weight 25483.3lb
Transmission Fluid Capacity 5.6gal
Engine Oil Fluid Capacity 5.1gal
Operating Voltage 24V


Max Speed – Forward 24.6mph
Max Speed – Reverse 16mph
Number Of Reverse Gears 3
Transmission Type Countershaft, powershift
Number Of Forward Gears 4

Hydraulic system

Dump Time 1.3sec
Pump Type variable displacement, axial piston
Lower Time 2.7sec
Relief Valve Setting 3675psi
Raise Time 5.9sec
Pump Flow Capacity 59gal/min


Bucket Capacity – Struck 3.01yd3
Breakout Force 25884lb
Bucket Width 8.83ft in
Dump Clearance At Max Raise 10.6ft in
Bucket Capacity – Heaped 3.54yd3


Hinge Pin – Max Height 14.11ft in
Reach At Max Lift And Dump 3.65ft in
Height To Top Of Cab 10.9ft in
Wheelbase 10.14ft in
Length With Bucket On Ground 26.81ft in
Width Over Tires 8.72ft in
Ground Clearance 1.26ft in

John Deere 624K Review


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John Deere 624K FAQs

John Deere 624k

Q.1 What is the serial number of a John Deere 624K wheel loader?

Ans. The Serial number of a John Deere 624K wheel loader is 1DW624KZTEF661057

Q.2 How much does a 624K John Deere Loader weigh?

Ans. Operating Weight: 34,423 lb