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John Deere mx5 Specs, Weight, Price & Review

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John Deere mx5

John Deere mx5 Price

John Deere mx5 price is $3,751.00

John Deere mx5 Weight

John Deere mx5 Approx. weight is 374 kg 823 lb

John Deere mx5 Key Fact

  • Standard stump jumper blade holder
  • The dome-shaped top deck is smooth and easy to clean
  • 3-point hitch hookup provides more strength
  • Front and rear chain shields offer safety

John Deere mx5 Features

  • What’s the best cutter for the job you’re doing?
  • Shields for the front and back safety chains come as standard.
  • Standard suction blades provide additional blade lift

John Deere mx5 Specs


Cutting width 1,524 mm
60 in.
Cutting height 25 to 241 mm
1 to 9.5 in.
Cutting capacity 51 mm
2 in.
Cutting chamber Depth 216 mm
8.5 in.

Tractor compatibility

Tractor PTO HP range Minimum 19 kW
25 hp
Tractor PTO 540 rpm


Type Lift-type
Category 1; or convert to 2


Transport width 1,651 mm
65 in.
Overall width 1,651 mm
65 in.
Overall length 2,591 mm
102 in.
Deck shape Domed
Deck type Double-decker
Deck thickness Upper
3 (11) mm
0.118 (11) in.
3 (11) mm
0.118 (11) in.
Side skirt thickness 0.25 (3) in.
6 (3) mm
Approx. weight 374 kg
823 lb


Size Main
ASAE Category 3
Protection Main
Slip-clutch driveline


Number 1
HP rating Center
Continuous 56 kW
75 hp
Peak 67 kW
90 hp


Thickness 13 mm
0.5 in.
Width 102 mm
4 in.
Type Suction
Blade tip speed 540 RPM
4,304 m/min
14,121 fpm
258 km/h
160 mph
Material flow system Max flow
Holder Type
Round stump jumper


Type Puncture proof laminated


Front Chain
Rear Chain

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John Deere mx5 FAQ

How much does a 2020 John Deere MX5 cost?

2020 John Deere MX5, 3-point, Front and back chains, laminated tyre, like new!!! $4,350 Anywhere you go, you can get shipping for a good price. Never-Been-Used 5-Foot Rotary Cutter with Stump Jumper and 4-Series-Compatible Drive Shaft NEVER USED, 5′ ROTARY CUTTER WITH STUMP JUMPER, DRIVE SHAFT FITTED FOR A 4 SERIES Type of Mower: 3 Pt. Type of Mower: 3 Pt.

What is the cutting width of a John Deere MX5?

USED The John Deere MX5 has a 5-foot cutting width, a 540 PTO, and a 3-point hitch that make it easier to move around obstacles. Has front and back safety chains to stop flying objects

What is the serial number on a John Deere MX5 mower?

John Deere MX5 mower serial number is 5JAX2021JDMX51549

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