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John Deere mx8 Specs, Weight, Price & Review

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John Deere mx8

John Deere mx8 Price

2000 – 2005 $3,500 USD to $4,500 USD
2006 – 2011 $4,250 USD to $5,250 USD
2012 – 2017 $4,500 USD to $5,500 USD
2018 – 2021 $6,250 USD to $7,850 USD

John Deere mx8 Weight

John Deere mx8 weight is 759 kg 1,670 lb

John Deere mx8 Key Fact

Driveline: ASAE Category 4
Cutting Width: 96 in. (2450 mm)
Blades Thickness: .5 in. (13 mm)
Number of Gear cases: 3

John Deere mx8 Features

  • Safety chain shields that come standard
  • Standard stump jumper blade holder quick-coupler 3-point hitch (Category 2)
  • The Double-DeckerTM frame design is unique in the market.

John Deere mx8 Specs


Cutting width 2,450 mm
96 in.
Cutting height 25 to 305 mm
1 to 12 in.
Cutting capacity 50 mm
2 in.
Cutting chamber Depth 216 mm
8.5 in.

Tractor compatibility

Tractor PTO HP range Minimum PTO pull-type, semi-mount, semi-mount hydraulic offset 30 kW
40 hp
Minimum PTO lift-type 37 kW
50 hp
Tractor PTO 540 rpm


Type Pull-type, lift-type, semi-mount, semi-mount hydraulic offset (Pull-type has standard 10,000 lb; 4536 kg, safety tow chain)
Category 2, 3, 3N


Transport width 2,580 mm
102 in.
Overall width 2,580 mm
102 in.
Overall length 2,810 mm
111 in.
Deck shape Domed
Deck type Double-decker
Deck thickness Upper
3 (11) mm
0.125 (11) in.
3 (11) mm
0.125 (11) in.
Side skirt thickness 4.5 (7) mm
0.177 (7) in.
Approx. weight 759 kg
1,670 lb


Size Main
ASAE Category 4
Protection Main
Non-seize, slip-clutch driveline, pull-type has equal-angle Category 4 driveline
Shock absorbing shafts


Number 3
HP rating Transfer
Continuous 89 kW
120 hp
Peak 97 kW
130 hp
Continuous 56 kW
75 hp
Peak 75 kW
100 hp


Thickness 13 mm
0.5 in.
Width 102 mm
4 in.
Type Suction
Overlap 72 mm
2.8 in.
Blade tip speed 540 RPM
4,797 m/min
15,739 fpm
288 km/h
179 mph
Material flow system Max flow
Holder Type
Round stump jumper


Type Puncture-proof laminated (Pull-type has severe-duty Ag tire option)
Row width adjustment Yes, pull-type only


Front Chain
Rear Chain

John Deere mx8 Reviews

John Deere mx8 Attachments

  • CAT. I HITCH PIN – W46672

John Deere mx8 Problems

What are Some Common John Deere Mx8 Gearbox Problems

If you own a John Deere MX8, you know that it is a tough machine. But even the most durable machines can break down. Here are some common gearbox problems with the John Deere MX8 that you should know about:

1. Leaking oil: Leaking oil is one of the most common problems with the gearbox on the John Deere MX8. If you see oil leaking from your gearbox, you need to do something right away. If not, the leak could cause your machine to break down.

2. Grinding noises. Grinding noises are another common problem with John Deere MX8 gearboxes. If you hear grinding sounds coming from your gearbox, it’s likely because a part inside the box is broken or worn out. This problem should be fixed as soon as possible so that your machine doesn’t get any worse.

3. It’s hard to change gears. This is another common problem with John Deere MX8s. If it’s hard or impossible to change gears on your machine, it’s probably because the clutch or other parts inside the gearbox are broken.

How Can I Troubleshoot John Deere Mx8 Gearbox Problems

If your John Deere MX8 gearbox is giving you trouble, there are a few things you can do to figure out what’s wrong. First, make sure there is enough oil in the gearbox. If the oil level is low, add more oil until the full line is reached.

Next, check to see how the oil is. If it looks dirty or has metal shavings on it, you should get a new one. You should also check the gearbox for any leaks.

If you find any, tighten all the bolts and gaskets to stop the leak. Lastly, if none of these fixes work, you may need to replace the gearbox as a whole.

How Do I Fix John Deere Mx8 Gearbox Problems

When the gears in a John Deere MX8 gearbox need to be fixed, the gears can be changed. The John Deere MX8 gearbox has a problem because the gears are made of plastic and wear out over time. When the gears wear out, they start to slip, which stops the John Deere MX8 from working.

You must change the gears in the transmission of your John Deere MX8 isn’t operating properly. John Deere or a different vendor are both places where you can get replacement gear. It’s not hard to change the gears, and it can be done in a few hours.

Your John Deere MX8 Gearbox should function perfectly once again once the Gears have been changed.


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John Deere mx8 FAQ

What are the specs of a John Deere MX8 rotary cutter?

NEW Rotocutter John Deere MX8. 96″ width for cutting. 2″ of cutting space. The PTO on the tractor must have at least 40 HP. Cat 2/3 type pull. Safety chain shields that are standard. Standard stump jumper blade holder… See More Details Puncture-proof laminated tires; John Deere MX8 Lift-Type Rotary Cutter; 96″ Cutting Width; 540 RPM PTO Driveline with Slip Clutch;

How much does a John Deere MX8 cost in 2020?

The specs listed above are for the 2020 model year. How much does a John Deere MX8 cost? A used John Deere MX8 rotary mower usually costs between $9,950 and $10,143 in the United States. Price changes can be caused by many things, such as age, condition, location, and specifications.


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