Kubota B7100 Price, Specs, Attachments, & Reviews 2022

Kubota has been manufacturing the Kubota D750-A diesel engine since 1976. It is now known as the Kubota compact utility tractor. 

Kubota D750A diesel engine of 0.8 L (46.5 cu in) displacement is used to power the B7100 tractor. It also features an unsynchronized transmission with 6 forward and two reverse gears. 

This tractor can be used to front load, snowblower, or lawnmower.

The B7100 utility tractor was powered by a liquid-cooled diesel engine Kubota D750A with 762cc (46.5 cuin) of displacement. 

It measures 68.0 mm (2.68 inches) in diameter and 70.0mm (2.76 inches) in stroke. The compression ratio rating is 22 to 1. 

The engine produced 16.0 HP (11.8kW) at 3,000 RPM of horsepower and 42.2 Nm (31.1 Lb-ft at 1,800 RPM of torque) at 32,000 rpm.

Kubota B7100

Kubota B7100 Price

Kubota B7100 Price is $5447 USD

Kubota B7100 Serial Number

Location: Clutch housing, left side
1976: 10001
1977: 13931
1978: 36646
1979: 54221
1980: 64448
1981: 70678
1982: 74217
1983: 76009
1984: 77309
1985: 78435

Kubota B7100 Specification

General Specifications

Model Kubota B7100
Length 2,000 mm (78.7 in.)
Width 1,010 mm (40.0 in.)
Height 1,150 mm (45.5 in.)
Wheelbase 1,250 mm (49.5 in.)
Weight 489 kg (1,080 lb.)
Fuel tank capacity 12.9 L (3.4 US. gal.)
Battery 12V

Tires size

Front tires Standard: 6-12
Lawn and turf: 20.5×8.0-10
Rear tires Standard: 8-16
Lawn and turf: 29×12.0-15


Engine model Kubota D750-A
Fuel Diesel
Displacement 0.8 L, 762 cc (46.5 cu.in.)
Bore x stroke 68.0 x 70.0 mm (2.68 x 2.76 in)
Power output 16.0 HP (11.8 kW) at 3,000 rpm
Torque 42.2 Nm (31.1 lb-ft) at 1,800 rpm
Starter type Electric starter
Oil type API CC or higher
Oil capacity 3.9 L (4.1 qts)
Coolant capacity 4.6 L (4.9 qts)

Transmission and chassis

Chassis B7100E: 4×2 2WD
B7100D: 4×4 MFWD 4WD
Steering Manual type
Transmission type Unsynchronized gear
Gears 6 forward and 2 reverse
Ground speed Forward: 1.0-13.4 km/h, (0.6-8.3 mph)
Reverse: 1.5-6.7 km/h, (0.9-4.2 mph)

PTO (Power take-off shaft)

PTO Type: Rear, transmission
PTO Speed: Rear: 540 / 750 / 1,000 rpm
Front: 2,800 rpm

Hydraulic lift

3-point linkage: Category I
Control system:
No. of remote valves:
Max lifting capacity (at link end): 181 kg (400 lb.)

Hydraulic system

Type: Closed center
Hydraulic luid capacity: 13.6 L (3.6 gal.)
Hydraulic flow: 11.4 lpm (3.0 gpm)

Kubota B7100 Problems

  • Glow Plugs Not Working
  • Diesel Seepage
  • Charging Issue

Kubota B7100 Attachments

Kubota B219 Loader

Loader weight: 390 lbs
176 kg *
Height (to pin): 73.5 inches
186 cm
Clearance, dumped bucket: 55.75 inches
141 cm
Dump reach: 22 inches
55 cm
Dump angle: 38°
Lift to full height (at pin): 500 lbs
226 kg
Bucket width: 38 inches
96 cm
48 inches
121 cm

Kubota B1630 Loader

Height (to pin): 69.2 inches
175 cm
Clearance, dumped bucket: 54.1 inches
137 cm
Dump reach: 20.9 inches
53 cm
Dump angle: 39°
Reach the ground: 46.9 inches
119 cm
Breakout force (lift): 950 lbs
430 kg
Lift to full height (at pin): 580 lbs
263 kg
Bucket width: 42 inches
106 cm
48 inches
121 cm
54 inches
137 cm

Kubota B7100 Review Video

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Kubota B7100 FAQ

What year did Kubota make the B7100?

It is believed that the Kubota B7100 was not available until the latter part of the 1980s and after that, only the hydrostatic model was available. 

The first model B7100 serial numbers started beginning with “B7001”, which is the model’s designation for the Asian market.

How much HP does a Kubota B7100 have?

It was the Kubota B7100 was liquid-cooled and included a dry air cleaner. It had one battery with a 12-volt starter and a capacity of 1.1 horsepower.

What engine does a Kubota B7100 have in it?

Kubota B7100 has Kubota D750-A liquid-cooled engine.

What category is a Kubota B7100?

We have a few details about Kubota’s B7100 Tractor. It is equipped with a three-cylinder Kubota Diesel Engine that generates 16 horsepower. 

Available in two-wheel drive as well as four-wheel-drive models that weigh 1080 pounds. On the left is the tractor model B7100 that features a class 1 three-point hitch