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Kubota KX057-5 Specs, Hp, Weight, Prices & Overview

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kubota kx057-5

About Kubota KX057-5

The Kubota KX057-5 provides you with the best in durability, comfort, and performance.

It also shows how Kubota is always looking for new ways to improve.

The compact excavator has a power rating of 47.6 horsepower and is made to help you dig deeper, lift higher, and finish any job you give it.

Kubota KX057-5  Price

Kubota KX057-5  Price is $88,360.

Kubota KX057-5  Weight

Kubota KX057-5  Weight is 12235 lb / 5550 kg.

Kubota KX057-5 Horsepower

Kubota KX057-5 Horsepower is 47.6 HP / 35.5 kW.

Kubota KX057-5 Attachments

Excavator Bucket

Excavator Bucket

A force of 10,172 lbs. is a lot for a bucket to dig with. Its arm and bucket are strong and well-balanced, which makes it possible for the operator to dig faster and better, even in tough conditions.

Excavator Auger

Excavator Augers are used to dig holes for footings or fences. They use the flexibility of the excavator to get to hard-to-reach places or dig deeper than a CTL/skid steer can.

Kubota KX057-5 Features

  • NEW: 7-inch LCD color screen with jog dial (Standard)
  • NEW Keyless Start: Start the excavator without a manual key; no more losing your keys or not being able to find them; the excavator can remember up to ten different user passcodes to start the machine; a tool to stop theft (Dealer – Option)
  • Rearview Camera: Factory-ready; dealer-installed option. To use the rearview camera, press the “camera” button on the right-hand keypad. The screen will split, with machine information on top and a clear view of what’s behind the excavator.
  • On (-4) excavators, the third return line must be manually engaged on the right side valve bank. The new function is electronic and must be activated via the display.
  • The seat and console are both adjustable, so the operator can find the best place to work in the cab.
  • LED Working Lights are standard; Halogen lights were changed to LED lights.
  • The air conditioning system has been improved. It used to have five air vents, but now it has seven.

Kubota KX057-5 Specs


Model name KX057-5
Model V2607-CR-E4
Rated engine speed 2200 rpm / 2200 rpm
Displacement 159.6 cu. in. / 2615 c
Output (SAE J1995 gross) 47.6 HP / 35.5 kW
Output (SAE J1349 net) 45.4 HP / 33.9 kW

Hydraulic system

Pump capacity 14.8 GPM / 56.1 l/min
Bucket 11177 lbs / 5070 kg
Arm 5644 lbs / 2560 kg
Auxiliary hydraulic flow
Aux 1 19.8 GPM / 75 l/min
Aux 2 9.8 GPM / 37 l/min

Dimensions and weight

Ground clearance 12.2 in / 310 mm
Overall height 100.4 in / 2550 mm
Overall length 217.3 in / 5520 mm
Overall width 77.2 in / 1960 mm
Operating weight 12235 lb / 5550 kg


Width 77.2 in / 1960 mm
Height 16.1 in / 410 mm
Maximum lift above ground 17.3 in / 440 mm
Maximum drop below ground 16.1 in / 410 mm
Including the operator’s weight of 165 lbs. 12400 lb / 5625 kg


Type Rubber/Steel

Drive system

Travel speed

Low High
1.8 mph / 2.8 km/h 3.1 mph / 4.9 km/h
Maximum traction force 14480 lbs / 6567 kgf
Crawler length 98.4 in / 2500 mm
Shoe width 15.7 in / 400 mm
Ground contact pressure 4.62 psi / 0.325 kg/cm2
Tumbler distance 78.3 in / 1990 mm
Swing system 9.3 rpm / 9.3 rpm
Boom swing angle

Left Right
Boom swing angle

70 deg / 70 deg 55 deg / 55 deg

Fluid capacities

Hydraulic Oil

Reservoir System
11.9 gal / 45 l 20.9 gal / 79 l
Fuel Reservoir 19.8 gal / 75 l

Swing System

Right 55°
Left 70°
Slew Speed 9.3 RPM
Travel Speed
Low Speed 1.7 mph
High Speed 3.0 mph


Shoe Width 15.7 in.
Crawler Length 98.4 in.
Tumbler Distance 78.3 in.


Breakout Force Bucket 9509 lbs
Breakout Force Arm 5507 lbs
Max. Digging Depth 229.3 in.
Max. Dumping Height 163.8 in.
Ground Pressure 4.55 psi
Max. Arm Digging Force 1918 lbs
Traction Force 14478 lbs

Engine Weight

Dry Weight 518 lbs

Engine Dimensions

Length 25.6 in.
Width 18.7 in.
Height 26.8 in.

Kubota KX057-5  Equipment

Kubota KX057-5
Review Video 


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Kubota KX057-5 Problems

Hydraulic problems

If your KX057 makes strange noises, vibrates in strange ways, has unstable hydraulic pressure, or doesn’t work as well as it should, it may have a hydraulic problem.

Every time you move another part of the excavator, the flail mower slows down a lot. This is because hydraulics are slow or weak when they are used in more than one way.

One of the most common problems with excavators is that the hydraulics don’t work.

The problems could happen if the hydraulic seals are dirty and corroded, the hydraulic pump doesn’t work right, or the hydraulic drive is broken.

It can slow things down, which can be bad for your work.

Overheating Problem

Heavy-duty machines like compact excavators often have problems with getting too hot. Your KX057 might get too hot if dirt and debris get stuck in the cooling compartments, radiators, or air filter.

To stop the car from overheating, all you have to do is clean out any dirt or dust that has gotten stuck in the cooling compartments, radiators, and air or fuel filter.

 Slow operation

Something is wrong when the excavator moves to one side or when some functions work slowly but others don’t.

If only one part of your excavator isn’t working right, but the rest of the machine is fine, then maybe that part is broken.

In that case, the problem can only be fixed by changing the unit in question.

Fluid leaking

During normal use, accidental, excessive internal leakage is most often caused by the wear and tear of component surfaces.

Leaks can also be caused by bad construction, the wrong choice of parts, poor quality control during the manufacturing, or the wrong way to fix up reconditioned parts.

Starting Problem

Any machine with a lot of weight, like an excavator, is likely to have trouble starting. If you have trouble getting your excavator to start, it could be because of a few different things.

Problems with starting can be caused by things like a broken voltmeter, a broken direction joystick, broken cables, a broken starter switch, etc.

 The engine shuts off after some time

This is a problem that a lot of heavy-duty machines have. If the Kubota KX057 starts but turns off after a while, it could be because of a problem with the battery or the wiring.

It starts to get tighter. It makes the engine work too hard and shuts it down.

Kubota KX057-5 FAQ 

What does a Kubota KX057-5 weight?

ANS: Kubota KX057-5 weight is 12,346 – 13,106 lbs.

How much can a Kubota KX057-5 lift?

ANS: Lifting over End Capacity 10′ Radius at Ground 5,060. Maximum Reach Along Ground 20′. Lifting over Side Capacity 10′ Radius on Ground 2,540.

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