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Kubota M62 Problems

Kubota M62 Problems And Their Solutions

Tractors are expensive pieces of equipment that are difficult to replace, so if something goes wrong, you can worry. But you can save yourself a lot of trouble and headaches if you understand how to fix the most common problems. So, here are some common Kubota M62 Problems.

Which are as follows:

(1) Starting Problem

(2) Engine Overheating Problems

(3) Clutch Problems

(1) Problem 1: Kubota M62 Starting Problem

The M62 is experiencing problems after a couple of months: the engine will not start, or if it does start, it doesn’t stay for long. The main reasons for this problem are

Air Lock in Fuel Pipes

This issue could be caused by air in the fuel lines, which does hinder the flow of fuel through them without difficulty.

In this case, blowing air through the fuel lines is necessary before filling the tank to the maximum. This will ensure that there is no air to escape or be trapped so the issue can be resolved.

Weak Battery

If this is the reason, it’s always the engine’s responsibility not to begin in every vehicle.

The reason is that the battery is the one that generates and provides the engine energy in the form of current to spin.

If the battery is fully charged, the engine can rotate properly. This means that the engine won’t start.

Blockage Of Fuel Lines

Find the blockage in the fuel lines. If a blockage can be removed, adjust the pipe. If it is not, replace it with the fresh one.

Weak Cranks

When the engine’s cranks become weak, the engine won’t be able to rotate properly. This will prevent the tractor’s engine from beginning. When it starts the engine, it will stop in seconds.

In this situation, it is necessary to fix the engine or replace it; however, the replacement with a brand new one is much better than fixing it. Since repairing isn’t guaranteed and a new engine does.

Consider replacing it with a brand-new engine. You should choose the original engine of the company. First, you can choose the one from the after-market.

(2) Problem 2: Engine Overheating Problems

It is because the Kubota M62 engine gets overheated. The reason for this is

  • Low coolant
  • Low engine oil
  • Leakage of coolant
  • Dirt particles that are in the airflow of the radiator.

If your engine is still overheating, It may be due to inadequate cooling. Refill the coolant, and the problem will not develop in the future.

Check the engine’s oil level if you need help with the reason. If it’s at a lower amount, drain and refill it by putting in the new oil.

If water and oil levels remain low, It isn’t an issue that needs to be addressed. The tractor’s engine could be inefficient.

It’s time to have it fixed or replaced. If the coolant level keeps falling, it could be due to the loss of the radiator. If this is the case, repair it.

After that, the engine will remain cool.
The engine could become hotter if dust or dirt blocks airflow through the radiator.

Also, remove it, and the issue with overheating will get solved.

(3) Problem 3: Kubota M62 Clutch Problems

A lot of units of Kubota M62 suffer from the issue with the clutch. After only using it for a few minutes, the clutch will fail.

The only option is to replace the entire clutch, which is costly. In this case, if the tractor is under warranty, make sure you claim it and let the firm fix the issue without spending a dime.

2023 Kubota M62 Price

The brand-new Kubota M62 is a track loader that is compact and compact which is ideal for handling many tasks at the ranch or on the farm.

With a robust engine and an impressive lifting capability, it’s built to handle anything you put it through. It’s also the best part; it’s priced fairly, which makes it a great price for the budget.

Let’s take a closer look at the many features this machine can provide: Engine: The Kubota M62 has a 61-horsepower diesel engine that offers ample power and torque.

The engine was designed to provide long-term reliability and durability, and you can be sure that it will keep running for many years.

Lifting capacity: M62 can boast an impressive capacity for lifting 2,200 pounds – which makes it ideal for lifting massive loads in the fields or ranch.

It will complete the task quickly and effectively when you’re looking to transport hay bales around or transport construction materials. Tracks:

This machine has rubber tracks that offer greater traction and stability over uneven terrain.

This design also helps to protect your turf from being damaged as you work. Operational Weight:

The capacity M62 weighs 10,560 pounds, making it among the lightest track loaders available.

This makes it easier to maneuver through tight spaces and to transport the equipment from one location to another.

Kubota M62 for Sale

The Kubota M62 is a one spin mower packing a huge punch. It has 31HP Kubota diesel engine and 61 inches of cutting width, and a top rate of 12 MPH the M62 is designed to complete the task quickly and effectively.

If you’re in search of a zero-turn mower that is able to handle the massive jobs and difficult terrain such as large jobs, Kubota M62 is a great choice. Kubota M62 is an excellent option.

9 year old and Kubota M62

You might encounter some common Kubota M62 issues if you’re a Kubota owner. Here’s a brief overview of the most frequently-reported issues: -Leaking of oil from the seals on the front axle.

A lot of vibrations in the engine. -Rough idle and poor performance -Leaks in the hydraulic hoses

If you’re suffering from one of these issues, do not despair! There are generally simple solutions that will help get your Kubota operating like new.

For instance, changing the seals can be the solution if you’re losing oil from your seals on the front axle.

If you experience excessive vibration or rough idle, checking and tightening the mounts on your engine is often enough to resolve the issue.

If you’re facing leaks in hydraulic hoses, simply replacing damaged or worn hoses will be enough to fix the problem.

Kubota M62 Weight

It is the Kubota M62 is a compact tractor, which was launched in 2013. It’s driven by the 61 horsepower (45 horsepower) Kubota diesel motor. The M62 weighs a total of 6250 pounds (2840 kilograms).

It can be purchased with two-wheel drive or a four-wheel drivetrain. The M62 is standard with the power shuttle 12-x12.

Final Thoughts

➡ If you’re considering buying the Kubota M62 tractor, there are a few points to keep in mind. Customers have complained about the engine’s stalling, especially when they use attachments like a deck for mowing.

➡ Some have also had problems with the hydrostatic transmission and have complained that it is difficult to maintain and operate.

➡ Be aware of these issues in your mind when you make your decision. If you choose to purchase the Kubota M62, ensure to purchase it from a trusted dealer who will help you resolve any issues that could arise.

➡ For more information visit our website: Commercialvehicleinfo.com

Kubota M62 Problems FAQs

Does Kubota M62 Have Pto?

Kubota M62 is equipped with a PTO. The output is located at the front part of the tractor and is separate from its transmission.
This means that the PTO can be disengaged and engaged without the need to stop and start the tractor.
This is perfect for machins that require constant switching between stops and starts, for example, the Rotary mower.

How Much Does a Kubota M62 Weight?

It is the Kubota M62 is a compact tractor that weighs 5,840 pounds. Its wheelbase measures 72.8 inches, and its length is 60 inches. M62 M62 has a 24-horsepower diesel engine and hydrostatic steering.

How Much is a Kubota M62?

Kubota M62 Kubota M62 is a compact tractor that was launched in the year 2016. Kubota’s 61.5 horsepower diesel engine powers it. It is equipped with a hydraulic transmission with three options. The M62 comes in 4WD and 2WD versions.
It has a maximum capacity for lifting 1,400 lbs and a maximum towing capacity of 3,500 pounds. Its base cost for 2WD models is $27,500, while the price of the base model on the four-wheel model is $29,900.

How can I fix the loader/bucket-dropping problem on my Kubota M62?

Suggests that the issue may be caused by a faulty valve or cylinder, and recommends checking the hydraulic system for leaks or damage.

Where can I find information on Kubota M62 problems and solutions?

Provides information on common problems and their solutions.
How can I order operator manuals for my Kubota M62?
According to, Kubota owners can order operator manuals online or from their local authorized Kubota dealer.

Can I purchase service or parts manuals for my Kubota M62?

Yes, service or parts manuals may also be purchased through your authorized Kubota dealer.

How can I obtain a replacement or extra key for my Kubota M62?

Recommends contacting your local Kubota dealership parts department with your model and serial number, as they can order keys for you.

Where can I find maintenance guidelines for my Kubota M62?

Suggests checking your Operator’s Manual for complete maintenance guidelines for your specific model, and seeing your local Kubota Dealer for further assistance.

What is the recommended maintenance guideline for Kubota M62?

Kubota provides a highly recommended maintenance guideline to keep your unit performing like new and to maximize efficiency and reduce expensive repairs.

Where can I find MSDS sheets for Kubota lubricants and paint?

States that Kubota has posted MSDS sheets for all Kubota lubricants and paint on their website.

How can I locate a Kubota dealer near me?

Suggests calling 888-458-2682 or using the dealer locator tool on the Kubota website.

How can I contact Kubota offices outside the United States?

Recommends contacting the corporate customer support center with your specific questions.

How can I learn about Kubota career opportunities?

Suggests checking out the Kubota Careers section on their website for the most up-to-date list of open positions.

What should I do if my Kubota engine cannot keep running?

According to, this could be because the gasoline has been mixed with diesel fuel, and recommends draining and flushing the fuel system.

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