Kubota M7060 Tractor Price, Specs, Review, Features 2022

Kubota M7060 Tractor For Sale, Price, Specs, Review

The Kubota M7060 utility tractor comes with a 71HP Kubota diesel engine, rugged hydraulic shuttle transmission system, and state-of-the-art Hydraulic cylinders for 3307lbs of lifting capacity and a wide comfortable cab. It is a 2WD and 4WD Drive type tractor.

Kubota M7060 Tractor Overview

Hey, friends if you want to buy a new M7060 tractor? And are you interested to know about this tractor’s price, engine specification, mileage, transmission system, hydraulic system, etc? Here in this article, all kinds of information are genuine and reliable you can trust it. Let’s check it out.

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Kubota M7060 Tractor Price

Kubota M7060 Tractor price

Price: $39,160.

Key Features Of The Kubota M7060 Tractor

Kubota M7060 Tractor features


  • The Kubota M7060 tractor has a V3307-CR-TE4 engine fitted with this new technology like Common Rail System (CRS) with Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Muffler.
  • CRS electronically manages the timing and amount of injected fuel offering high-pressure injections in stages.
  • Engine net power is 71HP and power take-off is 64 HP and total displacement cubic capacity is 3331CC.
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Transmission System

  • It has an F12 and R12 speed transmission System.
  • Multi wet disc type clutch it is provided durability and long operating life.
  • Hydraulic wet disc brake decreases the operator effort and increases overall tractor longevity.
  • The 12-speed transmission system provides the progressive movement of the gears for increased competencies as the driver moves through all 12 reverse and 12 forward gears.

Hydraulic System

  • Kubota M7060 tractor hydraulic system is powerful and its external hydraulic cylinder improves the lifting power and provides easier maintenance.
  • The M7060 offers a large pump capacity is 16.2GPM.
  • This tractor’s lifting capacity is at 24in. behind lift, the point is 3307lbs, 1500kg.
  • Kubota M7060 tractor hydraulic shuttle makes shifting between forward and reverses effortless and smooth.

Kubota M6070 Tractor Cab Features

  • It has a new innovative and stylish designed Cab that provides the driver with more comfortable and wider space and that is also reducing the outside noise that’s good for the driver.
  • Its curved upper windshield increases upward visibility and makes it better handy when raising the front loader.
  • The Cab rounded glass gives the operator with more visibility and a more spacious.
  • Its pantograph style front wiper increases the operator’s visibility on rainy days.
  • The easy step tilt steering wheel of the Cab gets out of the way when the driver is dismounting the tractor.
  • It’s AC / heater, Air is circulated throughout the windshield to prevent icing, frosting, and fogging.

Kubota 7060 Tractor Specifications

Kubota M7060 Tractor specs

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Type (Make: KUBOTA) 4 Cylinder in-line, Common Rail System, direct-injected
Rated engine RPM ROPS/CAB 2400
No. of cylinders/Aspiration 4 / Turbocharged
No. of cylinders/Aspiration 71HP / 53.0 KW
PTO power 64HP / 47.7 KW
Total displacement 203 cu.in / 3331
Fuel tank capacity ROPS/CAB 23.8 gal. /  90 liter
Alternator ROPS/CAB 45 Amp / 60 Amp (100 Amp: OPT)
No. of Speeds F12 / R12
Main gear shift Fully synchronized (6 speed)
Shuttle shift Hydraulic-shuttle
Main clutch type Multiple wet discs
Brake type Hydraulic wet disc
Differential lock (Front / Rear) Limited-slip differential/mechanical
4WD clutch type Electronic hydraulic on the go
Pump capacity (3-P hitch) 61.5 l/min
Control system Position, Draft Mixed control
Lift capacity at link end 2300 kg
No. of remote valves 2 Std / 3 maximum STD/MAX
Pump capacity (3-P hitch) 61.5 l/min
Control system Position, Draft Mixed control
Lift capacity at link end 2300 kg
No. of remote valves 2 Std / 3 maximum STD/MAX
Front 9.5-24
Rear 16.9-30
Wheelbase 2110mm
Weight 2725kg
Overall length 3675mm
Overall height 2580mm
Overall width 1855mm
Standard  front tire size 320 / 85R20mm
Standard  rear tire size 420 / 85R30mm
Tread width                              front 1450-1540mm
                                                  Rear 1415-1735mm

Kubota M7060 Tractor Front Loader Specifications

Tractor Applications M7060
Boom Cylinder Fulcrum Power position
Maximum Lift Height (Pivot Pin) 2977mm
Clearance w/Attachment Dump 2172mm
Reach @ Maximum Height 951mm
Maximum Dump Angle 60degrees
Reach w/Attachment on Ground 1947mm
Maximum Rollback Angle 43degrees
Digging Depth (When Bucket is Level) 111mm
Overall Height in carrying Position 1573mm
Material Bucket Width / Capacity (Heaped) 72/0.55,84/0.79 in./m3
Lift Capacity (Pivot Pin) 1328kg
Raising Time to Full Height w/out Load *1) 4.7second
Lowering time w/out Load (power down) *1) 3.6second
Attachment Rollback Time 2.8second
Attachment Dumping Time 3.0second
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Kubota M7060 Problems

  1. Motor Can Not Rotate
  2. Breakdown Of The Steering
  3. Insufficient Engine Power
  4. Steering Wheel Rotates Without Resistance
  5. Engine Runs But Then Stops
  6. Transmission Shifts Hard In Reverse
  7. Diesel overheats regularly
  8. Tractor not starting

Kubota M7060 Tractor Review Video

Here in this article, we are mentioning all kinds of information about the Kubota M7060 tractor. We hope that information is useful to buy this tractor.

It’s all kinds of information is genuine and reliable you can trust it because we are writing this article after researching in details about this tractor but if you have any query about this article then please comment in comment box thank you.

Kubota M7060 Tractor FAQ

What does a Kubota M7060 cost new?

The cost of the new Kubota M7060 is $46,024

What horsepower is a Kubota M7060?

The horsepower of the Kubota M7060 is 71 hp

How much can a Kubota M7060 Loader Lift?

Kubota M7060 loader can lift up to 3307lbs, 1500kg

How wide is a M7060 Kubota Tractor?

The width of the Kubota Tractor is 73 inches