Bobcat 5600 Toolcat Specs, Price, Weight & Review

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Bobcat 5600 Toolcat Specs, Price, Weight & Review

Bobcat 5600 Toolcat Overview

The Toolcat 5600 offers a combination of power and the highest level of precision. With over 40 attachments, it is able to finish the job quickly and effectively.

The agility is unmatched by the Toolcat and is unparalleled with all-wheel steering as well as the capacity of up to 2000 pounds of payload and 4000 pounds of towing. The Toolcat is the ideal tool to get the task completed.

Bobcat 5600 Toolcat Key Specifications

  • Rated Operating Capacity (ISO) 1,500 lb
  • Travel Speed – Max. 18 mph
  • Cargo Box Maximum Load. 2000 lb
  • Turning Radius (AWS Mode) 204 in
  • Auxiliary High Flow. 26 gal/min
  • Auxiliary Std Flow. 18.9 gal/min.

Bobcat 5600 Toolcat Price New

Price: N/A

Bobcat 5600 Toolcat Weight

Operating Weight: 2579 kg

Bobcat 5600 Toolcat Horsepower

Horsepower: 61 hp

Bobcat 5600 Toolcat Engine Oil Capacity

Oil Capacity – SAE 10W/30 CE/SG (2.5 Gal.)

Bobcat 5600 Toolcat Specs

Key Specifications

Rated Operating Capacity (ISO) 680 kg
Horsepower 61 hp
Turning Radius (AWS Mode) 1283 mm


Cargo Box Capacity 905.3 kg
Towing Capacity 1810.7 kg
Machine Rated Capacity 996 kg
Total Rated Capacity 1901 kg
Travel Speeds – Low 12.9 km/h
Travel Speeds – High 27.3 km/h
Travel Speeds – Reverse 14.2 km/h
Travel Speeds with optional tires – Low 14.4 km/h
Travel Speeds with optional tires – High 28.9 km/h
Travel Speeds with optional tires – Reverse 15 km/h


Cab Height 2057 mm
Cab Height with optional tires 2083 mm
Overall Length 4616 mm
Overall Width 1525 mm
Ground Clearance 203 mm
Ground Clearance with optional tires 231 mm
Operating Weight 2579 kg
Turning Radius (AWS Mode) 1283 mm
Outside Turning Diameter (AWS) 5337 mm
Lift Height 2117 mm
Lift Height with optional tires 2143 mm


Horsepower 61 hp
Engine Type Diesel 
Fuel Tank Capacity 76.1 L
Machine Shuydown Protection Feature Standard 
Battery Run-down Protection Standard 
Bobcat SmartFan Standard 
Horsepower Management Standard 

Comfort Features

Cab with Heat and Air Conditioning Optional 
Cruise Control Standard 
Radio/CD Player Optional 
Driver’s Side Suspension Seat Optional 
Floorboard Riser Kit Optional 
Intrmittent Windshield Wipers Standard 
Step Kit Optional 
Front Work Lights Standard 
Rear Work Lights Optional 
Road Light Kit Optional 
Turn Signals/Flashers

Performance Features

Four-Wheel Drive Standard 
Four-Wheel Independent Suspension Standard 
Limited Slip Differentials Standard 
Traction Control Optional 
Two-Speed Transmission Standard 
Hydraulic Dump Cargo Box Standard 
Rear Window Guard Optional 
2 in. Rear Receiver Hitch Standard 
Rear Remote Hydraulics

Machine Safety Features

ROPS/FOPS Approved Cab Structure Standard 
Toolcat Interlock Control System (TICSTM) Standard 
Back-up Alarm and Horn Optional 
Keyless Start System Optional 

Features for Attachments

Auxiliary Hydraulics Standard 
Hydraulic Standard Flow 71.4 L/min
Hydraulic High Flow (Optional) 107.4 L/min
Hydraulic Pressure 207 Bar
Power Bob-Tach Mounting System Optional 
Pressure Release Hydraulic Quick Couplers Standard 
Fingertip Auxiliary Control Standard 
Attachment Control Kit Optional 
Lift Arm Float Functionality Standard 
Dual-Direction Detent Standard 
Work Mode Standard 
Speed Management
Drive Response

Bobcat 5600 Toolcat Attachments

Our various excavator attachments include the following:

  • Light Material Bucket
  • Rock Bucket
  • Combination Bucket
  • Chipper
  • Industrial Grapple
  • Utility Grapple
  • Soil Conditioner

Bobcat 5600 Toolcat Review

The Bobcat 5600 Toolcat is a tough and useful vehicle that many people like to use for different jobs like building, gardening, and farming. It’s got a strong 61-horsepower Kubota diesel engine and can carry up to 1,500 pounds of stuff. The Toolcat can go on all four wheels and turn with all four wheels, which makes it easy to move and work in different places.

For more detail check out the YouTube video


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FAQs – Bobcat 5600 Toolcat

Bobcat 5600 Toolcat Specs, Price, Weight & Review

Q.1 How much can the toolcat 5600 haul?

With the capability to carry up to 2,000 lbs. of payload, and haul up to 4,000 lbs. It’s simple to understand why the Toolcat 5600 can quickly become the most used equipment within your fleet. The toolcat 5600 has no features configured within the machine.

Q.2 How to get 0% on a toolcat utility work machine?

Bring in the choices. Bring in the savings. You can enjoy 0% interest over 24 months*, or $1000 USD in cash back on the Toolcat Utility Work Machine. Toolcat is a Toolcat Utility Work Machine that is a collection of machines that are combined into one.

Q.3 What’s in a 2020 Bobcat 5600?

2020 Bobcat toolcat 5600 – deluxe road package, high flow, backup alarm, rearview mirror, keyless ignition, horn with blinkers, interior trim, cab, turf tires, radio, 533 hours.

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