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Massey Ferguson 1080 Price, Specs and Review

Massey Ferguson 1080 Serial Numbers, Price, Reviews, Specs, HP, Weight, Engine Oil Capacity, And Attachments. 

It is the Massey Ferguson 1080, a conventional-tread farm tractor manufactured from 1969 until 1972. It’s powered by the Perkins 5.2L four-cylinder diesel engine, which produces the equivalent of 88 horsepower with a maximum speed of 2000 RPM.

The Massey Ferguson 1080 comes with a 12-speed two-speed power shift or a six-speed gear transmission. It comes with a mechanical rear differential lock as well as power steering.

It is a multi-purpose tractor that can be utilized for many different tasks including plowing, cultivation and harvesting, mowing, and hauling. It’s also suited to work with a range of front-end loaders as well as other equipment.

It is a well-known option for ranchers and farmers due to its reliability cheapness, and ease of maintenance. It’s also known for its fuel efficiency.

Massey Ferguson 1080 Tractor Price

The Massey Ferguson 1080 Tractor price is: $9,500

Massey Ferguson 1080 Oil Capacity

The Massey Ferguson 1080 tractor has an engine oil capacity of 10 quarts (9.5 liters).

Massey Ferguson 1080 Horsepower

The Massey Ferguson 1080 tractor has a maximum horsepower of 88.

Massey Ferguson 1080 Fuel Capacity

The Massey Ferguson 1080 tractor has a fuel capacity of 55.5 gallons.

Massey Ferguson 1080 Lift Capacity

The Massey Ferguson 1080 tractor has a maximum lift capacity of  5379 lbs.

Massey Ferguson 1080 Weight

The Massey Ferguson 1080 tractor has a shipping weight of 7750 lbs (3515 kg)

Massey Ferguson 1080 Attachments

  • Front-end loader
  • Backhoe
  • Post hole digger
  • Rotary cutter
  • Snow blade

Massey Ferguson 1080 Tractor Key Features

  • 16-speed transmission
  • 4-wheel drive
  • Power steering
  • Differential lock
  • 3-point hitch
  • PTO (power take-off)

The Massey Ferguson 1080 Tractor Serial number 

1967: 9B10001
1968: 9B14693
1969: 9B18673
1970: 9B23486
1971: 9B28238
1972: 9B31959

Massey Ferguson 1080 Specs

Overview Production 
Manufacturer: Massey Ferguson
Type: Row-Crop tractor
Original price: $9,500 (1972 )
Massey Ferguson 1080 Power
PTO (claimed): 80 hp
59.7 kW
Drawbar (tested): 70.22 hp
52.4 kW
PTO (tested): 81.23 hp
60.6 kW
Chassis: 4×2 2WD
  4×4 MFWD 4WD
Differential lock: mechanical rear
Steering: power
Brakes: dry disc
Cab: Open operator station. Cab optional with available air-conditioning.
Transmissions: 12-speed two-speed power shift
  6-speed gear
Fuel: 42 gal
159.0 L (2WD)
  55.5 gal
210.1 L (4WD)
Hydraulic system: 8.5 gal
32.2 L
Type: open center
Capacity: 8.5 gal
32.2 L
Pressure: 2300 psi
158.6 bar
Valves: 1 or 2
Pump flow: 8 gpm
30.3 lpm
Tractor hitch
Rear Type: II
Power Take-off (PTO)
Rear PTO: independent
Rear RPM: 540/1000
Engine RPM: 540@1718
Charging system: alternator
Battery volts: 12

Massey Ferguson 1080 Engine

Engine Detail Perkins A4.318 diesel 4-cylinder liquid-cooled inline
Displacement: 318 ci
5.2 L
Bore/Stroke: 4.50×5.00 inches
114 x 127 mm
Air cleaner: dry
Compression: 17.5:1
Rated RPM: 2000
Torque: 262 lb-ft
355.3 Nm
Torque RPM: 1250
Starter volts: 12
Oil capacity: 10 qts
9.5 L
Coolant capacity: 16.5 qts
15.6 L

Massey Ferguson 1080 Transmission

Transmissions overview
12-speed two-speed power shift
6-speed gear
Transmission: Multi-Power
Type: two-speed power shift
Gears: 12 forward and 4 reverse
Clutch: 279.4mm dry disc
Type: gear
Gears: 6 forward and 2 reverse

Massey Ferguson 1080 Dimensions

Massey Ferguson 1080 Tires
Ag front: 7.50-18
Ag rear: 18.4-34
Ag front: 10.00×16
Ag rear: 23.1×30
Wheelbase: 97.7 inches
248 cm
Length: 154 inches
391 cm
Width: 86.5 inches
219 cm
Height (steering wheel): 74.8 inches
189 cm
Height (cab): 112.5 inches
285 cm
Ground clearance: 23.6 inches
59 cm
Front tread: 56 inches
142 cm
Rear tread: 60 to 96 inches
152 to 243 cm
Massey Ferguson 1080 Weight
Shipping: 7750 lbs
3515 kg
Operating: 8520 lbs
3864 kg
Ballasted: 11990 lbs
5438 kg

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Massey Ferguson 1080 Problem and solution

Problem: Engine overheating

Solutions: Check the coolant level and make sure the radiator is free of any debris. If the engine is overheating, it may be necessary for you to drain the coolant system, or replace the thermostat.

Problem: Hydraulic system failure

Solutions: Check the hydraulic fluid level, and be sure that the filter in the hydraulic system is in good condition. In the event that your hydraulic system continues not working, it may be time to replace the hydraulic valve or pump.

Problem: Transmission failure

Solutions: Check the transmission fluid level and ensure that the filter in your transmission is in good condition. If the transmission is malfunctioning, you might need to replace the gear or clutch.

Problem: Electrical problems

Solutions: Check the battery and make sure the connections are secure and clean. If electrical issues persist and you are not sure, it is best to have your electrical system examined by a trained mechanic.

Problem: Engine starting problems

Solutions: Check the battery and ensure it’s completely charged. If the engine is not running, you might have to replace the spark plugs and starter.

Massey Ferguson 1080 Tractor Review Video


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Massey Ferguson 1080 Tractor FAQs

What’s your Massey Ferguson 1080?

The Massey Ferguson 1080 is a tractor for agriculture with medium-duty manufactured between 1972 and 1980. It’s driven by the Perkins A4.318 diesel engine which produces the power of 88 hp.

The 1080 comes with a 16-speed transmission, four-wheel drive, and power steering. It also has a 3-point hitch, a differential lock, and the PTO (power lift-off).

What’s the Massey Ferguson 1080 being used for?

Massey Ferguson 1080 is a versatile tractor. Massey Ferguson 1080 can be described as a multi-purpose tractor that is able to be used for many different jobs, such as:

  • Tillage
  • Planting
  • Harvesting
  • Haying
  • Removal of snow
  • Construction

Is the Massey Ferguson 1080 a good tractor?

1080 is a good tractor, I ran a 1085 for years, and I really like that, and are basically the same except the 85 had a nicer cab. Sips fuel as was said, good for the square baler, and cultivating, very agile.

I like the PTO gearing with 540 at 1700 engine rpm. Value wise it’s a $3500-5000 all day pretty much anywhere.

Where can I purchase the Massey Ferguson 1080?

You can purchase the Massey Ferguson 1080 from a number of different sources such as:

  • Tractor dealerships
  • Online auctions
  • Private sellers

What should I be looking for when purchasing the Massey Ferguson 1080?

When you are buying a Massey Ferguson 1080, it is crucial to choose an engine that is in good shape and well-maintained.

Also, you should look over the tractor’s past to ensure that it hasn’t been involved in any accident or suffered major repairs.

What are the most useful attachments to Massey Ferguson 1080? Massey Ferguson 1080?

Some of the top accessories that can be used with your Massey Ferguson 1080 include:

  • Front-end loader
  • Backhoe
  • Post hole digger
  • Rotary cutter
  • Snow blade

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