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About Massey Ferguson 4710

The Massey Ferguson 4710 is a versatile Tractor Available in both Four-wheel drive and two-wheel Drive. Produced in Brazil and China By Massey Ferguson (Now a division of AGCO) Since 2016, This tractor has become widely used in both countries.

The AGCO Power 33AWIC diesel engine powered this Massey Ferguson 4710 utility tractor. It’s a 3.3 L 3,294 cm 2 (201.0 cu*in) three-cylinder Turbocharged diesel Engine with a Diameter of 108.0 millimeters (4.25 inch) And a stroke of 120.0 millimeters (4.72 inch).

At 2200 rpm, The MF 4710’s engine Generates 101.5 PS (74.6 kW 100HP). It has power Steering and Wetdisc Brakes, A two-post folding ROPS, And Air-conditioned cabins. The fuel tank Holds 104.8 Litres of Petrol (27.7 US gal.; 23.1 Imp. gal).

Massey Ferguson 4710 Price


Price: $47,186 (ROPS 2WD ) $63,694 (Cab 4WD )

Massey Ferguson 4710 financing options

Massey Ferguson is offering 0% financing for up to 60 months on the MF 4700 Series, which includes the 4710, plus a $1,825 finance bonus.

Here are some additional details and resources for exploring Massey Ferguson 4710 financing options:

Alternative Options:

  • Massey Ferguson dealers: Authorized Massey Ferguson dealerships might offer their financing options or promotions. Contact your local dealer for more information.
  • Third-party lenders: Banks, credit unions, and other lenders might offer financing options for agricultural equipment. It’s recommended to compare rates and terms from various lenders before making a decision.

Things to Consider:

  • Down payment: While the current offer allows for no down payment, you might consider putting some money down to lower the overall loan amount and potentially reduce your interest payments.
  • Loan term: Carefully consider the loan term and ensure you can comfortably afford the monthly payments within your budget.
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Massey Ferguson 4710 HP

The Massey Ferguson 4710 HP: 100 hp 74.6 kW

Massey Ferguson 4710Weight

2WD ROPS: 3,395 kg (7,485 lbs)
4WD ROPS: 3,510 kg (7,740 lbs)
2WD Cab: 3,760 kg (8,295 lbs)
4WD Cab: 3,920 kg (8,645 lbs)

Massey Ferguson 4710 Width

The Massey Ferguson 4710 Width, 1.925m

Massey Ferguson 4710 Cab height

The Massey Ferguson 4710 Cab height is 2.537 m

Massey Ferguson 4710 Oil Capacity

The Massey Ferguson 4710 oil Capacity: 10 liter

Massey Ferguson 4710 Tractor Key Facts

  • Engine Type: AGCO Power.
  • Engine Power Max: 100 hp (74.6 kW) | Rated: 100 hp (74.6 kW)
  • Cylinder Liners: 3.
  • Displacement: 3.3L.
  • Aspiration Intercooled: turbocharger.
  • Fuel System: Fuel Injection High-Pressure Common Rail Direct.

Massey Ferguson 4710 Specs

General Specifications

ModelMassey Ferguson 4710
Wheelbase2,240 mm (88.2 in)
Weight2WD ROPS: 3,395 kg (7,485 lbs)
4WD ROPS: 3,510 kg (7,740 lbs)
2WD Cab: 3,760 kg (8,295 lbs)
4WD Cab: 3,920 kg (8,645 lbs)
Fuel tank capacity104.8 liters (27.7 US gal.; 23.1 Imp. gal)
Battery12V, CCA 590A
Cabin typeTwo-post folding ROPS or Cab with air-conditioning (optional)


Engine modelAGCO Power 33AWIC
Engine typeFour-stroke, liquid-cooled, inline
Fuel typeDiesel
Displacement3.3 L, 3,294 cm2, (201.0 cu·in)
Bore and stroke108.0 mm X 120.0 mm (4.25 in X 4.72 in)
Horsepower101.5 PS (74.6 kW; 100 HP) at 2,200 rpm

Transmission and Chassis

Chassis4×2 2WD or 4×4 MFWD 4WD
Steering typePower
BrakesWet disc
Final drivePlanetary
Differential lockElectro-hydraulic rear
Transmission model
Transmission typeMechanical shuttle with dry disc clutch
Gears12 forward and 12 reverse
Transmission model
Transmission typePower shuttle with wet disc clutch
Gears12 forward and 12 reverse


Front tiresAg: 9.5L-15 (2WD), 340/85R24 (4WD)
Rear tiresAg: 420/85R34 (2WD), 420/85R34 (4WD)

Three-Point Hitch

Control type
Lift capacity (at 610 mm/ 24 in)2,200 kg (4,850 lbs)

PTO (Power take-off shaft)

Rear PTO typeIndependent with electro-hydraulic wet disc clutch
Rear PTO speed540/1000, 540E/1000 rpm

Hydraulic System

Hydraulic typeOpen center
Valves1 to 3
Pump flow17.2 GPM (65.1 lpm)

Massey Ferguson 4710 Attachments

AGCO 931X Loader

Height (to pin):136 inches
345 cm
Lift to full height (at pin):3420 lbs
1551 kg
Lift to 1.5m (at 800mm):3020 lbs
1369 kg

AGCO 936X Loader

Height (to pin):136 inches
345 cm
Lift to full height (at pin):2770 lbs
1256 kg
Lift to 1.5m (at 800mm):3430 lbs
1555 kg

Massey Ferguson 4710 Problems

MF 4710 issues. Reduced performance of the engine. How do I fix an issue?

Filter for obstructed air. If necessary, clean it up or Replace it. Filter and screen for unclean Engine. Clean the engine’s air screen and Fins.

I have the same tractor. Yesterday I saw the steering wheel turns tight. Tell me what is a breakdown?

The minimal level of oil. Power steering oil is very Viscous. Use recommended oil. Hydraulic hoses fail. It must be Fixed. Damaged power steering Pump. Worn power steering. Repair is Required.

Steering not working on our tractor. What is the problem?

In the hydraulic system, The air was Produced. Air must be Expelled. Within the tank, The Hydraulic oil rate is Low. Pour all the way. Problems with the steering cylinder Exist. Restore it.

I use the same tractor. Why diesel has not been started? How can I fix the damage?

The valve timing is off, And it must be changed. Compression error. Over time, The cylinder bores will wear out and will need to be Replaced. When valve seats Fail, Valves can leak. Fill the Crack.

I have had this model for three years. Often diesel starting is difficult. How to eliminate it?

It Appears that the injector has Developed a Blockage. Finding out who or what the injector is is Essential. A problem has occurred with the Gasoline Pump. It is Essential to Replace the pump that generates high Pressure.

Massey Ferguson 4710 Review

The Massey Ferguson 4710 is a versatile utility tractor that is known for its reliability, performance, and comfort. It is a popular choice for a variety of agricultural and construction applications.

Full review YouTube video check here.

Is Massey Ferguson 4710 a good tractor

Whether the Massey Ferguson 4710 is a “good” tractor depends on your individual needs and priorities.


  • Powerful engine: The 4710 boasts a 100 horsepower engine, offering ample power for various tasks like mowing, baling, and light loader work.
  • Simple design: The 4710 uses a mechanical linkage hitch and a wet clutch transmission, making it easier to operate and potentially less expensive to maintain compared to tractors with more complex electronics.
  • Potentially lower price: The 4710 is generally considered slightly more affordable than comparable John Deere models.
  • Strong hydraulics: The 4710 has a robust hydraulic system, making it suitable for powering various implements.


  • Limited features: Compared to some competitors, the 4710 offers fewer features like a fully flat platform or a reversible fan.
  • Transmission options: The 4710 only comes with a 12 forward/12 reverse Dyna-Shift transmission, which may not be as smooth or convenient as power shuttle transmissions offered on some other tractors.
  • Build quality: Some users report concerns about the build quality of the 4710 compared to some other brands.
  • Less comfortable: The 4710 has a slightly tighter feel compared to some competitors, which could lead to fatigue during long operating hours, especially for taller individuals.


The Massey Ferguson 4710 can be a good choice for:

  • Farmers and landowners need a powerful and reliable tractor for light to medium-duty tasks and prioritize a simpler design and potentially lower upfront costs.
  • Individuals who value ease of operation and are comfortable with a mechanical linkage system.

Massey Ferguson 4710 vs John Deere 4000 series

Both the Massey Ferguson 4710 and the John Deere 4000 series are popular choices for utility tractors in the 40-50 horsepower range.

However, they each have their strengths and weaknesses, and the best choice for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences.


  • Massey Ferguson 4710: 100 engine horsepower, 88 PTO horsepower
  • John Deere 4000 series: Varies depending on the specific model, ranging from around 40 to 55 horsepower


  • Massey Ferguson 4710: 3.3 liter, 3-cylinder AGCO Power engine
  • John Deere 4000 series: Varies depending on the specific model, but most use Yanmar or Deere PowerTech engines


  • Massey Ferguson 4710: 12 forward/12 reverse Dyna-Shift transmission with wet clutch
  • John Deere 4000 series: Varies depending on the specific model, options include 8 forward/8 reverse SynchroShuttle transmission or 16 forward/16 reverse PowrReverser transmission


  • Massey Ferguson 4710: Mechanical linkage hitch, open station, or cab option
  • John Deere 4000 series: Optional electronic or mechanical hitch, open station or cab option, wider range of available features depending on the model


  • Massey Ferguson 4710: Generally considered to be slightly more affordable than the John Deere 4000 series


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Massey Ferguson 4710 FAQs

What is the Massey Ferguson 4710?

The Massey Ferguson 4710 is a mid-sized utility tractor designed for agricultural and utility work. It is known for its durability, versatility, and efficiency, making it suitable for a range of tasks on farms and ranches.

What is the engine power of the MF 4710?

The Massey Ferguson 4710 is equipped with a 3.3-liter, 4-cylinder turbocharged engine that typically provides around 100 horsepower (HP). This power output makes it capable of handling various tasks on the field.

What transmission options are available for the MF 4710?

The MF 4710 comes with a 12×12 mechanical shuttle transmission as a standard option. This allows for easy gear changes and direction reversals, enhancing productivity during tasks that require frequent stopping and starting.

What are the PTO options on the MF 4710?

The tractor offers both rear and mid PTO options. The rear PTO can be used for various implements, such as mowers and rotary tillers. The mid PTO is suitable for tasks like operating mid-mounted mowers.

What hydraulic features does the MF 4710 have?

The tractor is equipped with a robust hydraulic system that offers a good flow rate and lift capacity. It has multiple rear hydraulic remotes, allowing you to connect and operate various hydraulic implements simultaneously.

What is the fuel tank capacity of the MF 4710?

The fuel tank of the MF 4710 has a capacity of around 35-40 gallons, depending on the specific model and configuration. This allows for extended periods of work without frequent refueling.

Can the MF 4710 accommodate a front loader?

Yes, the MF 4710 can be equipped with a front loader attachment. This enhances its versatility, enabling it to handle tasks such as loading, lifting, and transporting materials.

What are the cabin features of the MF 4710?

The tractor’s cabin is designed for operator comfort and convenience. It typically includes amenities like air conditioning, ergonomic controls, adjustable seating, and good visibility for increased productivity during long working hours.

Is the MF 4710 suitable for livestock operations?

Yes, the MF 4710’s mid-range power and versatility make it a good choice for various livestock-related tasks, including feeding, manure management, and equipment transport.

What is the warranty period for the MF 4710?

Warranty periods can vary depending on the manufacturer and location. Typically, the MF 4710 comes with a standard limited warranty that covers manufacturing defects and certain issues for a specific duration or number of hours of operation.

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