The Takeuchi TL130 is a fantastic option for both small and big construction sites since it is dependable, cosy, and strong. If you’re searching for a smaller truck that is just as strong, reliable, and quick as larger vehicles, the tl130 Takeuchi is the ideal option.

The Takeuchi HTML130 has Rubber tracks that make it comfortable on all surfaces. This machine is great for shoveling snow or digging up dirt. The compartment of the operator tilts back to allow easy access to both the engine and hydraulic systems.

Maintenance may Be performed efficiently And rapidly. The engine of your vehicle is protected from harm caused By low oil pressure or overheating. The joystick controls on the Takeuchi tl130 provide fine control of the tool and skid steer while in motion.

The loader has double reduction planetary final drives, hydrostatic drive systems, and an easy-to-use power transfer system. To lessen operator fatigue, the Takeuchi tl130 rubber track loader was designed. You’ll remain at ease and content with the Takeuchi Rubber Track Loader TL130.

You will enjoy a lot of legroom and great views of the job from this truck. Customers and contractors love the Takeuchi Tl130 for its comfortable, reliable, and efficient engineering.

Takeuchi TL130

Takeuchi TL130 Price

  • 2007 TAKEUCHI TL130 price is USD $8000

Takeuchi tl130 Years Made

Takeuchi tl130 made from 2005-2009

Takeuchi tl130 Oil Capacity

Takeuchi tl130 oil capacity is 2.7 gal (8 l)

Takeuchi Tl130 Specification


Brand Yanmar
Engine Model No 4TNE98-TBL
Type Vertical In-line Diesel
No. of Cylinders 4
Aspiration Natural
Lubrication Forced lubrication with trochoid pump
Cooling System Liquid-cooled with radiator
Emissions Tier 4
Combustion Direct injection
Rotation Counterclockwise viewed from flywheel end
Compression Ratio 18.0
Rated Speed 2450 RPM
Max. Torque 1600 RPM
Max. Idle Power 2650 RPM
Min. Idle Power 1150 RPM
US  Metric
Horsepower 67 HP 55.4 kW
Torque Power 181 ft-lb 245.4 N-m
Displacement 202.5 cu in. 3318 cc
Bore and Stroke 3.85×4.33 in. 9.8×11.0 cm
Lubrication 2.7 gal 10.2 L
Cooling System 2.9 gal 10.2 L
Fuel Tank Capacity 19.8 gal 75.0 L
Fuel Consumption (65% of full load) 2.5 gal/h 9.5 L/h


US Metric
Length 40 in. 101.6 cm
Width 40 in. 101.6 cm
Height 40 in. 101.6 cm


US Metric
Dry Weight 850 Ibs 385 kg


US Metric
Lifting Capacity – %35 Tipping 1620 lbs 734 kg
Tipping Load 4630 lbs 2100 kg
Breakout Force Bucket Cylinders 6728 lbs 3051 kg
Breakout Force Lift Arm Cylinders 6709 lbs 3043 kg
Bucket Capacity 28.9 cu-ft. 818 L
Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity 10.6 gal 40.1 L
Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow 18 GPM 68.1 LPM
Auxiliary Hydraulic Pressure 2986 psi 205 bar

Cycle Time

Raise-Full Load 4.2 sec
Curl-No load 2.1 sec
Lower-No load 2.7 sec
Dump-Full Load 2.7 sec

Travel Speed

US Metric
Low Speed 4.4 mph 7.1 km
High Speed 6.3 mph 10.1 km


Motor Type Piston
Drive Type Planetary
Brake Type Friction
Track Rollers 5
Track Type Rubber Crawler Belt
Traction Force 9,106 lbs 4130 kg
Track Width 12.6 in. 32.0 cm
Track Ground Contact Length 54.7 in. 138.9 cm
Minimum Ground Clearance 12.2 in. 31.0 cm
Ground Pressure 4.86 psi 33.5 kPa

Takeuchi Tl130 Attachments

Takeuchi TL130 Skidsteer is fitted With a universal fast hitch for skid steers. This Enables the connection Of various skid steer accessories.

Takeuchi TL130 Skid Steer Loaders may use buckets, grapple buckets (Harley rakes), 4 in 1 bucket, trenchers, hydraulic augers, pallet fork sweepers, and pallet forks. We propose these skid steer accessories. High flow extends the reach of your Takeuchi TL130 loader.

Takeuchi TL130 Reviews

The Takeuchi TL130 is a small tracked loader that people like because it’s tough, dependable, and works well. It’s a common choice for different uses, including landscaping, construction, and agriculture.

For more details check out the YouTube video

Takeuchi Tl130 Problems

  1. Track tension adjustment: The track tension on the TL130 can become too loose or too tight if not properly adjusted by the operator. This can cause damage to the undercarriage components and track assemblies.
  2. Hydraulic leaks: Hydraulic leaks may occur if there are worn or damaged hydraulic hoses or other hydraulic system components. This can cause a loss of pressure or improper function of the machine.
  3. Electrical problems: The TL130 may experience electrical problems such as faulty sensors or relays which can prevent proper operation and result in machine downtime.
  4. Cooling system problems: The TL130’s cooling system can experience issues such as overheating due to a clogged radiator or faulty thermostat.
  5. Drive belt issues: The drive belt may wear out over time or become misaligned, which can cause the engine to fail to start or run poorly.

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Takeuchi TL130 FAQ

Q.1 How many horsepower is a Takeuchi TL130?

Ans:Takeuchi TL130 engine produces a 67 horsepower

How much does a Takeuchi TL130 weight?

Ans:Takeuchi TL130 Operating Weight 7497 lbs (3,401 kg)

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