【Tata Ace CNG】Price in India, Mileage, Specification & Features 2023

Tata Ace CNG Chhota Hathi Mini Truck Price in India, Specification, Mileage, Images

Hello, Friends! I hope you are alright. I am your Commercial vehicle guide here as usual, and today I am going to introduce India’s first MPFI Mini truck Tata Ace CNG Chhota Hathi Commercial Vehicle Information In detail such as On Road Price List, Key Features, Mileage, top speed, Technical Specifications, etc.

That all kinds of information are genuine and reliable, which is very helpful to you for buying or selling this model Tata Ace cng bs6, So are you ready for that my friends? Ok so Let’s move on to our topic step by step.

Tata Ace CNG Choota Hathi Mini Truck 1

This Tata ACE CNG Chhota Hathi vehicle is designed with these features such as a deceleration cut-off, user-friendly CNG level indicator, and non-wasted spark ignition which combine to increase its fuel efficiency which leads to greater savings during a range of applications such as cargo transportation to mobile billboards amongst other uses.

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Tata ACE CNG Mini Truck Price In India

Tata Ace CNG Choota Hathi Mini Truck price in india

Tata ACE Gold CNG Price: Rs. 4,30,000.

Tata ACE CNG Price EMI: Rs. 13843.53 (Monthly Payment)

Tata ACE Gold CNG Price on Road 2021: Rs. 6.15 Lakh – 6.65 Lakh.

Here is a table of the on-road price of Tata Ace Gold CNG in some major cities in India:

City Tata ACE CNG Price on Road
Pune: GOLD CNG, CNG Rs. 6,68,814.00
Delhi Rs. 6.50 Lakh
Tata ACE CNG on Road Price in Mumbai Rs. 6.65 Lakh
Bengaluru Rs. 6.70 Lakh
Chennai Rs. 6.80 Lakh
Kolkata Rs. 6.90 Lakh

Tata Ace CNG Key Facts

  • Engine: 694cc, 3-cylinder, water-cooled CNG engine
  • Power: 26 HP
  • Torque: 50 Nm
  • Payload capacity: 640 kg
  • Tata ACE CNG Mileage: 21.4 km/kg
  • Tata ACE CNG Tank Capacity: 70 liters
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Dimensions: 4075 x 1850 x 2250 mm

Tata Ace CNG Mini Truck Key Features

Tata Ace CNG Choota Hathi Mini Truck 2

  • 275 CNG BS-IV Water-cooled Multipoint Gas Injection Engine
  • Tata ACE Gold CNG mileage per kg 20.1 Kmpl
  • Mileage (Highways) is 22.1 Kmpl
  • Max. engine output is 21 kW @ 3400 r/m
  • Transmission type is Synchromesh (5 Forward Gears), Sliding Mesh (Reverse Gear)
  • Then Tata ACE Gold CNG Price Mileage is good.
  • Max. Speed is 77km/H
  • A superior cab construction ensures driver safety in all terrains.
  • A warranty of 36,000 km or 12 months. Over 1100 service outlets
  • CNG reduces sulfur, benzene, lead, and other toxic emissions thereby improving combustion.
  • Fuel bills are reduced due to the lower cost of CNG fuel.
  • Sleek design
  • Wide-angle ORVM
  • Superior Headlamp
  • Ergonomic Steering Wheels
  • Music system provision
  • Bottle holder
  • Mobile charger
  • High-class dashboard

 Tata Ace CNG Mini Truck Specification

Tata Ace CNG Choota Hathi Mini Truck price in india


Model Water-cooled, multipoint gas injection 694 cc CNG engine
Engine Capacity  694 cm3
Max. engine output 19.4kW (26 hp) @ 4000 r/min
Max. engine Torque 50 Nm @ 2500 r/min
Clutch Single Plate Dry Friction
Diaphragm Type


Gearbox GBS 65.5/ 5.27
Type Synchromesh (5 Forward Gears), Sliding Mesh (Reverse Gear)


Type Mechanical, Variable Ratio (20.5 to 24.5), 380Mm dia.


Type Dual Circuit Hydraulically Activated
Front Disc Brakes
Rear Drum brakes (200Mm dia. x 30Mm)
Parking Brake Cable-operated mechanical linkages acting on Rear Wheels


Type Rigid Axle with Parabolic Leaf Spring at Front and Rear Wheels
Shock Absorber Hydraulic Double acting Telescopic Type


Tires  145R12 LT 8 PR Radial


Length 3800 MM
Width 1500 MM
Height 1830 MM
Wheelbase 2100 MM
Front Wheel Gauge 1300 MM
Rear Wheel Gauge 1320 MM
Loading Deck Length 2200 MM
Loading Deck Width 1470 MM
Height of Side Panels 300 MM
Min. Turning Circle Diameter 8600 MM


Max. GVW 1630 Kg
Curb weight 990 Kg
Seating capacity Driver +1


Max. Speed 70 km/h
Max. Gradeability 29 %
Restart Gradeability  18%

 Tata Ace CNG Mini Truck Images Gallery

Tata Ace CNG Choota interior

Tata Ace CNG Choota interior 3

Tata Ace CNG Choota interior 2

Tata Ace CNG Choota interior 1

Tata Ace CNG Choota Hathi Mini Truck 7

Tata Ace CNG Choota Hathi Mini Truck 3

Tata ACE CNG Review

The Tata ACE CNG is a popular choice for small business owners and entrepreneurs in India. It is known for its fuel efficiency, durability, and affordability. The ACE CNG is powered by a 2-cylinder diesel engine that produces 18.5 BHP of power and 45 Nm of torque. The engine is mated to a 5-speed manual transmission.

The ACE CNG has a payload capacity of 750 kg and a load body length of 8.2 feet. It is available in two variants: Standard and Deluxe. The Standard variant comes with basic features such as power steering, a driver’s seatbelt, and a collapsible steering wheel. The Deluxe variant adds features such as a passenger seatbelt, a rearview mirror, and a cargo light.

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Final Words

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Tata Ace CNG FAQ

What is the Tata Ace CNG Mini Truck?

The Tata Ace CNG Mini Truck is a commercial vehicle that runs on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), designed for small-scale transportation and delivery purposes.

What is the Tata ace cng price and mileage?

The Tata Ace CNG price ranges from ₹4.21 lakh to ₹6.69 lacks, and the mileage is 21.4 kilometers per kilogram of CNG.

Can we fit CNG in Tata Ace?

Tata Ace is also available in CNG so you don’t need to modify it for CNG special just buy the Tata Ace CNG model

What is the mileage of Tata Ace per Litre?

The mileage of Tata Ace per liter is a 25 km

What is the mileage of Tata Ace gold?

Tata ace gold gives you 22-23 km mileage

How many types of Tata Ace are there?

There are three types available for Tata ace which are Ace, Super Ace, and Ace Zip

How much weight Tata Ace can carry?

Tata Ace can carry a load of up to 710 kg

How many seats are there in Tata Ace?

Tata Ace has 3 seat facility, One is a driver seat, and plus two extra

Is the Tata Ace CNG Mini Truck suitable for city driving?

Yes, the Tata Ace CNG Mini Truck is designed to maneuver easily in urban environments, making it suitable for city driving and narrow streets.

Can the Tata Ace CNG Mini Truck be customized for specific business needs?

Yes, Tata Motors offers customization options for the Tata Ace CNG Mini Truck to meet specific business requirements, such as different body configurations and additional features.

Is the Tata Ace CNG Mini Truck eco-friendly?

Yes, the Tata Ace CNG Mini Truck is considered more environmentally friendly compared to diesel or petrol-powered vehicles, as CNG is a cleaner fuel with lower emissions.

What safety features are included in the Tata Ace CNG Mini Truck?

The Tata Ace CNG Mini Truck is equipped with safety features such as a strong cabin structure, seat belts, and reliable braking and suspension systems.

Can the Tata Ace CNG Mini Truck be used for long-distance transportation?

While the Tata Ace CNG Mini Truck is primarily designed for short to medium-distance transportation, it can be used for long-distance journeys depending on the specific requirements and fuel availability.

Are spare parts easily available for the Tata Ace CNG Mini Truck?

Yes, Tata Motors has a widespread service network and spare parts for the Tata Ace CNG Mini Truck are generally readily available through authorized service centers.