Pets At Home Survey – Do you have pets? If you’re already an animal lover then you will require pet products for certain such as pedigrees for your pet as well as fish-based pellets to feed your cat; you’ll require a regular supply of pet-related items.

Also, if “getting a pet” is on your mind, you could be seeking out the most suitable option to acquire one. This is the case with Pets At Home stores in the UK.

If you own pets and frequently require items for your pet, or you are considering getting an animal for yourself This article is perfect ideal for you as there’s a special treat for you right here.

Keep reading and I’m sure that you’ll be enthralled, I promise you on this one.


Purpose of the Tellusyourtail UK Survey

The motive for why you should take part in the Pets at Home Feedback Survey is very simple.

For every company selling products is of paramount importance. A higher rate is a better profit which is why growing sales is the primary objective of any company.

In order to boost sales, it’s important that every company makes sure that their customers are satisfied when they shop with them.

The best method to accomplish this is to know the things customers appreciate as well as dislike and would like they could see happen in the coming years.

By taking these steps and making the necessary adjustments to the company, it will remain popular in the minds of customers.

This is why Pets at Home shops are running this Pets at Home Survey on

Pets At Home Feedback Survey Reward

You will get a chance to enter their prize draw after successfully taking part in the Pets at Home Survey at

If you’re selected as the prize winner for the Tellusyourtails Sweepstakes, you will be presented with a Pets At Home gift Voucher valued at £500.

Tell Us Your Tail Survey Rules and Requirements

Now, if you’ve decided to participate in taking part in the Tell Us Your Tale survey, I strongly suggest you read and be aware of the rules and requirements to participate in the tell us your tail pets at home.

These are provided in the following paragraphs:

  • All Tellusyourtail Survey participants must be at minimum 18 years old.
  • You should be proficient in the English language so that you understand the questions and provide relevant and relevant feedback and responses.
  • The current receipt from The Pets At Home Store is required to be entered into the prize draw.
  • You are able to take part in this Tellusyourtail Survey only once per month.
  • Every month, the day that is the last day of the month is the date of closing for this Tell Us Your Tail Survey.
  • It is the 7 7 days of each month is the date for the draw for the Pets at Home prize draw.
  • The panel’s decision is final when it comes to the prize draw is concerned.
  • Winners will be notified about winning after seven days of the drawing from team members of the Pets at Home Fish4Opinon Survey team via email or by post.
  • The prize offered to the prize winner in the Pets at Home customer survey prize draw is not negotiable, as well as non-transferable.
  • It is not possible to take part in The Tellusyourtails Survey if you are an employee or the closest relative to an employee at The Pets At Home store or any store.
  • You’ll require a high-tech device (e.g. laptop, smartphone, or tablet ) to participate in the Customer Survey for Pets at Home.

Quicksteps to Win £500 Pets at Home Gift Card

You’ve learned a lot concerning this Pets at Home Tellusyourtail Survey but you’re not sure how to complete it, so I’m going to give you the quickest steps for completing this Pets at Home Survey.

  1. Go to the official website of the Pets at Home Feedback Survey at
  2. Give the required details ( Quote Reference Number Date Time, and the amount spent) regarding your visit to the Pets At Home store you went to last time.
  3. Begin to answer the survey questions with honesty.
  4. You must now provide the following personal information to participate in This Survey Initial Name, Last Name Phone, and email address.
  5. Next, click the next button and complete the survey to be entered into to win the Ask Us Your Tail Contest for a chance to be the winner of a prize of a pet care gift card from Pets At Home.

How to Do the Pets at Home Survey at – Detailed Guide

If the simple steps above didn’t help you comprehend the procedure for taking part in your part in the Pets at Home Fish 4 Survey Do not be concerned because I’ll provide step-by-step specific instructions on how to participate in this survey. Pets at Home Fish 4 Opinion Survey.

1. You’ll need an internet-connected device, a mobile phone tablet in good working order that has access to high-speed internet to take part in the Survey.

2. Open your web browser and go to the official site of Pets at Home Fish 4 Survey which is available at


3. When you arrive at the site, you will be greeted by an announcement that comes from when you arrive at the site, there will be a note from the Pets at Home Tellusyourtails Survey team that covers nearly all the important information about privacy rules and the details. After you’ve read the note then click the green button, which says ‘Continue’ .’

4. Then, you’ll be taken to a webpage where you’ll be asked to supply the following details from the original receipt.

  • Number of references to quote
  • Your visit date
  • The time of your visit.
  • Amount spent.

5. Choose where you’ve been whether the Shop or Groom Room. Select all if you’ve been to both.

6. In the next step, you will be asked to give your satisfaction level by giving a score on various aspects of your trip to The Pets at Home store. When you are grading your rating ensure that you are as honest as you can.

7. Please provide your age and gender information for classification purposes.

8. In the next window Select Yes to submit an entry into the draw for the Pets at Home Prize Draw.

9. Then, you’ll be required to give your contact details so you can be contacted by the Pets at Home group can reach you if they are the winner of the prize draw.

10. After completing the Tell Us Your Tail Survey You will be given an opportunity to be the winner of a Pets at Home £500 Gift Card to save money when you go to Pets at Home.

Tellusyourtails UK Survey – Helpful Tips

  • Each participant in this Pets at Home Free Gift Card Prize Draw is advised to review the winners’ lists each month. You could be the new lucky one!
  • Always verify your personal information before you submit it. A mistake in your contact details could cause you to lose your exciting reward.
  • It is recommended to save all receipts that you’ve got from every shop that could assist you in saving money when you shop again.
  • Input your receipts here and get our survey advice and earn free rewards.
  • Additionally, each participant is able to write their thoughts on employees, services as well as other aspects in the comment box.

About Pets At Home

Pets at Home is not only a retailer offering pet products. The range of products from Pets at Home ranges from pet food, pet toys bed and pet comforters, medications as well as pet accessories, and pet breeds of various varieties.

It is the Pets at Home Group is currently listed on the London Stock Exchange, and it is also a component of the FTSE 250 Index.

The first Pets At Home outlet was inaugurated within the town of Chester 1991, in 1991 by Anthony Preston.

In 1999 when it was 1999 when the Pets at Home group acquired Petsmart UK. It was certainly an intelligent move by Pets at Home. Pets at Home Group as the move created a chain of nearly 140 stores under the Pets at Home brand name.

Final Words

Now that I’ve explained to you all concerning the study and draw for prizes and prize draw, you are able to visit the survey site today and start taking that survey.

Thank me later, guys. You can take this questionnaire right now on and take home 500 £500.


Pets At Home Survey FAQs

What is the Pets at Home Survey?

Customers of Pets at Home, A the top pet care shop in the UK, have the Opportunity To Provide constructive criticism in the form Of the Pets At Home Survey.

How can I take the Pets at Home Survey?

Customers can take the survey online by visiting the Pets at Home Survey website and answering a series of questions about their recent shopping experience.

Is the Pets at Home Survey mandatory?

No, the Pets at Home Survey is not mandatory. However, Pets at Home values customer feedback and encourages all customers to participate in the survey.

What types of questions are asked in the Pets at Home Survey?

The Pets at Home Survey asks questions about the customer’s recent shopping experience, such as store cleanliness, product availability, staff helpfulness, and overall satisfaction.

Can I win a prize by taking the Pets at Home Survey?

Yes, customers who complete the Pets at Home Survey can enter a prize draw for a chance to win a gift card.

How long does it take to complete the Pets at Home Survey?

The Pets at Home Survey takes approximately 5-10 minutes to complete.

What happens to the feedback I provide in the Pets at Home Survey?

The feedback provided in the Pets at Home Survey is used by Pets at Home to improve their products and services and to provide better customer experiences.

Can I provide feedback about a specific store or staff member in the Pets at Home Survey?

Yes, customers can provide feedback about a specific store or staff member in the Pets at Home Survey.

Can I take the Pets at Home Survey more than once?

No, customers can only take the Pets at Home Survey once per receipt.

Is my personal information kept confidential in the Pets at Home Survey?

Yes, Pets at Home values customer privacy and keeps personal information confidential in the Pets at Home Survey.

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