Foot Locker survey – Have you visited the Foot Locker store in the past there’s good information for you.

You will win a discount coupon by spending 5 minutes on the Foot Locker Customer Satisfaction Survey at

Here’s how to submit your feedback in order to be eligible for this Foot Locker Survey Award.

Additionally, you can find more information about how to submit your feedback, the Foot Locker Survey rules, details on the steps to follow, as well as the official survey link.

Foot Locker Survey

Purpose of the Foot Locker Survey

Your feedback via your Foot Locker survey enables the business to further develop the products or services it offers. This is the Purpose Of This feedback survey.

This is why Foot Locker wishes to invite every client to take part in the questionnaire.

Additionally, they appreciate your time and effort to complete your time and effort to complete the Foot Locker feedback survey.

This is why they award Foot Locker coupons to customers who complete the Foot Locker survey successfully. When the foot locker survey is completed, every participant is awarded the foot Locker coupon.

Certain Foot Locker products do not make it cut. It is usually noted as red on the page for stores on the website of Foot Locker.

The cards from Foot Locker cannot be used to purchase Cards from Foot Locker. It is possible to use the Foot Locker coupon code that can be written on your receipt and brought into your Foot Locker store the next time you visit to claim your foot locker survey coupon.

Foot Locker Feedback Survey Reward

After completing the Guest Satisfaction Survey at, you will receive the Foot Locker Promo code.

Enter this code into your Foot Locker Coupon and carry it to Foot Locker Stores for €10.00/€7.50 discount when you next go to.

Note: Certain Foot Locker products do not require a cut. It is usually listed in red letters on the store’s website of Foot Locker.

This reward from a survey is able to be modified at any time. The amount you receive as your “Survey Reward” is based on the receipt you received. Be sure to read the information on the receipt.

Foot Locker Guest Satisfaction Survey Rules and Requirements

  • Participants should possess at least an order invoice in any Foot Locker store.
  • To enter the sweepstakes, Participants must be citizens of one of the US  states.
  • Entrants must be older than 18 to answer the foot locker customer service review
  • It’s important to have a laptop, computer, tablet, or phone that can connect to the internet reliably.
  • You must successfully complete this Foot Locker survey successfully within 14 days after purchase in order to obtain an authorization code.
  • This validation code enables you to receive the €10.00/€7.50 reduction on one shoe, 1 piece of clothing, one accessory item, or any combination of these three items.
  • The minimum purchase value of the purchase must not exceed €50 (€35) to be eligible to redeem the discount for the next purchase.
  • This code of validation can be used in any Foot Locker/Locker store, except Foot Locker Outlet stores.
  • It is valid for A Period Of Seven Days. Foot Locker coupon code is valid for 7 days from the purchase date. It also is valid until an expiration date of six months.
  • One validation code is available for one purchase.
  • The rebate is not exchangeable in cash.
  • The discount cannot be combined in conjunction with other offers or offers that are multiple.
  • You are not able to redeem this discount at
  • The discount coupon is Not Redeemable For Gift Cards.

Quicksteps to Get a Foot Locker €10.00/£7.50 Discount Coupon

  1. Go to for the Guest Survey website.
  2. Enter your store’s number or transaction number. Also, enter the date and date, and time that you visited from the receipt of the sale.
  3. You can rate your overall satisfaction in accordance with your impression of your last visit.
  4. Be prepared to answer all your questions from satisfied to dissatisfied on a real basis.
  5. Complete the survey and when you return to The Foot Locker you will receive the discount coupon to save the money.

Step by Step Instructions to Participate in the Foot Locker Survey at

1. Visit the official website of Foot Locker EU Client Satisfaction Survey at

Foot Locker Survey

2. For the next step choose your preferred language.

3. Enter your 5-digit code for the shop and then click the “Next” button.

4. Then, you must submit the transaction’s number, the visit date, and the time shown on the purchase receipt.

5. Review your experience in the shop and rate your rating on a scale between one and five.

6. Honestly, answer any questions pertaining to your shopping experience in the shop.

7. Select the gender and category; you may not have to enter them if would like to.

8. Then, complete the questionnaire and receive your complimentary validation code.

9. Make sure you record your receipt with the validation number and redeem it during every visit you make to the Foot Locker shop. Survey – Helpful Tips

  • It is important to keep all receipts, invoices, or sales receipts that you’ve received from shopping. Since these receipts can provide you with huge reward points.
  • If you found any problems while filling out the Foot Locker survey at
  • Additionally, all Foot Locker customers can write opinions about their service employees, their service, and many other elements.

All About Foot Locker

Foot Locker Retail, Inc. is a retailer of sportswear and shoes. The company’s headquarters are located in Midtown Manhattan, NY.

The store was established in 1974. Then, 14 years after, it was established as an independent entity. It has 3,921 Foot Locker shops in total and they are not just across the United States but worldwide. In Canada and across the Asia Pacific, and Europe they are available. A few of them are Located in Europe, The UK, New Zealand, And Australia.

Foot locker customer service number

1 (800) 991-6815

Final Words

This Foot Locker Survey is a great way to allow your feedback and concerns to be communicated. You will Get a Discount code for Your Next Purchase if you have successfully completed the Foot Locker feedback Survey At

Additionally, share this on social media as well as the use of the What’s App for those you know who could be a source of assistance in this.

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